Adjective: боковой побочный
Noun: сторона бок борт край
Verb: примкнуть к


to turn the best side outward - стараться выглядеть как можно лучше

to know which side one's bread is buttered - быть себе на уме

to move by the river side - идти вдоль реки

conduction on the efferent side - проводимость эфферентной части

the counter side - противоположная сторона

the dark(er) side of human nature - тёмная сторона человеческой натуры

on the other side of the draw - в другой половине турнирной таблицы

to duck into a side street - нырнуть в соседний переулок

facing side - лицевая сторона

game without side payments - игра без побочных платежей

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Which side are you on? - На чьей вы стороне?

I always sleep on my side. - Я всегда сплю на боку.

A cube has six sides. - У куба шесть граней.

This side up. - Верх. (надпись на упаковке)

I've got a pain in my side. - У меня болит в боку.

He agreed with neither side. - Он не согласился ни с одной из сторон.

Betty was lying on her side on the bed. - Бетти лежала в кровати на боку.

the left side of the street - левая сторона улицы

Turn over on your left side. - Перевернитесь на левый бок.

The jacket has side pockets. - В этой куртке есть боковые карманы.

I'll have rice as a side dish. - На гарнир я возьму рис.

The trousers are a bit on the small side. - Эти брюки слегка маловаты.

Can you get a side view? - Вы можете раздобыть вид сбоку?

There are two sides to every problem. - У каждой проблемы есть две стороны.

Hannah slipped out through a side exit. - Ханна выскользнула наружу через боковой выход.

We turned down a side road. - Мы свернули на боковую дорогу.

He had a pain in his side. - У него болело в боку.

They won him to their side. - Они склонили его на свою сторону.

the shady side of the street - тенистая сторона улицы

I had a burger with a side order of fries. - Я съел бургер (бутерброд с котлетой) с жареным картофелем на гарнир.

the windward side of the boat - наветренная сторона лодки

I treat the question as a side issue. - Я считаю этот вопрос второстепенным.

Their house was on the side of the valley. - Их дом располагался на склоне долины.

Frank sided with David against their mother. - Фрэнк встал на сторону Дэвида против своей матери.

What's on the other side? - Что на другой стороне?

I split my sides with laughter. - Я животики надорвал от смеха.

She is on the sunny side of thirty. - Ей ещё нет тридцати.

Please use the side door. - Просьба воспользоваться боковой дверью.

Darth Vader of the dark side - Дарт Вейдер с тёмной стороны Силы

the leeward side of the island - подветренная сторона острова

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Связанные термины:

A-side: The A-side of a record that has been released as a single is the main song on it. You can also refer to the side of the record that contains this song as the A-side . Compare → B-side .

B-side: The B-side of a pop record had the less important or less popular song on it. Compare → A-side .

no-side: the end of a match, signalled by the referee's whistle

side-on: A side-on collision or view is a collision or view from the side of an object.

away side: In sport, a side is a team.

East Side: → the East Side

flip side: The flip side of a record is the side that does not have the main song on it.

good side: In sport, a side is a team .

home side: the team that is playing on its home ground

open side: the side of the scrum on which the majority of the backs are ranged

side arm: any weapon carried on the person, by sling, belt, or holster, such as a sword, pistol, etc

side bet: a bet made, as with another player, in addition to one's principal bet

side card: the highest card in a hand that is not part of a scoring combination, as not being one of a pair, three of a kind, etc., and that serves to determine by its denomination the higher ranking of two otherwise equal hands

side curl: earlock

side deal: a transaction between two people for their private benefit, which is subsidiary to a contract negotiated by them on behalf of the organizations they represent

side dish: A side dish is an amount of a particular food that is served at the same time as the main dish.

side door: a door at the side of a building

side drum: a small double-headed drum carried at the side with snares that produce a rattling effect

side-foot: In football, if a player side-foots the ball, they kick it with the side of their foot.

side meat: salt pork or bacon

side road: A side road is a road which leads off a busier, more important road.

side step: a step to one side, as to avoid something, or a step taken sideways

side suit: Cards See plain suit

side tone: sound diverted from a telephone microphone to the earpiece so that a speaker hears his or her own voice at the same level and position as that of the respondent

side trim: a decorative feature on the side of a car

side trip: a brief excursion off the main route of an itinerary, as to visit a particular person or place

side view: a view of something at or from the side

tube-side: Tube-side processes are processes which happen in the tubes of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger .

weak side: the side of the court with fewer players

side by side: If two people or things are side by side, they are next to each other.

blind side: the side of the field between the scrum and the nearer touchline

credit side: the side of a balance sheet showing income and assets

debit side: The debit side of an account is the left-hand side.

funny side: A particular side of something such as a situation or someone's character is one aspect of it.

prompt side: the side of the stage where the prompter is, usually to the actor's left in Britain and to his or her right in the US

side chain: a group of atoms bound to an atom, usually a carbon, that forms part of a larger chain or ring in a molecule

side chair: a chair without arms, usually one of a set used at a dining table

side check: a checkrein passing back to the saddle from the side of a horse's head

side-dress: to place fertilizers on or in the soil near the roots of (growing plants)

side effect: The side-effects of a drug are the effects, usually bad ones, that the drug has on you in addition to its function of curing illness or pain .

side glance: a look sideways at someone or something

side horse: → pommel horse

side issue: A side issue is an issue or subject that is not considered to be as important as the main one.

side judge: a referee who works on the side of the field and watches the receiver to ensure nothing illegal happens

side order: A side order is an amount of a food that you order in a restaurant to be served at the same time as the main dish.

side plate: a small plate used for bread or other accompaniments to a meal

side-saddle: When you ride a horse side-saddle, you sit on a special saddle with both your legs on one side rather than one leg on each side of the horse.

side salad: A side salad is a bowl of salad for one person which is served with a main meal .

side street: A side street is a quiet, often narrow street which leads off a busier street.

side table: a table intended to be placed against a wall

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Однокоренные слова:

inside - внутрь, внутри, внутри, в, внутренний, скрытый, внутренности
overside - за борт, через борт, грузящийся через борт, надзор
reside - проживать, находиться, жить, пребывать, принадлежать, быть присущим
sideward - в сторону, боком, вкось, направленный в сторону
sidewards - в сторону, боком, вкось, косвенно
siding - сайдинг, запасный путь, ветка, наружная обшивка, разъезд, подъездной путь
underside - нижняя часть

Связанные слова: