Noun: общество общественность свет объединение


cementation of the society - объединение общества

the advantages of civilized society - преимущества цивилизованного общества

the sections into which our society is cleft - группы, на которые расколото наше общество

a close-up of modern society - изучение современного общества

constitution of society - строение общества

conversant with all ranks of society - хорошо знающий все слои общества

values that run counter to those of society - ценности, которые идут вразрез с ценностями общества

the cream of the world's high society - цвет высшего общества со всего мира

to critique society - критиковать общество

to be a danger to society - быть угрозой для общества

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A society is an organic whole. - Общество — это органичное целое.

Language is the mirror of society. - Язык является отражением общественной жизни.

Royal Society - Королевское (научное) общество

the values of Western society - ценности западного общества

Society is indeed a contract. - На самом деле, общество — это своего рода соглашение.

A society is essentially an organism. - Общество, по сути своей, есть организм.

American Society for Immunology - Американское общество иммунологов

Poverty is a poison to society. - Бедность — это яд для общества.

The society is ripe for change. - Общество созрело для перемен.

They formed a small lunch society. - Они образовали небольшое обеденное сообщество.

We live in an accumulative society. - Мы живём в обществе, помешанном на накоплении.

The king was at the apex of society. - Король находился на самой вершине общества.

The unit of ancient society was the family. - Основной ячейкой древнего общества был род.

Society of Rosicrucians - Общество розенкрейцеров

a Fellow of the Royal Society - член Королевского общества (в Великобритании соответствует званию академика)

Racism still exists in our society. - В нашем обществе по-прежнему есть место расизму.

Racism continues to permeate our society. - Расизм продолжает распространяться в нашем обществе.

The society was divided into two enemy camps. - Общество разделилось на два враждующих лагеря.

the goal of a classless society - цель бесклассового общества

We live in a monogamous society. - Мы живём в моногамном обществе.

the ascension of women in society - возвышение женщин в обществе

Poverty hurts society as a whole. - Бедность вредит всему обществу в целом.

The letter asserts a free society. - Письмо заявляет о свободном обществе.

a society that has become atomized - общество, которое стало атомизированным

a fervent desire to change society - пламенное желание изменить общество

People are conditioned by society. - Поведение людей регламентировано обществом.

the lawless society of the frontier - беззаконное общество фронтира

the Annals of the Zoological Society - Летописи Зоологического общества

He hobnobs with the best of society. - Он якшается со сливками общества.

It is part of the fabric of society. - Это является частью структуры общества /общественного строя/.

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Связанные термины:

big society: the devolution of political power and social responsibility to local communities as opposed to centralized political power and state control

Law Society: (in England or Scotland) the professional body of solicitors, established in 1825 and entrusted with the registration of solicitors (requiring the passing of certain examinations ) and the regulation of professional conduct

café society: people, esp intellectuals and artists who meet in cafés

civic society: an organization founded to promote the interests of a local community

civil society: the organizations within a society that work to promote the common good, usually taken to include state-run institutions, families, charities, and community groups

class society: a society in which class distinctions are influential

fair society: A society is the people who live in a country or region, their organizations, and their way of life.

free society: A society is the people who live in a country or region, their organizations, and their way of life.

high society: You can use high society to refer to people who come from rich and important families.

honor society: a society that high-achieving students are invited to join

mass society: a society whose members are characterized by having segmentalized, impersonal relations, a high degree of physical and social mobility, a spectator relation to events, and a pronounced tendency to conform to external popular norms

oral society: a society that has not developed literacy

Royal Society: an association founded in England by Charles II in 1660 to promote research in the sciences

amenity society: a voluntary society established with the purpose of preserving historic art and architecture

Audubon Society: a North American organization devoted to the conservancy of birds

benefit society: an organization which, by means of dues, secures for its members certain benefits, such as life insurance, hospitalization, etc.

broken society: a perceived or apparent general decline in moral values

choral society: an organization of amateur singers

Dorcas society: a Christian charitable society for women with the aim of providing clothes for poor people

Fabian Society: an association of British socialists advocating the establishment of democratic socialism by gradual reforms within the law: founded in 1884

humane society: an organization for promotion of humane ideals, esp in dealing with animals

learned society: an organization devoted to the scholarly study of a particular field or discipline, as modern languages, psychology, or history

mutual society: a financial organization, esp a building society, in which the policyholders share the profits and expenses and there are no shareholders

Plunket Society: the Royal New Zealand Society for the Health of Women and Children

polite society: You can refer to people who consider themselves to be socially superior and to set standards of behaviour for everyone else as polite society or polite company.

secret society: a society or organization that conceals its rites, activities, etc, from those who are not members

society column: a column in a newspaper or magazine that details the activities of members of fashionable society

Society Islands: a group of islands in the S Pacific : administratively part of French Polynesia ; consists of the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands; became a French protectorate in 1843 and a colony in 1880. Pop: 214 445 (2002). Area: 1595 sq km (616 sq miles)

Tammany Society: a benevolent society founded in 1789, which later became Tammany Hall, the central organization of the Democratic Party in New York county

affluent society: a society in which the material benefits of prosperity are widely available

building society: In Britain, a building society is a business which will lend you money when you want to buy a house. You can also invest money in a building society, where it will earn interest . Comparesavings and loan association .

cashless society: a society in which purchases of goods or services are made by credit card or electronic funds transferral rather than with cash or checks

chartered society: a society that has an official charter

classless society: a society in which class distinctions are negligible or absent

consumer society: You can use consumer society to refer to a society where people think that spending money on goods and services is very important .

debating society: a club, e. g . at a school or university, which regularly holds debates

dramatic society: an amateur dramatics club

friendly society: A friendly society is an organization to which people regularly pay small amounts of money and which then gives them money when they retire or when they are ill .

provident society: an association of people who pay regular dues or other sums in return for old-age pensions, sickness benefits, etc

repertory society: a group that supports amateur performances of plays by its members

throwaway society: → the throwaway society

tolerant society: A society is the people who live in a country or region, their organizations, and their way of life.

alternative society: a society or social group that espouses values different from those of the established social order

cooperative society: a commercial enterprise owned and managed by and for the benefit of customers or workers

John Birch Society: a fanatical right-wing association organized along semisecret lines to fight Communism

multicultural society: A society is the people who live in a country or region, their organizations, and their way of life.

mutual aid society: A mutual aid society is an organization that provides benefits or other help to its members when they are affected by things such as death, sickness, disability, old age, or unemployment .

preservation society: a society dedicated to the preservation of something, esp a building, environment, or animal

Red Cross Society: an international humanitarian organization ( Red Cross Society ) formally established by the Geneva Convention of 1864. It was originally limited to providing medical care for war casualties, but its services now include liaison between prisoners of war and their families, relief to victims of natural disasters, etc

Society of Friends: a Christian denomination, founded in England c. 1650 by George Fox, that has no formal creed, liturgy, or priesthood and rejects violence in human relations, esp. warfare

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Однокоренные слова:

building-society - жилищно-строительная кооперация
loan-society - касса взаимопомощи
societal - социальный, общественный
benefit-society - касса взаимопомощи, общество взаимопомощи
debating-society - дискуссионный клуб

Связанные слова: