Adjective: небольшой малый маленький мелкий
Noun: узкая тонкая часть нижнее белье первый экзамен на степень бакалавра


small business - малый бизнес

small category with zero - малая категория с нулем

a small chance of success - малая вероятность успеха

the cloistered atmosphere of a small college - замкнутая атмосфера маленького колледжа

a small clue of yarn - маленький моток пряжи

to consolidate several small school districts - объединить несколько маленьких школьных округов.

small coterie - узкий круг

to report a small decline in profits - сообщить о незначительном снижении прибыли

small dollars - небольшие суммы

of no / small account - незначительный, не имеющий большого значения

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She felt small. - Она чувствовала себя неловко.

a small glass of soda - стаканчик газировки

He drank a small whiskey. - Он выпил глоток виски.

They live in a small house. - Они живут в небольшом домике.

His electorate is small. - Его поддерживает немного избирателей.

I was running a small fever. - У меня была небольшая температура.

a small casket of jewels - небольшая шкатулка с драгоценностями

It's only a small mistake. - Это — всего лишь мелкая ошибка.

These shirts are all smalls. - Все эти рубашки — маленькие.

She has three small children. - У неё трое маленьких детей.

He has small Latin. - Он плохо знает латынь.

A small laugh escaped her. - Она нечаянно хихикнула.

The room was small but cosy. - Комната была маленькая, но уютная.

There's been a small problem. - Там была небольшая проблема.

He flew a small plane to Cuba. - Он вёл на Кубу небольшой самолёт.

She took a small step forward. - Она сделала шажок вперёд.

These dresses run small. - Эти платья — малоразмерные.

He tinkled a small bell. - Он позвонил в колокольчик.

a small dish of ice cream - небольшая тарелка мороженого

Small type is hard to read. - Мелкий шрифт сложно читать.

She moved to a smaller town. - Она переехала в город поменьше.

They manufacture small toys. - Они изготавливают небольшие игрушки.

He worked for a small circus. - Он работал в небольшом цирке.

A small girl rushed past her. - Мимо неё пронеслась девочка.

I helped in my own small way. - Я немного помог, чем только смог.

A small orchestra was playing. - Играл небольшой оркестр.

The movie was a small success. - Фильм имел скромный успех.

a small grove of beech trees - буковая рощица

all creatures great and small - все твари, большие и малые (люди и животные)

Small Business Administration - Управление по делам малого бизнеса (в США)

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Связанные термины:

small ad: The small ads in a newspaper are short advertisements in which you can advertise something such as an object for sale or a room to let .

small ads: → the small ads

small arm: a firearm designed to be held in one or both hands while being fired: in the U.S. the term is applied to weapons of a caliber of up to one in. (2.5 cm)

small-cap: A small-cap company or stock is a company or stock that is worth under $1 billion .

small end: a rod or bar for transmitting motion, esp one that connects a rotating part to a reciprocating part

small fry: Small fry is used to refer to someone or something that is considered to be unimportant.

the small: an object, person, or group considered to be small

feel small: to be humiliated or inferior

small arms: Small arms are guns that are light and easy to carry.

small beer: If you say that something is small beer, you mean that it is unimportant in comparison with something else.

small-bore: (of a firearm ) having a small bore, esp one of less than .22 calibre

small chop: cocktail snacks

small crowd: A crowd is a large group of people who have gathered together, for example to watch or listen to something interesting, or to protest about something.

small game: small animals that are hunted for sport

small goods: meats bought from a delicatessen, such as sausages

small hours: If something happens in the small hours, it happens soon after midnight, in the very early morning .

small pica: (formerly) a size of printer's type approximately equal to 11 point

small print: The small print of a contract or agreement is the part of it that is written in very small print. You refer to it as the small print especially when you think that it might include unfavourable conditions which someone might not notice or understand .

small royal: of, relating to, or befitting a king, queen, or other monarch ; regal

small-scale: A small-scale activity or organization is small in size and limited in extent .

small shop: A shop is a building or part of a building where things are sold.

small-size: small in size

small-sized: small in size

small slam: the winning of all tricks except one by one side, or the contract to do so

small step: A step is one of a series of actions that you take in order to achieve something.

small stuff: any light twine or yarn used aboard ship for serving lines, etc

small talk: Small talk is polite conversation about unimportant things that people make at social occasions.

small-time: If you refer to workers or businesses as small-time, you think they are not very important because their work is limited in extent or not very successful .

small town: Small town is used when referring to small places, usually in the United States, where people are friendly, honest, and polite, or to the people there. Small town is also sometimes used to suggest that someone has old-fashioned ideas .

small white: a small white butterfly, Artogeia rapae, with scanty black markings, the larvae of which feed on brassica leaves

small alison: a rare compact annual, Alyssum alyssoides, having small yellow flowers: family Brassicaceae ( crucifers )

small alkanes: Small alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons (=hydrocarbons containing as much hydrogen as possible, and containing only single bonds), usually methane, ethane, propane, and butane .

small amount: The amount of something is how much there is, or how much you have, need, or get .

small barbel: any small cyprinid fish of the genus Barbus

small calorie: → calorie (sense 1 )

small capital: a letter having the form of an upper-case letter but the same height as a lower-case letter

small change: Small change is coins of low value.

small circle: a circular section of a sphere that does not contain the centre of the sphere

small ermine: an unrelated micro, Yponomeuta padella

small-format: A small-format store is one in which a large retail chain offers only part of their range in a smaller store.

small fortune: a large sum of money

small forward: a versatile attacking player

small holding: a piece of land rented or sold to a farmer by county authorities for purposes of cultivation

small island: An island is a piece of land that is completely surrounded by water.

small letter: a lower-case letter

small magpie: an unrelated micro, Eurrhypara hortulata

small-minded: If you say that someone is small-minded, you are critical of them because they have fixed opinions and are unwilling to change them or to think about more general subjects.

small number: You use number with words such as 'large' or 'small' to say approximately how many things or people there are.

small portion: A portion is the amount of food that is given to one person at a meal .

small screen: When people talk about the small screen, they are referring to television, in contrast to films that are made for the cinema .

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Однокоренные слова:

smallish - меньший, чем надо, небольшой, невеликий

Связанные слова: