Adjective: спортивный
Noun: верхняя одежда


he is devoted to sports - он увлекается спортом

sports car - спортивный автомобиль

devoted to sports - увлекающийся спортом

sports aircraft - спортивное воздушное судно

sports medicine - спортивная медицина

sports shoes - спортивная обувь

childish sports - детские забавы; детские игры

sports medicine clinic - лечебный центр по спортивной медицине

sports clothes - спортивная одежда

sports column - колонка спортивных новостей; спортивная страница; спортивный отдел

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He's poor at sports. - Он не силён в спорте. / Из него никудышный спортсмен.

Bigtime sports is a business. - Большой спорт — это бизнес.

They remain the main providers of sports facilities. - Они остаются основными поставщиками спортивного оборудования.

loudmouthed sports fans - крикливые спортивные болельщики

The talk turned to sports. - Разговор перешёл на спортивную тему.

Julie skimmed the sports page. - Джули бегло просмотрела спортивную страницу.

Her latest toy is a sports car. - Ее последняя игрушка — спортивный автомобиль.

The school has a new sports hall. - В школе — новый спортивный зал.

She has little relish for sports. - Её мало интересуют занятия спортом.

I never really went in for sports. - Я никогда по-настоящему не занимался спортом.

He was completely inept at sports. - Как спортсмен он совершенно никуда не годился.

I've been playing sports all my life. - Я всю жизнь занимаюсь спортом.

The sports car passed all the trucks. - Спортивный автомобиль обогнал все грузовики.

I pass the sports centre on the way to work. - Я прохожу мимо спортивного центра по дороге на работу.

Sports are just not my shtick. - Спорт — это просто не моё.

the sleek lines of a sports car - обтекаемые формы спортивного автомобиля

He won letters in three sports. - Он заслужил почётные нашивки за выступление за сборную вуза в трёх видах спорта.

She excels everyone else in sports. - В спорте она превосходит всех остальных. / В спорте ей нет равных.

Speed is an advantage in most sports. - В большинстве видов спорта скорость является преимуществом.

They have excellent sports facilities. - У них прекрасные спортивные сооружения.

He acquired a strong liking for sports. - Он пристрастился к спорту.

Did you play any sports in high school? - Ты занимался каким-нибудь спортом в школе?

We sell a full range of sports apparel. - Мы продаём полный ассортимент спортивной одежды.

Win or lose, I love competitive sports. - Я люблю спортивные соревнования, даже если проигрываю.

He is a lawyer with a sports background. - Он — юрист со спортивным прошлым.

a sports star surrounded by fawning fans - спортивная звезда, окружённая заискивающими болельщиками

The sports pages are usually at the back. - Спортивные страницы, как правило, размещаются на обороте газеты.

the Darwinian world of professional sports - мир профессионального спорта, полный жесточайшей конкуренции

My favourite sports are tennis and swimming. - Мои любимые виды спорта — теннис и плавание.

I don't associate him with energetic sports. - У меня он не ассоциируется с подвижными видами спорта.

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Связанные термины:

sport: Sports are games such as football and basketball and other competitive leisure activities which need physical effort and skill.

sports bag: a bag used by an individual to carry his or her clothing and equipment for taking part in sport

sports bar: a bar or tavern featuring numerous television sets and, often, projection TV systems, which allow patrons to watch a variety of sporting events

sports bra: a bra designed to give extra support and protection to the breasts during participation in sport

sports cap: a hat designed for sports or to look sporty

sports car: A sports car is a low, fast car, usually with room for only two people.

sports club: A club is an organization of people interested in a particular activity or subject who usually meet on a regular basis .

sports coat: a man's informal jacket, made esp of tweed : worn with trousers of different material

sports day: In British schools, sports day is a day or an afternoon when pupils compete in athletics contests such as races and the high jump. Parents are often invited to come and watch the events.

sports desk: the editorial section of a newspaper, television or radio programme, etc that deals with sports news

sports fan: a person who is enthusiastic about sports

sports hall: a building or part of a building in which sports are played

sports page: the page of a newspaper that is devoted to coverage of sports events

sports shop: a shop where sports clothes and equipment are sold

field sports: sports carried on in the open countryside, such as hunting, shooting, or fishing

racket sports: sports, such as tennis, squash, badminton, etc, that are played using a racket

sports centre: a place where people take part in sports

sports drink: a drink containing sugar and salts, etc designed to help replace fluid and energy lost through the physical exertion of sport

sports ground: an area of land where sports are played

sports injury: an injury that a person sustains while taking part in sport

sports jacket: A sports jacket is a jacket, usually made of a woollen material called tweed. It is worn on informal occasions with trousers of a different material.

sports shirt: a man's informal shirt, sometimes of knitted wool or cotton, which may be worn outside the trousers

sports writer: A sports writer is a journalist who writes about sport.

water sports: Sports are games such as football and basketball and other competitive leisure activities which need physical effort and skill . [...]

winter sports: Winter sports are sports that take place on ice or snow, for example skating and skiing.

athletic sports: sports, esp track and field events, in which athleticism is required

sports coverage: The coverage of something in the news is the reporting of it.

sports medicine: the branch of medicine concerned with injuries sustained through sport

sports science: Science is the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.

sports stadium: an arena where sports are played

sports utility: a high-powered vehicle with four-wheel drive, originally designed for off-road use

varsity sports: sports involving the main or first teams at a high school, college, or university

sports enthusiast: a person who is enthusiastic about sports

sports equipment: devices, kit, etc used in sports

sports facilities: places and things for doing sports

bud sport: a shoot, inflorescence, etc, that differs from another such structure on a plant and is caused by a somatic mutation ; the differences can be retained by vegetative propagation

junior varsity sports: sports played at the second highest rank for university sports, ranking first after varsity

mind sport: any of various competitive games based on intellectual capability, such as chess or bridge

team sport: a sport in which teams play against each other

sports injuries clinic: a medical clinic that specializes in treating sports injuries

blood sport: Blood sports are sports such as hunting in which animals are killed .

field sport: Hunting, shooting birds, and fishing with a rod are referred to as field sports when they are done mainly for pleasure .

sport coat: A sport coat is a jacket . It is worn on informal occasions with pants of a different material.

contact sport: a sport that involves physical contact between participants, such as rugby

extreme sport: Extreme sports are exciting, physically dangerous sports such as bungee jumping or snowboarding.

spectator sport: A spectator sport is a sport that is interesting and entertaining to watch .

electronic sport: → the full form of esport

participatory sport: a sport in which people take part, (as opposed to a spectator sport)

sport utility vehicle: A sport utility vehicle is a powerful vehicle with four-wheel drive that can be driven over rough ground . The abbreviation → SUV is often used.

esport: a video game played competitively in front of spectators

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Однокоренные слова:

sport - спорт, спортивные соревнования, щеголять, заниматься спортом, играть
sportful - забавный, веселый
sporting - спортивный, охотничий, игра, охота, забава
sporty - спортсменский, лихой, удалой, щегольской, показной

Связанные слова: