Noun: штамп печать марка клеймо
Verb: штамповать топать клеймить чеканить


stamp collector - коллекционер, собирающий марки

to stamp / tap one's foot - наступать на ногу

to stamp out a fire - затаптывать огонь

to affix a stamp to the envelope - приклеить марку к конверту

stamp album - альбом для марок, кляссер

to stamp out racism - искоренять, подавлять расизм

to cancel a stamp - гасить, погашать марку

the burglars left his stamp collection intact - грабители не тронули его коллекцию марок

his actions stamp him as a cad - по его поступкам можно сразу сказать, что он хам

cameo-book stamp - штамп для рельефного тиснения

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The stamp failed to adhere. - Марка не приклеилась.

He put his stamp on the envelope - Он поставил свою печать на конверте.

The audience stamped and shouted. - Зрители топали ногами и громко кричали.

That episode was stamped on / in my memory. - Тот случай запечатлелся в моей памяти.

He stamped out of the room. - Он, тяжело шагая, вышел из комнаты.

Marta shrieked and started stamping on the cockroach. - Марта пронзительно закричала и принялась давить таракана.

He only needs one more stamp to complete his collection. - Его коллекции для полного совершенства не хватает лишь одной марки.

She stamped the billpaid.” - Она поставила на квитанции штамп "оплачено".

He stamped his foot in anger. - Он рассерженно топнул ногой.

My mother stamped off down the stairs. - Мама, шумно топая, спустилась по лестнице.

He is an avid stamp collector. - Он страстный /заядлый/ коллекционер почтовых марок.

The government is determined to stamp out crime in the big cities. - Правительство твёрдо намерено искоренить преступность в крупных городах.

Be sure to stamp the fire out, and then cover it with earth just in case. - Обязательно затопчите костёр и присыпьте его землёй во избежание пожара.

Richard collects stamps. - Ричард собирает марки.

The people in the crowd began to stamp their feet. - Люди в толпе начали топать ногами.

The post office has issued a new commemorative stamp. - Почта выпустила новую памятную марку.

Jan expressed polite interest in Edward's stamp collection. - Ян вежливо поинтересовался коллекцией марок Эдварда.

The experience remained stamped on her memory for many years. - Это событие на долгие годы отпечаталось у неё в памяти.

Her success has stamped her as one of the country's top riders. - Её победа утвердила за ней славу одной из лучших наездниц страны.

Each manager has left his or her own stamp on the way the company has evolved. - Каждый руководитель оставил свой след в истории компании, определяя ее развитие на определенном этапе.

I need one more stamp to complete the set. - Мне нужна ещё одна марка для полного комплекта.

The woman at the desk stamped my passport. - Женщина за столом проштамповала мой паспорт.

a stamp bearing the likeness of a president - марка с портретом президента

This machine can stamp out 20,000 coins a day. - Эта машина может штамповать по

The horses stamped and pawed in their stables. - Лошади в конюшне вели себя беспокойно и били копытами.

a stamp left in the mud by some prehistoric beast - отпечаток, оставленный в грязи каким-то доисторическим животным

The Post Office will issue a new first-class stamp. - Государственная почтовая служба выпустит новую первоклассную марку.

I've addressed the letter, but it still needs a stamp. - Письмо я надписал, но ещё нужно приклеить на него марку.

He licked the stamp before putting it on the envelope. - Он облизал марку, прежде чем приложить её к конверту.

His army years had stamped him with an air of brisk authority. - Годы армейской службы оставили на нём отпечаток в виде бодрой уверенности в себе.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

die-stamp: to produce words or decoration on (a surface) by using a steel die so that the printed images stand in relief

Stamp Act: a law passed by the British Parliament requiring all publications and legal and commercial documents in the American colonies to bear a tax stamp (1765): a cause of unrest in the colonies

stamp on: If someone stamps on a dishonest or undesirable activity, they act immediately to stop it happening or spreading.

stamp out: If you stamp out something bad that is happening, you make it stop.

stamp pad: a thick piece of soft material used to make something comfortable, give it shape, or protect it

tax stamp: a stamp that shows that a tax has been paid

date stamp: an adjustable rubber stamp for recording the date

food stamp: In the United States, food stamps are official vouchers that are given to people with low incomes to be exchanged for food.

mint stamp: a stamp in perfect condition

stamp album: a book used by collectors of postage stamps to display and store their stamps

stamp-book: a book used by collectors of postage stamps to display and store their stamps

stamp duty: In Britain, stamp duty is a tax that you pay to the government when you buy a house .

stamp mill: a machine for crushing ore

time-stamp: to assign an accurate time to (a message, transaction, etc)

airmail stamp: a sticker that is put on airmail letters to make sure they are not sent by surface mail

health stamp: a postage stamp with a surcharge that is used to support a health camp

postage stamp: A postage stamp is a small piece of gummed paper that you buy from the post office and stick on an envelope or package before you post it.

revenue stamp: an adhesive label that is attached to an item to indicate that government tax has been paid

rubber stamp: A rubber stamp is a small device with a name, date, or symbol on it. You press it on to an ink pad and then on to a document in order to show that the document has been officially dealt with.

savings stamp: a stamp which can be bought (for example at a machine in a supermarket ), saved, and then redeemed against the cost of goods later (for example at Christmas )

stamp dealer: someone who buys and sells postage stamps (to collectors )

stamp machine: a machine used for stamping documents, as with the time, etc

trading stamp: (esp formerly) a stamp of stated value given by some retail organizations to customers, according to the value of their purchases and redeemable for articles offered on a premium list

insurance stamp: an insurance contribution

stamp collecting: Stamp collecting is the hobby of building up a collection of stamps.

stamp collection: the act of collecting postage stamps as a hobby

postage due stamp: a stamp affixed by a Post Office to a letter, parcel, etc, indicating that insufficient or no postage has been prepaid and showing the amount to be paid by the addressee on delivery

pad: A pad is a fairly thick, flat piece of a material such as cloth or rubber. Pads are used, for example, to clean things, to protect things, or to change their shape.

Inland Revenue stamp: a certificate issued by the Inland Revenue to acknowledge payment of tax

stamp duty avoidance: Avoidance of someone or something is the act of avoiding them.

seal of approval stamp of approval: If a person or organization gives something their seal of approval or their stamp of approval, they officially say that they like it or think it is acceptable .

on the back of a postage stamp: if eveything that someone knows about something could be put on the back of a postage stamp, they know very little about it

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Однокоренные слова:

stamp down - притоптать
stamp out - уничтожать, подавлять

Связанные слова: