Noun: сэр сударь господин
Verb: величать господином


worshipful sir - милостивый государь


Can I help you, sir? - Могу ли я помочь вам, сэр?

Sir, I've forgotten my homework. - Сэр, я забыл свое домашнее задание.

Sir! You dropped your wallet. - Сэр! Вы уронили кошелёк.

Look outsir's coming back! - Шухер — учитель возвращается! (брит.)

'Report back to me in an hour, sergeant.' 'Yes, sir.' - — Доложите мне через час, сержант. — Есть, сэр.

Связанные термины:

Sir Kay: (in Arthurian legend) the braggart foster brother and steward of King Arthur

Sir Galahad: (in Arthurian legend ) the most virtuous knight of the Round Table, destined to regain the Holy Grail ; son of Lancelot and Elaine

Sir Bedivere: (in Arthurian legend ) a knight who took the dying King Arthur to the barge in which he was carried to Avalon

Sir Frederick: Sir Earle ( Christmas Grafton ). 1880–1961, Australian statesman ; co-leader, with S. M. Bruce, of the federal government of Australia (1923–29)

sir-reverence: an expression of apology used esp to introduce taboo or vulgar words or phrases

Sir Roger de Coverley: an English country dance performed to a traditional tune by two rows of dancers facing each other

Bors: one the knights of the Round Table, nephew of Lancelot

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Однокоренные слова:

siren - сирена, сигнал воздушной тревоги, бездушная красавица

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