Adjective: южный
Noun: южанин житель южных штатов США житель Юга


the southern section of the route - южный участок дороги

southern galactic planetary nebulas - южные галактические планетарные туманности

those southern dishes always savor of garlic - южные блюда всегда отдают чесноком

southern blotting hybridization - гибридизация с использованием саузерн-блоттинга

southern latitude - южная широта

southern bean mosaic - южная мозаика бобов

southern moss - лишайник испанский

red southern oak - дуб серповидный

southern oscillation - ответвление экваториального течения; южное колебание

my house has a southern aspect - мой дом выходит на юг

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The house has a southern aspect. - Фасад дома выходит на южную сторону.

These Southern girls are the very devil. - Эти южанки - сущие ведьмы.

Southern Hemisphere - Южное полушарие

She speaks with a Southern accent. - Она говорит с южным акцентом.

The river takes a southern course. - Река течёт в южном направлении.

Dark hair is a note of the foreigner of southern extraction. - Тёмные волосы - это характерный признак иностранца южного происхождения.

My bedroom has a southern exposure. - Моя спальня выходит на юг.

He has a heavy southern accent. - У него сильный южный акцент.

Venus was also seen in the southern quarter. - Венера была также видна в южной части (небосвода).

the southern shore of the lake - южный берег озера

The islands lie at the southern end of the Kurile chain. - Острова расположены на юге Курильской гряды.

The birds will winter in the southern part of the country. - Птицы перезимуют в южной части страны.

the southern part of the state - южная часть штата

They speak a southern dialect of French. - Они говорят на южном диалекте французского языка.

He drawled his name in a Southern accent. - Он произнёс своё имя нараспев, с характерным южным акцентом.

I was stereotyped as a lazy Southern European - Меня шаблонно воспринимали ленивым жителем Южной Европы.

Hospitality is a cherished Southern heritage. - Гостеприимство — заветная традиция жителей Юга.

He owns a group of hotels in southern England. - Он владеет группой гостиниц в Южной Англии.

There's no way you can disguise that southern accent. - Южный акцент скрыть никак невозможно.

I had been running around southern England in a whirlwind of activity. - Я мотался по югу Англии, втянутый в водоворот дел.

The Empty Quarter stretches for nine hundred miles across southern Arabia. - Нежилая зона простирается на девятьсот миль на юге Аравийского полуострова.

the dank climate of southern Wales - сырой / влажный климат Южного Уэльса

a Southern girl who married a Yankee - южанка, которая вышла замуж за янки

The southern extremity of New Zealand. - Южная оконечность Новой Зеландии.

the southern verge of the national park - южная граница национального парка

He speaks with a soft Southern cadence. - Он разговаривает с мягкими южными интонациями.

the Union action of emancipating Southern slaves - действия Союза (т.е. северян) по освобождению рабов Юга (о гражданской войне в США)

The company sells mainly to the Southern market. - Компания продает в основном на южном рынке.

Her southern accent lent authority to her performance. - Южный акцент придал её игре достоверности.

The southern state became more nationalist in character. - Характер этого южного государства стал более националистическим.

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Связанные термины:

Southern Alps: a mountain range in New Zealand, on South Island : the highest range in Australasia . Highest peak : Aoraki-Mount Cook, 3724 m (12 217 ft)

Southern blot: a procedure for identifying and measuring the amount of a specific DNA sequence or gene in a mixed extract, as in testing for a mutation or a virus : DNA strands from the person or organism under study are cut with restriction enzymes, separated by gel electrophoresis, transferred to special filter paper, and hybridized with a labeled DNA probe

Southern Bug: a river in E Europe, rising in W Ukraine and flowing southeast to the Dnieper estuary and the Black Sea. Length : 853 km (530 miles)

southern edge: The edge of something is the place or line where it stops, or the part of it that is furthest from the middle.

Southern Cross: a small conspicuous constellation in the S hemisphere lying in the Milky Way near Centaurus . The four brightest stars form a cross, the longer arm of which points to the south celestial pole

Southern Crown: the the constellation Corona Australis

Southern-fried: (of meats, esp chicken ) dipped in a mixture of flour and breadcrumbs and deep-fried

Southern Gothic: a literary genre depicting life in the southern US and featuring grotesque themes and imagery

southern lights: → aurora australis

Southern Ocean: that part of the Indian Ocean south of Australia

Southern Sotho: the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho : an official language of Lesotho

Southern Stars: the Australian women’s national cricket team

Southern Ireland: an island off NW Europe: separated from Great Britain by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George's Channel; contains large areas of peat bog, with mountains that rise over 900 m (3000 ft) in the southwest and several large lakes . It was conquered by England in the 16th and early 17th centuries and ruled as a dependency until 1801, when it was united with Great Britain until its division in 1921 into the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland

Southern Rhodesia: → Zimbabwe

Southern Rhodesian: of or relating to the former Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ) or its inhabitants

Southern Sporades: a group of Greek islands in the Aegean, including the Dodecanese, lying off the SW coast of Turkey

Southern Uplands: a hilly region extending across S Scotland : includes the Lowther, Moorfoot, and Lammermuir hills

southern fur seal: an Australasian seal, Arctocephalus forsteri

southern hemisphere: that half of the earth lying south of the equator

Southern British English: the dialect of spoken English regarded as standard in England and considered as having high social status in comparison with other British English dialects. Historically, it is derived from the S East Midland dialect of Middle English

bug: A bug is an insect or similar small creature .

bald cypress: a North American deciduous coniferous tree, Taxodium distichum, that grows in swamps and sends up aerial roots from its base

Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars: the Australian women’s national cricket team

coalsack: a sack in which coal is carried

S hemisphere: southern hemisphere

French Southern and Antarctic Lands: a French overseas territory, comprising Adélie Land in Antarctica, the islands of Amsterdam and St Paul and the Kerguelen and Crozet archipelagos in the S Indian Ocean, and (from 2007), the Îles Éparses (" scattered islands") previously administered fromunion, consisting of Bassas da India, Europa, the Glorioso Islands (Îles Glorieuses), Juan de Nova, and Tromelin Island; no permanent population : all claims to the mainland of Antarctica are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty of 1959

SBE: Southern British English

Sesotho: the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho : an official language of Lesotho

kekeno: an Australasian seal, Arctocephalus forsteri

New Zealand fur seal: an Australasian seal, Arctocephalus forsteri

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Однокоренные слова:

southerner - южанин, житель Юга
southernly - южный, направленный, к югу, в южном, южный ветер