Noun: пятно место спот пятнышко
Adjective: местный наличный имеющийся на складе
Verb: определить увидеть определять позорить


to burn spot in screen - прожигать экран кинескопа

to make spot check - проверять выборочно

spot of grease - жирное пятно

plague spot of sin and imperfection - клеймо греха и несовершенства

paint remover, spot remover - пятновыводитель

to get out / remove a spot - выводить пятно

to leave / make a spot - посадить пятно

the only spot on the family name - единственное позорное пятно на репутации семьи

a bold spot - плешь

on this particular spot - именно на этом месте

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a lonely spot in the woods - укромное место в лесу

You have a spot on your tie. - У вас пятно на галстуке.

It is spotting with rain. - Идёт мелкий дождь.

She called and he froze on the spot. - Она окликнула его, и он застыл на месте.

I spotted a few winners. (E. J. Goodman) - Я угадал нескольких победителей.

I noticed some red spots on my arms. - Я заметила какие-то красные пятна на руках.

Blood is spotted on to filter paper. - Капля крови наносится на фильтровальную бумагу.

She spotted a deer in the woods. - Она заметила оленя в лесу

It was an ideal spot for a vacation. - Это было идеальное место для отпуска.

This dress spots quickly. - Это платье быстро пачкается.

I spotted a police car behind us. - Я заметил /засёк/ позади нас полицейскую машину.

Do you suppose this is the exact spot? - Ты думаешь, что это то самое место?

Fix your eyes on this spot. - Вглядитесь в это пятно.

an idyllic spot for a picnic - идеальное место для пикника

Do you fancy a spot of lunch? - Как насчёт пообедать?

His skin was covered in spots. - Его кожа была покрыта сыпью.

The tablecloth had a couple of spots. - На скатерти была пара пятен.

Press your thumb on this spot. - Прижмите к этому месту свой большой палец.

a bright spot on a planet - яркое пятно на планете

The police got to know him, he became spotted. - Полиция узнала про него, и теперь его разыскивают.

How about a spot of lunch? - Не пообедать ли?

The wine spotted the tablecloth. - От вина на скатерти остались пятна.

a teenager with spots on his face - подросток с прыщами на лице

a bald spot on the lawn - лысое пятно (без травы) на газоне

He spotted me two points. - Он дал мне два очка форы.

He stayed glued to one spot. - Он застыл на месте, как вкопанный.

He cut the material at the spot. - Он разрезал материал прямо на месте.

He nailed down a spot at Harvard. - Ему удалось получить местечко /устроиться/ в Гарварде.

There was a big damp spot on the wall. - На стене было большое влажное пятно.

He had to make a decision on the spot. - Ему пришлось принять решение на месте.

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Связанные термины:

G-spot: an area in the front wall of the vagina which is alleged to produce an extremely intense orgasm when stimulated

spot ad: a brief advertisement broadcast in a programme break

spot-on: Spot-on means exactly correct or accurate.

age spot: Spots on a person's skin are small lumps or marks.

bald spot: You can refer to a particular place as a spot .

cold spot: an area where house prices are stable and properties are slow to sell

dead spot: See blind spot (sense 4 )

five-spot: (in the US) a five-dollar bill

flat spot: a region of poor acceleration over a narrow range of throttle openings, caused by a weak mixture in the carburettor

high spot: The high spot of an event or activity is the most exciting or enjoyable part of it.

hot spot: You can refer to an exciting place where there is a lot of activity or entertainment as a hot spot .

leaf spot: any of various plant diseases, usually caused by fungi : characterized by dark lesions on the leaves

not-spot: a place where wireless internet, esp broadband, services are not available

Red Spot: a large long-lived oval feature, south of Jupiter's equator, that is an anticyclonic disturbance in the atmosphere

slow spot: an area where only a relatively slow broadband internet connection service is available

soft spot: a sentimental fondness (esp in the phrase have a soft spot for )

spot ball: a small mark on a surface, such as a circular patch or stain, differing in colour or texture from its surroundings

spot cash: an amount of money paid immediately in cash

spot fine: a fine imposed immediately, without further legal process

spot kick: a free kick at the goal from a point ( penalty spot ) within the penalty area and 12 yards (about 11 m) from the goal, with only the goalkeeper allowed to defend it: awarded to the attacking team after a foul within the penalty area by a member of the defending team

spot pass: a pass of the ball, puck, etc. to a prearranged spot at which the receiver is expected to arrive at the same time as the ball, puck, etc.

spot rate: in a foreign currency transaction, the rate of exchange at which the transaction will be made on a specified date

spot test: an informal test run without elaborate preparation in order to obtain an immediate sample response

spot-weld: to join (two pieces of metal, esp in the form of wire or sheet ) by one or more small circular welds by means of heat, usually electrically generated, and pressure

two-spot: a card with two pips ; two; deuce

weak spot: some aspect of a character or situation that is susceptible to criticism

beauty spot: A beauty spot is a place in the country that is popular because of its beautiful scenery .

black spot: If you describe a place, time, or part of a situation as a black spot, you mean that it is particularly bad or likely to cause problems .

blind spot: If you say that someone has a blind spot about something, you mean that they seem to be unable to understand it or to see how important it is.

brown spot: a disease of many plants, characterized by irregular, brownish lesions on the fruit and foliage and by stem cankers, caused by any of several fungi, as Ceratophorum setosum or Cephalosporium apii

flying-spot: denoting data-word-id="62">an data-word-id="4918">electronic data-word-id="715">system data-word-id="9">in data-word-id="170">which a data-word-id="7900">rapidly data-word-id="5005">moving data-word-id="9718">spot data-word-id="7">of data-word-id="450">light data-word-id="9794">is data-word-id="7805">used data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="2720">encode data-word-id="56">or decode data, for example data-word-id="3">to obtain a television signal by scanning a photographic film data-word-id="56">or slide

ideal spot: You can refer to a particular place as a spot .

liver spot: a dark brown skin spot, usually caused by sun exposure

picnic spot: an attractive place for picnics

quiet spot: You can refer to a particular place as a spot .

spot check: If someone carries out a spot check, they examine one thing from a group in order to make sure that it is satisfactory .

spot fixing: the act of deliberately engineering an outcome within a sporting contest without attempting to alter the outcome of the contest itself

spot height: a mark on a map indicating the height of a hill, mountain, etc

spot market: a market in which commodities, currencies, or securities are traded for immediate delivery

spot meter: a light meter that takes a reading from a small precise area of the subject being photographed

spot plate: a flat ceramic or plastic plate containing small wells on which spot tests are made

spot price: the price of goods, currencies, or securities that are offered for immediate delivery and payment

spot survey: a survey taken immediately and at random

sweet spot: the centre area of a racket, golf club, etc, from which the cleanest shots are made

tight spot: a serious, difficult, or dangerous situation

yellow spot: → macula lutea

penalty spot: a point within the penalty area and 12 yards (about 11 m) from the goal, from which a penalty kick may be taken

perfect spot: You can refer to a particular place as a spot .

spot lighting: Spot lighting is lighting directed towards and used to draw attention to a product or display .

spot remover: a concentrated cleaning fluid used to remove small areas of staining, such as on a carpet

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Однокоренные слова:

spotless - безупречный, чистый, без единого пятнышка, незапятнанный
spotted - пятнистый, запятнанный, крапчатый, запачканный
spotter - корректировщик, наблюдатель, сыщик, детектив, контролер, воздушный наблюдатель
spotty - пятнистый, пестрый, прыщеватый, крапчатый, неоднородный, разношерстный
spotting - обнаружение, определение местоположения, корректировка стрельбы

Связанные слова: