Adjective: специальный особый особенный частный
Adverb: особенно очень уж
Noun: экстренный выпуск спецкор специальный корреспондент экстренный поезд


special care - особый уход

particular / special charm - особенное очарование

exceptional / special circumstances - исключительные обстоятельства

special custody - специальное хранение

special diet - индивидуальная диета

special dispensation - особое разрешение

particular / special emphasis - особое значение

special fascination - особая привлекательность

special agent - спецагент

special occasion - особенное событие

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He rated special privileges. - Он пользовался особыми привилегиями.

This job requires special skills. - Для этой работы нужны особые навыки.

the special features of a computer - специальные возможности компьютера

Maria's special recipe for apple pie - особый рецепт яблочного пирога Марии

a TV special on the election - специальный телевизионный выпуск о ходе выборов

We have Bud beer 6-packs on special at £5. - У нас есть скидки на пиво "Будвайзер": пять фунтов за упаковку из шести банок.

Our fish special tonight is salmon in a lemon-cream sauce. - Сегодня в качестве рыбного блюда дня у нас подаётся лосось под белым лимонным соусом.

He always made her feel special. - С ним она всегда чувствовала себя особенной.

This trip was of no special interest to her. - Эта поездка не представляла для неё особого интереса.

a one-hour special on whales - часовой спецвыпуск о китах

The specials are on the board. - Блюда, не входящие в меню, написаны на доске.

The new hires need special training. - Новым сотрудникам требуется специальная подготовка.

Today's lunch special is chili. - Сегодняшнее особое блюдо — мясо в соусе чили.

Special orders must be prepaid. - Специальные заказы должны быть предоплачены.

Silk outfit is perfect for that special day. - Шёлковый наряд отлично подойдет для такого особого дня.

Our special guest on the programme is Robert de Niro. - Специальный гость нашей программы — Роберт де Ниро.

a special screen to reduce glare - специальный экран для уменьшения бликов

beautify yourself for the special day - навести на себя красоту в честь особенного дня

This is an extra special occasion. - Это исключительное событие.

He paid especial attention to her. - Он уделял ей особое внимание.

The job requires special training. - Эта работа требует специальной подготовки.

No one receives special treatment. - Ко всем относятся одинаково.

I inquired about their special today. - Я поинтересовался насчёт их сегодняшнего блюда дня.

She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings. - Она привносит в наши совещания особую атмосферу.

a special report on health - специальный доклад на тему здоровья

This is a very special occasion. - Это очень особый случай.

a special adviser to the committee - специальный советник комитета

a special reason to confide in her - особая причина довериться ей

Our special offer closes on June 3. - Наше специальное предложение закрывается третьего июня.

These issues merit special attention. - Эти вопросы заслуживают особого внимания.

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Связанные термины:

B Special: a member of a part-time largely Protestant police force formerly functioning in Northern Ireland

Special K: an animal anaesthetic, ketamine hydrochloride, sold illegally as a hallucinogenic drug

special act: a legislative act that applies only to specific persons or to a specific area

extra-special: particular; exceptional

special agent: a detective who works for the federal government in the US, for example for the FBI

special case: an agreed written statement of facts submitted by litigants to a court for a decision on a point of law

special deal: If you make a deal, do a deal, or cut a deal, you complete an agreement or an arrangement with someone, especially in business.

special jury: (formerly) a jury whose members were drawn from some profession or rank of society as well as possessing the usual qualifications for jury service

special needs: People with special needs are people who need special help or care, for example because they have a disability.

special offer: A special offer is a product, service, or programme that is offered at reduced prices or rates.

special order: A special order is an extra order or an order for an item specially requested by a customer .

special place: A place is any point, building, area, town, or country.

special sort: a character, such as an accented letter, that is not a usual member of any font

special staff: all staff officers assigned to headquarters of a division or higher unit who are not members of the general staff or personal staff

special team: any of several predetermined permutations of the players within a team that play in situations, such as kickoffs and attempts at field goals, where the standard offensive and defensive formations are not appropriate

Special Branch: The Special Branch is the department of the British police that is concerned with political security and deals with things such as terrorism and visits by foreign leaders .

special edition: an extra edition or new version of something that differs from the regular format or design

special effect: In film, special effects are unusual pictures or sounds that are created by using special techniques .

special effects: techniques used in the production of scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques

special episode: An episode of something such as a series on radio or television or a story in a magazine is one of the separate parts in which it is broadcast or published .

special feature: an article differing from the normal format and focusing on a particular topic

special forces: elite, highly trained military forces, specially selected to work on difficult missions

special licence: a licence permitting a marriage to take place by dispensing with the usual legal conditions

special school: A special school is a school for children who have some kind of serious physical or mental problem .

special session: a session, as of a legislature or council, called to meet in addition to those held regularly

special slalom: a race, esp one downhill, over a winding course marked by artificial obstacles

special student: a student who is not seeking a degree but enrols in a course, esp to gain academic credits

special subject: an area of knowledge in which someone specializes

football special: a train service provided specially to transport football supporters to and from a match

special assessment: (in the US) a special charge levied on property owners by a county or municipality to help pay the costs of a civic improvement that increases the value of their property

special clearing: (in Britain) the clearing of a cheque through a bank in less than the usual three days, for an additional charge

special collection: a collection of materials segregated from a general library collection according to form, subject, age, condition, rarity, source, or value

special constable: a person recruited for temporary or occasional police duties, esp in time of emergency

special delivery: the delivery of a piece of mail outside the time of a scheduled delivery

special dividend: A dividend is the part of a company's profits which is paid to people who have shares in the company.

special education: Special education is teaching for pupils who need extra help with their studies.

special handling: the handling of fourth-class and parcel post mail as first-class mail for an additional fee

special interest: a body of persons, corporation, or industry that seeks or receives benefits or privileged treatment, esp. through legislation

special measures: (in the UK) a status applied to a public-sector establishment which fails to meet standards and is then given assistance to improve its performance

special messenger: a postal worker who delivers mail by special delivery

special pleading: If someone is using special pleading, they are trying to persuade you to do something by only telling you the facts that support their case.

special privilege: a legally endorsed privilege granted exclusively to some individual or group

special relativity: the theory proposed in 1905 by Einstein, which assumes that the laws of physics are equally valid in all nonaccelerated frames of reference and that the speed of electromagnetic radiation in free space has the same value for all inertial observers . It leads to the idea of a space-time continuum and the equivalence of mass and energy . In combination with quantum mechanics it forms the basis of the theory of elementary particles

special schooling: the system of educating children with special needs in schools designed to meet their needs

blue-plate special: an inexpensive restaurant meal served at a fixed price on a large plate, originally blue

special correspondent: a journalist who covers stories firsthand from a war zone

special relationship: the exceptionally close political, diplomatic, cultural and historical relations between the United States and the United Kingdom

special significance: The significance of something is the importance that it has, usually because it will have an effect on a situation or shows something about a situation.

Special Air Service: a regiment in the British Army, formed during World War II, specializing in clandestine operations

Special Boat Service: a unit of the Royal Marines specializing in reconnaissance and sabotage

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Однокоренные слова:

specialism - специализация, область специализации
specialist - специалист
speciality - специальность, особенность, специальный ассортимент, отличительная черта
specialize - специализироваться, специализировать, адаптироваться, приспосабливать
specially - специально, особенно
specialty - специальность, особенность, специальный ассортимент, отличительная черта

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