Noun: кожа шкура кожица оболочка
Verb: ободрать содрать кожу покрывать кожей покрываться кожей
Adjective: накожный


to sell the bear's skin before one has caught the bear - делить шкуру неубитого медведя

skin cancer - рак кожи

dark coloration of his skin - тёмный цвет его кожи

cony skin - кроличья шкурка

dark skin - смуглая кожа

the dissolution of flesh, skin and bones - разложение плоти, кожи и костей

ebony skin - очень тёмная кожа

skin / cutaneous eruption - кожная сыпь

flabby skin - дряблая кожа

skin-care products - средства для ухода за кожей

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She has soft skin. - У неё нежная кожа.

My skin burns easily. - Я быстро обгораю на солнце.

If you were in my skin... - Будь ты на моем месте... (Побывай ты в моей шкуре...)

Beauty is only skin deep. - Красота обманчива. / С лица воду не пить. / Красота не глубже кожи.

He tried to save his skin. - Он пытался спасти свою шкуру.

Her skin was browned by the sun. - Её кожа загорела на солнце.

Skin blisters / peels. - Кожа покрывается волдырями, шелушится.

The baby has a skin rash. - У ребёнка на коже сыпь.

She fell and skinned her knee. - Она упала и ободрала колено.

She was all skin and bone. - Она была просто кожа да кости.

I skinned my knee when I fell. - Я ободрал колено и, когда падал.

My skin is quite sensitive. - Моя кожа довольно чувствительна.

My skin prickled with fear. - От страха по моей коже побежали мурашки.

the bumpy skin of a cucumber - пупырчатая кожица огурца

the rough skin of a shark - шероховатая кожа акулы

The soil has been skinned. - Почва была истощена.

The steam scalded his skin. - Пар ошпарил его кожу.

John's dark skin and eyes - тёмная кожа и глаза Джона

He got his skin cowhided. - На коже у него были следы кнута.

The flames seared my skin. - Огонь обжёг мою кожу.

The heat seared their skin. - Жара иссушила их кожу.

His skin was dry and scaly. - Кожа его была сухой и шелушилась.

Too much sun ages the skin. - Злоупотребление солнечными ваннами старит кожу.

The needle pricked his skin. - Игла проколола его кожу.

Her skin had a bluish tinge. - Её кожа имела голубоватый оттенок.

The needle pierced her skin. - Игла пронзила её кожу.

The lotion softens dry skin. - Этот лосьон смягчает сухую кожу.

a slight puncture of the skin - незначительное повреждение кожи

His tawny skin hung flabbily. - Его смуглая кожа свисала дряблыми складками.

His skin was dry and flaking. - Его кожа была сухой и шелушилась.

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Связанные термины:

skin up: to roll (a cannabis cigarette )

skin care: Skin care involves keeping your skin clean, healthy-looking, and attractive .

skin deep: Something that is only skin deep is not a major or important feature of something, although it may appear to be.

skin food: a cosmetic cream for keeping the skin in good condition

skin game: a swindling trick

skin mag: a magazine containing pornographic images

skin-pop: the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of a narcotic

skin tag: a small growth loosely attached to the skin, esp around the eyes, neck, armpits, or groin

skin test: any test to determine immunity to a disease or hypersensitivity by introducing a small amount of the test substance beneath the skin or rubbing it into a fresh scratch

thin skin: a sensitive nature

banana skin: The thick yellow or green covering of a banana is called a banana skin .

goose skin: the bumpy condition of the skin induced by cold, fear, etc, caused by contraction of the muscles at the base of the hair follicles with consequent erection of papillae : so called because of the resemblance to the skin of a freshly-plucked fowl

hyson skin: the inferior leaves of a Chinese green tea

skin alive: to scold or punish severely

skin cancer: a cancerous or malignant skin growth

skin color: the colour of a person's skin, ie Black, White, etc

skin colour: the colour of a person's skin, ie Black, White, etc

skin damage: Damage is physical harm that is caused to an object.

skin diver: someone who takes part in the sport or activity of diving and underwater swimming without wearing a diver's costume

skin diving: the sport or activity of diving and underwater swimming without wearing a diver's costume

skin effect: the tendency of alternating current to concentrate in the surface layer of a conductor, esp at high frequencies, thus increasing its effective resistance

skin flick: a film containing much nudity and explicit sex for sensational purposes

skin graft: a piece of skin removed from one part of the body and surgically grafted at the site of a severe burn or similar injury

skin patch: an adhesive patch stuck to the skin to slowly and steadily release medicine into the bloodstream

skin-popped: the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of a narcotic

skin-tight: Skin-tight clothes fit very tightly so that they show the shape of your body.

thick skin: an insensitive nature

browser skin: a changeable decorative background for a browser

skin disease: a condition or disease affecting the skin

skin friction: the friction acting on a solid body when it is moving through a fluid

skin grafting: the act of removing a piece of skin from one part of the body and surgically grafting it at the site of a severe burn or similar injury

skin magazine: a magazine containing pornographic images

skin-popping: the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of a narcotic

skin reaction: an irritation or inflammation of the skin due to an allergy or infection, brought about by natural means or by a skin test

stressed skin: a composite plywood material used esp in the construction of light aircraft

a thick skin: If you say that someone has a thick skin, you mean that they are able to listen to criticism about themselves without becoming offended .

a thin skin: a tendency to be easily upset by criticism

skin complaint: You can refer to an illness as a complaint, especially if it is not very serious .

skin infection: An infection is a disease caused by germs or bacteria.

skin irritation: Irritation in a part of your body is a feeling of slight pain and discomfort there.

combination skin: facial skin that is dry in some areas and greasy in others

goldbeater's skin: animal membrane used to separate sheets of gold that are being hammered into gold leaf

skin and bone: You can say someone is just skin and bone when you do not approve of the fact that they are very thin.

skin and bones: a condition or state of extreme thinness, usually the result of malnutrition ; emaciation

save one's skin: to avoid harm or injury; esp., to escape death

skin and bone(s): very thin, because of lack of food or serious illness

skin someone alive: to make someone suffer a lot in order to get an advantage for yourself

have a thick skin: to be insensitive (or acutely sensitive ) to blame, criticism, insults, etc.

save your own skin: to try to save yourself from something dangerous or unpleasant, often without caring what happens to anyone else

galvanic skin response: a change in the electrical resistance of the skin occurring in moments of strong emotion ; measurements of this change are used in lie detector tests

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Однокоренные слова:

skin out - смываться, дезертировать, удалять шкуру

Связанные слова: