Pronoun: кто-то кто-нибудь кто-либо некто


it's all over with someone - (такой-то) умер

to know all the round of someone's relations - быть знакомым с чьим-л. кругом общения

push someone off the sled - избавиться от кого-л

put up a statue to someone - воздвигнуть статую в честь кого-либо

rely upon someone for financial support - рассчитывать на чью-либо финансовую поддержку

schedule someone in - вписать кого-то в свой график

give someone a slap on the wrist - дать легкое наказание; пожурить

put someone on the spot - поставить кого-л.в затруднительное положение

grant access to someone - предоставлять доступ; разрешить доступ

behind someone back - за глаза

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Is that someone you know? - Это ваш знакомый?

Someone left you a message. - Кто-то оставил вам сообщение.

Someone knocked at the door. - В дверь кто-то постучал.

I'll do it because someone has to. - Я сделаю это потому, что кто-то же должен.

Someone took the last piece of cake. - Кто-то взял последний кусок пирога.

She wanted to find that special someone. - Она хотела найти того единственного (свою вторую половинку).

'When are you planning to hire someone?' 'As soon as we find someone suitable.' - — Когда вы планируете кого-то нанять? — Как только найдём кого-то подходящего.

She offered the job to someone else. - Она предложила эту работу кому-то другому.

Will someone please explain what's going on? - Кто-нибудь, объясните, пожалуйста, что происходит?

We need someone who can work nights and weekends. - Нам нужен человек, который сможет работать по ночам и в выходные дни.

Can you ask someone else (=a different person) to help you? I'm really busy. - Ты можешь попросить о помощи кого-то ещё (т.е. другого человека)? Я очень занят.

What would you do if someone tried to rob you in the street? - Что бы вы сделали, если бы кто-то попытался ограбить вас на улице?

Have Brooks or someone fax this to New York right away. - Поручи Бруксу или кому-то ещё немедленно отправить это в Нью-Йорк по факсу.

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Связанные термины:

let someone be: To let someone be means to leave them alone and not interfere in what they are doing.

let sb go: If you let someone or something go, you allow them to leave or escape .

put someone on: to connect (a person) by telephone

a pox on someone: an expression of intense disgust or aversion for someone

bleed sb dry to bleed someone white: If someone is being bled dry or is being bled white, all of their money or other resources are gradually being taken away from them.

blow someone away: to kill by shooting

bring someone luck: If you say that something brings bad luck or brings someone good luck, you believe that it has an influence on whether good or bad things happen to them.

bum someone out: to disappoint, annoy, or upset someone

call sb names: If someone calls you names, they insult you by saying unpleasant things to you or about you.

catch someone cold: to score against someone in a sports game because they are not prepared for your attack

cut sb dead: If you see someone you know and cut them dead, you ignore them.

do someone dirt: to betray someone or treat them very badly

do someone proud: If someone does you proud, they treat you very well, for example by welcoming you and giving you good food and entertainment .

eat someone alive: to cause someone great pain or distress

get someone going: to cause a person to be excited, angry, etc.

get (someone) off: to cause to experience euphoria, intoxication, an orgasm, etc.

give someone curry: to assault (a person) verbally or physically

give someone hell: If you say that something is giving you hell, you are emphasizing that it is causing you a lot of trouble or pain.

give someone one: to have sex with someone

give someone pause: to make someone hesitant or uncertain

keep someone sweet: If you keep someone sweet, you do something to please them in order to prevent them from becoming annoyed or dissatisfied .

leave someone cold: If something leaves you cold, it fails to excite or interest you.

let someone stew: to deliberately leave someone to worry about something, for example the consequence of their actions, and to not do anything to comfort or help them

make someone tired: to annoy or vex someone

nark at someone: to nag someone

nick someone for: to defraud someone to the extent of

play someone false: to deceive, cheat, hoodwink, or betray someone

run someone close: to compete closely with; present a serious challenge to

run sb ragged: If someone runs you ragged, they make you do so much that you become exhausted .

say someone nay: to refuse or forbid

see someone right: to ensure fair treatment of (someone)

sell someone short: to fail to provide someone with all the things that they think you ought to provide

skin someone alive: to make someone suffer a lot in order to get an advantage for yourself

someone is toast: said to mean that someone is no longer important or powerful, or that their position is under threat

stand to someone: to be useful to someone

tune someone grief: to annoy or harass someone

wish someone well: to wish success or good fortune for someone

woe betide someone: misfortune will befall someone

at someone's elbow: very close to someone; easy to reach

at someone's feet: as someone's disciple

at someone's hand: from

beat someone hollow: to defeat someone completely

beat someone to it: If you intend to do something but someone beats you to it, they do it before you do.

be lost on someone: If advice or a comment is lost on someone, they do not understand it or they pay no attention to it.

bend someone's ear: to keep talking to someone about something, usually in an annoying way

be news to sb: If you say that something is news to you, you mean that you did not previously know what you have just been told, especially when you are surprised or annoyed about it.

chew someone's ear: to reprimand severely

come someone's way: to come within someone's scope or range ; come to someone

credit someone with: to believe that someone has or is responsible for; ascribe to someone

fill someone in on: to provide someone with additional facts, details, etc. about

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