Adjective: постоянный стоячий постоянно действующий стационарный
Noun: положение стояние правоспособность статус


standing committee - постоянный комитет

imaginative solution to a long-standing problem - оригинальное решение давнишней проблемы

an illness of long standing - застарелая болезнь

standing ovation - аплодисменты стоя

standing operation - обслуживание в процессе стоянки

watch-standing operator - вахтенный радист

standing oscillation - стоячее колебание

long-standing password - долговременный (долгосрочный) пароль

standing place - место для стоянки

of national standing - союзного значения

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I was just, like, standing there. - Я просто, как бы /типа/, стоял там.

He was standing in the middle of the room. - Он стоял посреди комнаты.

He was standing next to me. - Он стоял рядом со мной.

That's me, standing on the left. - Это я, стою с левой стороны (на фото).

He was standing with his back to me. - Он стоял спиной ко мне.

Not a stone was left standing. - Камня на камне не осталось.

I am standing my ground and won't give in! - Я стою на своём и не уступлю!

Start the exercise in a standing position. - Начните это упражнение из положения стоя.

Here, have my chair. I don't mind standing. - Вот, садитесь на моё место, а сам я и постоять могу.

He was standing on the topmost step. - Он стоял на самой верхней ступени.

She was standing over by the window. - Она стояла у самого окна.

I guess she is angry at me for standing her up. - Кажется, она злится на меня за то, что не пришёл к ней на свидание. (разг. to stand smb up — не прийти на встречу, "продинамить")

This is basic stuff. I can do it standing on my head. - Это самое элементарное, азы. Я могу делать это, стоя на голове.

He was standing there starkers. - Он стоял там абсолютно голый / в чём мать родила.

He was standing at the top of the stairs. - Он стоял на самом верху лестницы.

He was standing not six feet away from me. - Он стоял от меня менее, чем в шести футах.

His feet were aching from standing so long. - Его ноги болели из-за того что он долго стоял.

Silvia is capable of standing up for herself. - Сильвия способна постоять за себя.

The train was already standing at the platform. - Поезд уже стоял у платформы.

The car's been standing in the garage for weeks. - Автомобиль стоит в гараже уже несколько недель.

I've been standing in the rain for over an hour. - Я простоял /стою/ под дождём уже больше часа.

I was so weak that even standing up was an effort. - Я настолько ослаб, что даже вставать удавалось с трудом.

She was standing exactly where you are standing now. - Она стояла именно там, где стоите сейчас вы.

She was standing near the window. - Она стояла возле окна.

Ben was standing there stark naked. - Бен стоял там голышом.

Two bowling pins were left standing. - Две кегли остались стоять.

He has a table in his room standing. - У него в комнате стоит стол.

I saw a person standing on the dock. - Я увидел человека, стоящего на причале.

He was standing in a puddle of water. - Он стоял в луже воды.

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Связанные термины:

stand: When you are standing, your body is upright, your legs are straight, and your weight is supported by your feet.

grandstand: A grandstand is a covered stand with rows of seats for people to sit on at sporting events.

standing O: → standing ovation

free-standing: A free-standing piece of furniture or other object is not fixed to anything, or stands on its own away from other things.

hard standing: a hard surface on which vehicles, such as cars or aircraft, may be parked

long-standing: A long-standing situation has existed for a long time.

self-standing: An object or structure that is self-standing is not supported by other objects or structures.

standing army: a permanent army of paid soldiers maintained by a nation

standing chop: (in an axemen's competition) a chop with the log standing upright

standing joke: If something is a standing joke among a group of people, they often make jokes about it.

standing jump: a jump performed from a stationary position without a run-up

standing room: Standing room is space in a room or bus, where people can stand when all the seats have been occupied .

standing wave: the periodic disturbance in a medium resulting from the combination of two waves of equal frequency and intensity travelling in opposite directions. There are generally two kinds of displacement, and the maximum value of the amplitude of one of these occurs at the same points as the minimum value of the amplitude of the other. Thus in the case of electromagnetic radiation the amplitude of the oscillations of the electric field has its greatest value at the points at which the magnetic oscillation is zero, and vice versa

credit standing: reputation for discharging financial obligations

remain standing: If someone or something remains in a particular state or condition, they stay in that state or condition and do not change. [...]

social standing: a person's status or social class in society

standing charge: a flat rate or charge always paid for electricity regardless of whether you use more or less electricity than you pay for

standing order: A standing order is an instruction to your bank to pay a fixed amount of money to someone at regular times.

standing start: the start of a race where participants begin from a standing or upright position

standing stone: a stone of great size, esp one forming part of a prehistoric monument

standing water: any body of stagnant water, including puddles, ponds, rainwater, drain water, reservoirs etc

advanced standing: the status of a student who has already completed some of the requirements of a course at another institution and thus is able to miss out some elements of the full course at his or her current university

standing committee: a permanent committee appointed to deal with a specified subject

standing expenses: fixed or flat expenses or charges

standing ovation: If a speaker or performer gets a standing ovation when they have finished speaking or performing, the audience stands up to clap in order to show its admiration or support .

standing position: When someone or something is in a particular position, they are sitting, lying, or arranged in that way.

standing rigging: the stays, shrouds, and other more or less fixed, though adjustable, wires and ropes that support the masts of a sailing vessel

international standing: Someone's standing is their reputation or status . [...]

stand by: If you are standing by, you are ready and waiting to provide help or to take action.

stand in: If you stand in for someone, you take their place or do their job, because they are ill or away.

stand on: to continue to navigate a vessel on the same heading

stand to: to assume positions or cause to assume positions to resist a possible attack

stand up: If something such as a claim or a piece of evidence stands up, it is accepted as true or satisfactory after being carefully examined .

stand back: If you stand back and think about a situation, you think about it as if you were not involved in it.

stand down: If someone stands down, they resign from an important job or position, often in order to let someone else take their place.

stand for: If you say that a letter stands for a particular word, you mean that it is an abbreviation for that word.

stand out: If something stands out, it is very noticeable .

stand over: to watch closely; keep tight control over

stand pat: If you stand pat, you refuse to change your mind about something.

of many years' standing: You can use the expression of many years ' standing to say that something has had a particular function or someone has had a particular role for many years. For example, if a place is your home of ten years' standing, it has been your home for ten years.

sitting and standing room: places designated both for sitting and standing ( customers ), as in a concert hall, etc

stand aside: If you stand aside from something, you allow it to happen without interfering in it or doing anything to prevent it.

receive a standing ovation: When you receive something, you get it after someone gives it to you or sends it to you. [...]

standing settlement instructions: Standing settlement instructions are instructions that have been agreed in advance, and that are to be used every time a trade is made.

stand up for: If you stand up for someone or something, you defend them and make your feelings or opinions very clear .

stand up to: If something stands up to bad conditions, it is not damaged or harmed by them.

rib roast: a cut of meat taken from the ribs cooked by roasting

standoff: the act or an instance of standing off or apart

standard operating procedure: a set of fixed instructions or steps for carrying out usually routine operations

VSWR: VSWR is a measure of how efficiently radio-frequency power is transmitted from a power source, through a transmission line, and into a load .

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Однокоренные слова:

standing by - страховка, поддержка

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