Noun: звезда звездочка светило судьба
Adjective: звездный выдающийся ведущий великолепный
Verb: быть звездой отмечать звездочкой предоставлять главную роль украшать звездами


to be born under a lucky star - родиться под счастливой звездой

all-star cast - звёздный состав исполнителей

celluloid star - кинозвезда

co-star - сниматься в главной роли в одном фильме

evening star - вечерняя звезда

four-star hotel - четырёхзвёздочная гостиница

to merchandise a movie star - раскручивать кинозвезду

a movie star par excellence - кинозвезда в полном смысле слова

pop star - поп-звезда

to star in a film - играть главную роль в фильме

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North Star - Полярная звезда

Her star was rising. - Её звезда восходила.

His star has set. - Его звезда закатилась.

The sky was filled with stars. - Небо было усыпано звёздами.

a rock star and teen idol - рок-звезда и кумир подростков

The star captured a comet. - Звезда захватила комету.

A black star absorbs all matter. - Чёрная звезда поглощает всю материю.

a star of stage and screen - звезда театра и кино

She was the star of the show. - Она была звездой этого шоу.

Silver Star - Серебряная Звезда (орден)

His star set / waned. - Его звезда закатилась.

British pop star Elton John - английская поп-звезда Элтон Джон

Perry was the star of the show. - Перри был звездой этого шоу.

Julia Roberts became a big star. - Джулия Робертс стала большой звездой.

She was born under a lucky star. - Она родилась под счастливой звездой.

A new star appeared on the horizon. - На горизонте появилась новая звезда.

a star in the constellation of Orion - звезда в созвездии Ориона

the pop star and his harem - поп-звезда и его гарем

What time is 'Star Trek' on? - Во сколько начинается (сериал) "Звёздный путь"?

She became a star overnight. - Она мгновенно стала звездой.

the glimmer of a distant star - мерцание далёкой звезды

The starred items are available. - В наличии — товары, помеченные звёздочкой.

a brilliant star in the sky - яркая звезда на небе

They gazed up at the stars. - Они посмотрели на звёзды.

He coaches the tennis star. - Он тренирует эту звезду тенниса.

What star outshines the sun? - Какая звезда сияет ярче солнца?

a rock star's most devoted fans - самые преданные фанаты одной рок-звезды

the plasma that makes up a star - плазма, из которой состоит звезда

A star tops the Christmas Tree. - Рождественскую ёлку венчает звезда.

a star pupil (=a very good one) - "звёздный" (т.е. очень хороший) ученик

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Связанные термины:

F star: a white to yellow star, as Canopus, Polaris, or Procyon, having a surface temperature between 6000 and 7500 K and an absorption spectrum in which the pair of ultraviolet lines of singly ionized calcium and the Balmer series of hydrogen are of about equal strength

co-star: An actor's or actress's co-stars are the other actors or actresses who also have one of the main parts in a particular film.

all-star: An all-star cast, performance, or game is one which contains only famous or extremely good performers or players.

dark star: an invisible star known to exist only from observation of its radio, infrared, or other spectrum or of its gravitational effect, such as an invisible component of a binary or multiple star

Dog Star: → Sirius

film star: A film star is a famous actor or actress who appears in films.

five-star: (of a hotel ) first-class, top-quality, or offering exceptional luxury

four-star: of high, or of the highest, quality

gold star: a small, gold-colored star displayed to represent a member of the U.S. armed forces killed in war

pole star: a guiding principle, rule, standard, etc

pop star: a famous singer or musician who performs pop music

rock star: a pop musician, usually a singer, who is very famous

sea star: starfish

star map: See star chart

star part: the main role, or one of the main roles

star ruby: a ruby that resembles a starlike figure in reflected light because of its crystalline structure

star sign: Your star sign is the sign of the zodiac under which you were born.

star turn: The star turn of a performance or show is the main item, or the one that is considered to be the most interesting or exciting.

Star Wars: (in the US) a proposed system of artificial satellites armed with lasers to destroy enemy missiles in space

two-star: leaded petrol that has a low octane number; inferior leaded petrol

basket-star: any of several echinoderms of the genus Gorgonocephalus, in which long slender arms radiate from a central disc: order Ophiuroidea ( brittle-stars )

battle star: a small star worn on a campaign ribbon, awarded to a member of the armed forces for participation in a particular battle or campaign

binary star: a double star system comprising two stars orbiting around their common centre of mass . A visual binary can be seen through a telescope . A spectroscopic binary can only be observed by the spectroscopic Doppler shift as each star moves towards or away from the earth

child star: a child who attains celebrity status

double star: two stars, appearing close together when viewed through a telescope ; either physically associated ( binary star) or not associated ( optical double star)

dwarf star: any luminosity class V star, such as the sun, lying in the main sequence of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

fixed star: any of the stars in the Ptolemaic system, all of which were thought to be attached to an outer crystal sphere thus explaining their apparent lack of movement

flare star: a red dwarf star in which outbursts, thought to be analogous to solar flares, occur, increasing the luminosity by several magnitudes in a few minutes

giant star: any of a class of stars, such as Capella and Arcturus, that have swelled and brightened considerably as they approach the end of their life, their energy supply having changed

guest star: a famous entertainer making an appearance in a show in which he or she is not a regular performer

media star: a person who is well-known because of frequent appearances in the mass media

movie star: A movie star is a famous actor or actress who appears in films.

North Star: → Polaris

radio star: a celestial object, such as a supernova remnant or quasar, that is a source of radio waves

rising star: A rising star in a particular sport, art, or area of business is someone who is starting to do very well and who people think will soon be very successful.

shell star: a type of star, usually of spectral type B to F, surrounded by a gaseous shell

Silver Star: a bronze star with a small silver star at the center, awarded to a soldier who has been cited in orders for gallantry in action, when the citation does not warrant the award of a Medal of Honor or the Distinguished Service Cross

star anise: a small Chinese evergreen tree ( Illicium verum ) yielding an aromatic oil

star-apple: a West Indian sapotaceous tree, Chrysophyllum cainito, with smooth-skinned edible greenish-purple fruit

star chart: a chart or map showing the relative apparent positions of the stars, as seen from the earth, in a particular area of the sky

star facet: any of a vast number of celestial objects that are visible in the clear night sky as points of light

star fruit: → carambola (sense 2 )

star-gazer: A star-gazer is someone who studies the stars as an astronomer or astrologer.

star-gazing: Star-gazing is the activity of studying the stars as an astronomer or astrologer.

star grass: any of various temperate and tropical plants of the amaryllidaceous genus Hypoxis, having long grasslike leaves and yellow star-shaped flowers

star point: a common junction connected to the ends of windings of a polyphase electrical device or system of devices

star prize: The star prize in a competition is the most valuable prize.

star rating: a rating indicated by stars (usually 1–5), the highest number of stars indicating the best quality, highest amount etc

star route: a mail route serviced by a private contractor

star shell: an artillery shell containing a flare or other illuminant : often containing a parachute to prolong the descent of the illuminating material

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Однокоренные слова:

stardom - звезды, положение звезды
staring - пристальный, кричащий, бросающийся в глаза, яркий, широко раскрытый
starless - беззвездный
starred - усеянный звездами, отмеченный звездой, являющийся звездой
starlike - звездообразный
instar - возрастная стадия
starring - то кинозвезд, то актерами в главных, в главной роли

Связанные слова: