Noun: весна пружина источник рессора
Verb: пружинить прыгать возникать появляться
Adjective: весенний яровой упругий пружинящий


to coil a spring - навивать пружину

spring compliance - податливость пружины

the eldest flower of spring - первый весенний цветок

spring fastening - пружинное скрепление

helical spring - винтовая пружина

to detonate / set off / spring a mine - взорвать мину

spring recess - весенние каникулы

bright apparel of spring - яркое весеннее убранство

the spring semester - весенний семестр

signs of an early spring - приметы ранней весны

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He sprang from the bed. - Он вскочил с постели.

His daughter sprang to his embrace. - Дочь бросилась ему в объятья.

I made a spring towards a boat. - Я прыгнул к лодке.

Tears sprang from his eyes. - Из его глаз брызнули слёзы.

Wind sprang the mast. - Ветер сломал мачту.

The boat sprung a leak. - Лодка дала течь.

Spring is here at last. - Наконец-то пришла весна.

The lion roared and sprang. - Лев зарычал и прыгнул.

A breeze sprang up. - Поднялся лёгкий ветерок.

They sprang to her defence. - Они бросились её защищать.

Where did you spring from? I didn't hear you coming. - Откуда ты здесь взялся? Я не слышал, как ты пришел.

The mattress has lost its spring. - Этот матрас потерял упругость.

Bob sprang up as if scalded. - Боб вскочил как ошпаренный.

Spring pervaded the air. - В воздухе повеяло весной.

We'll spring for the booze. - Мы заплатим за выпивку.

Spring is a time of renewal. - Весна — это время обновления.

His first impulse was to spring forward. - Его первым побуждением было броситься вперёд.

He sprang from peasant stock. - Он родом из крестьян.

Some 500 companies sprang up last year. - В прошлом году было учреждено около пятисот компаний.

He might be able to spring the hostages. - Ему, возможно, удастся вызволить заложников.

The spring began to uncoil. - Пружина начала разжиматься.

The gate sprang shut behind them. - Калитка захлопнулась за ними.

It happened in late spring. - Это произошло в конце весны.

He is able to run up, taking two of the large stone stair-steps at each spring. - Он в состоянии бежать вверх по лестнице, перепрыгивая сразу через две большие каменные ступени.

In Spring, the days lengthen. - Весной дни становятся всё длиннее.

Prices will leap (up) in the spring. - Цены весной подскочат.

Sales always drop in the spring. - Продажи весной всегда падают.

It's due to open in the spring. - Он должен распуститься весной.

There are several hot springs in the area. - В этой местности есть несколько горячих источников.

Pierian Spring - Пиерийский источник (источник знания и поэтического вдохновения)

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Фразовые глаголы:

If something springs up, it suddenly appears or begins to exist.

If something springs up, it suddenly appears or begins to exist.

Связанные термины:

spring up: If something springs up, it suddenly appears or begins to exist .

air spring: an enclosed pocket of air used to absorb shock or sudden fluctuations of load

Arab Spring: The Arab Spring is a period of time in and around 2011 to 2012 during which people in the Middle East and Africa tried to achieve democratic reforms.

box spring: a coiled spring contained in a boxlike frame, used as a base for mattresses, chairs, etc

coil spring: a helical spring formed from wire

hot spring: a natural spring of mineral water at a temperature of 21°C (70° F ) or above, found in areas of volcanic activity

leaf spring: one of a number of metal strips bracketed together in length to form a compound spring

spring lamb: a lamb born in the late winter or early spring and sold for slaughter before July 1

spring line: to move or cause to move suddenly upwards or forward in a single motion

spring lock: a type of lock having a spring-loaded bolt, a key being required only to unlock it

spring rate: The spring rate is a measurement of the amount of force needed to compress a spring a particular distance .

spring roll: A spring roll is a Chinese food consisting of a small roll of thin pastry filled with vegetables and sometimes meat, and then fried.

spring snow: granular snow formed by alternate freezing and thawing

spring tide: A spring tide is an unusually high tide that happens at the time of a new moon or a full moon.

warm spring: Spring is the season between winter and summer when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow again.

early spring: Spring is the season between winter and summer when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow again.

Prague Spring: a brief period of political and cultural liberalization in communist Czechoslovakia in 1968 under the leadership of Alexander Dub ček; a Warsaw Pact invasion in August replaced the reformers with a pro-Soviet regime

spring beauty: a pale green annual plant ( Claytonia perfoliata ) of the purslane family, originally North American, having small white flowers above fused leaves that encircle the stem

spring binder: a type of binder for loose sheets of paper in which the pages are secured by a mechanism containing a metal spring

spring-clean: When you spring-clean a house, you thoroughly clean everything in it.

spring fever: the feeling of restlessness experienced by many people at the onset of spring

spring greens: Young cabbages are sometimes referred to as spring greens .

spring-loaded: held in position by the elastic force of a metal spring

spring onion: Spring onions are small onions with long green leaves. They are often eaten raw in salads.

spring peeper: a small tree frog ( Hyla crucifer ) of the E U.S., that makes shrill, peeping sounds in early spring

spring squill: a European liliaceous plant Scilla verna, having small blue or purple flowers

spring water: water taken from a natural spring

sulfur spring: a natural hot spring containing sulphur, believed to have curative properties

valve spring: a helical spring used to hold closed a valve in the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine

balance spring: hairspring

mineral spring: a spring of water that contains a high proportion of dissolved mineral salts

Pierian Spring: a sacred fountain in Pieria, in Greece, fabled to inspire those who drank from it

spring balance: a device in which an object to be weighed is attached to the end of a helical spring, the extension of which indicates the weight of the object on a calibrated scale

spring binding: a method of securing loose sheets of paper in a binder, using a mechanism containing a metal spring

spring blossom: Blossom is the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit.

spring chicken: If you say that someone is no spring chicken, you are saying that they are not young.

spring-cleaning: a thorough cleaning of the interior of a house, etc. as conventionally done in the spring

spring equinox: the time at which the sun crosses the plane of the equator towards the relevant hemisphere, making day and night of equal length. It occurs about March 21 in the N hemisphere ( Sept 23 in the S hemisphere)

Spring Festival: → another name for Chunjie

spring mattress: a mattress containing an arrangement of spiral springs

spring training: a program of physical exercise, practice, and exhibition games followed by a baseball team in the late winter and early spring, before the start of the regular season

spring weather: The weather is the condition of the atmosphere in one area at a particular time, for example if it is raining, hot, or windy .

sulphur spring: a natural hot spring containing sulphur, believed to have curative properties

thermal spring: a spring whose water has a temperature greater than the mean annual temperature of its locality

elliptical spring: An elliptical spring is a spring that is made from two springs in the shape of elongated ovals laid cut in half and back-to-back .

equinoctial spring: either of the two highest spring tides that occur at the equinoxes

spring a leak: to develop a leak

spring a shock: If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising .

spring snowflake: a European amaryllidaceous plant, Leucojum vernum, with white nodding bell-shaped flowers

bow-spring compass: a compass for drawing, in which the legs are joined by a flexible metal bow-shaped spring rather than a hinge, the angle being adjusted by a screw

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Однокоренные слова:

spring back - отпрянуть
spring out - выскочить, выскакивать, выпрыгивать
spring up - возникать, появляться

Связанные слова: