Noun: вид взгляд зрение прицел
Verb: увидеть заметить наблюдать разглядеть


to come into sight / view - появляться, показываться

difference in length of sight - разница во взглядах

within line-of-sight distance - в пределах прямой видимости

to get out of sight - исчезнуть из поля зрения

to heave in sight - показаться на горизонте

to raise / sight land (from a ship) - приближаться к берегу, увидеть землю (с корабля)

the sight of your paw - твои каракули

to play (music) at sight - играть (музыкальное произведение) с листа

sharp sight - острое зрение

short sight - близорукость

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Out of my sight! - Прочь с глаз моих!

Out of sight, out of mind. - С глаз долой — из сердца вон. (посл.)

Several rare birds have been sighted in the area. - Несколько редких птиц были замечены в этом районе.

You look a sight! - Ну и видок у тебя!

The sight of blood makes him retch. - Его тошнит от вида крови.

The sailors gave a shout of joy when they sighted land. - Матросы закричали от радости, когда увидели землю.

So, Maria's showing you the sights of Copenhagen, is she? - Значит, Мария показывает вам достопримечательности Копенгагена, так?

All is in my sight. - Все доступно моему взору.

The bird vanished from sight. - Птица исчезла /скрылась/ из виду.

I can't stand the sight of him. - Я его на дух не переношу. / Видеть его не могу.

As he reached the front door he saw a strange sight. - Добравшись до входной двери, он увидел странное зрелище.

The airplane passed out of sight. - Самолет скрылся из вида.

It was a sight for sore eyes. - Это было отрадой для глаз.

Don't let the puppy out of your sight. - Не выпускайте щенка из виду.

He may lose the sight in one eye. - Он может ослепнуть на один глаз.

He was sick for the sight of her. - Ему очень хотелось увидеть её.

Her mouth waters at the sight of popcorn. - У неё текут слюнки при виде попкорна.

In the afternoon, you'll have a chance to relax or see the sights. - После обеда у вас будет возможность отдохнуть или посмотреть достопримечательности.

Several whales were sighted. - Было замечено несколько китов.

They went to Paris to see the sights. - Они отправились в Париж, чтобы осмотреть достопримечательности.

He always faints at the sight of blood. - Он всегда падает в обморок при виде крови.

The child wandered out of sight. - Ребёнок скрылся из виду.

Peace is now in sight. - Мир уже близок. (букв. в пределах видимости)

He was a welcome sight. - Видеть его было радостно.

They pinpointed out of sight. - Они исчезли из виду.

The rifle has a telescopic sight. - У этой винтовки есть оптический прицел.

The train was an unexpected sight. - Увидеть поезд не ожидал никто.

The refugees were a pitiful sight. - Беженцы представляли собой жалкое зрелище.

a rifle with a telescopic sight - винтовка с оптическим прицелом

His garden was a sight to behold. - Его сад надо было видеть. / Его сад представлял собой незабываемое зрелище.

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Связанные термины:

a sight: a great deal

at sight: as soon as seen

by sight: by appearance; by recognizing but not through being acquainted

on sight: If someone is ordered to do something on sight, they have to do it without delay, as soon as a person or thing is seen .

sight gag: a visual joke

leaf sight: a folding rear sight on certain rifles

peep sight: an adjustable rear gun sight with a narrow aperture through which the target and the front sight are aligned when aiming

rear sight: the sight of a gun nearest to the breech

short sight: myopia

sight bill: a bill of exchange that is payable on demand

sight loss: Loss is the fact of no longer having something or having less of it than before.

sight-read: Someone who can sight-read can play or sing music from a printed sheet the first time they see it, without practising it beforehand .

second sight: If you say that someone has second sight, you mean that they seem to have the ability to know or see things that are going to happen in the future, or are happening in a different place.

sight reading: the act or skill of performing unfamiliar written music, or of translating something written in a foreign language, readily on sight, without previous study

sight screen: a white screen set in line with the wicket as an aid to the batsman in seeing the ball when it is bowled

sight unseen: If you agree to buy something sight unseen, you agree to buy it, even though you have not seen it and do not know what condition it is in.

a damn sight: You can use a sight to mean a lot . For example, if you say that something is a sight worse than it was before, you are emphasizing that it is much worse than it was.

familiar sight: A sight is something that you see.

look a sight: to look untidy, ridiculous, etc.

out of sight: not visible

panoramic sight: a type of artillery sight with a large field of view

at first sight: If you say that something seems to have certain characteristics at first sight, you mean that it appears to have the features you describe when you first see it but later it is found to be different .

catch sight of: to make out by means of the eyes; discern ; see

know by sight: to be familiar with the appearance of without having personal acquaintance

line of sight: Your line of sight is an imaginary line that stretches between your eye and the object that you are looking at.

lose sight of: to fail to keep in sight ; see no longer

telescopic sight: a telescope mounted on a rifle, etc, used for sighting

out of sight of: not in sight

to lose sight of: If you lose sight of an important aspect of something, you no longer pay attention to it because you are worrying about less important things.

in sight/ within sight: If a result or a decision is in sight or within sight, it is likely to happen within a short time.

not a pretty sight: If you say that someone or something is not a pretty sight, you mean that it is not pleasant to look at.

know someone by sight: If you know someone by sight, you can recognize them when you see them, although you have never met them and talked to them.

love at first sight: Love at first sight is the experience of starting to be in love with someone as soon as you see them for the first time.

not by a long sight: on no account ; not at all

sightseeing: If you go sightseeing or do some sightseeing, you travel around visiting the interesting places that tourists usually visit.

a sight for sore eyes: said to mean that something gives you a lot of pleasure when you look at it

lose sight of something: to forget or ignore an important aspect of something because you have other things to think about

outasight: amazing ; excellent

in sight/within sight/out of sight: If something is in sight or within sight, you can see it. If it is out of sight, you cannot see it.

out of sight, out of mind: If you say ' out of sight, out of mind ', you mean that people quickly forget someone if he or she goes away.

heave into view/heave into sight: When something heaves into view or heaves into sight, it appears .

demand bill: a bill of exchange that is payable on demand

catch sight of someone to catch sight of something: If you catch sight of someone, you suddenly see them, often briefly.

to catch sight of someone to catch sight of something: If you catch sight of someone, you suddenly see them, often briefly.

partially sighted: unable to see properly so that even with corrective aids normal activities are prevented or seriously hindered

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Однокоренные слова:

insight - понимание, проницательность, интуиция
oversight - надзор, недосмотр, оплошность, присмотр
sightless - слепой, невидимый
sightly - красивый, приятный на вид, видный
unsight - неприцельный, ослеплять
sighting - прицеливание, обнаружение
sighted - зрячий
sighter - пробный выстрел

Связанные слова: