Adjective: государственный торжественный парадный относящийся к отдельному штату
Noun: государство положение штат статус
Verb: утверждать констатировать указывать заявлять


bring to a state of - приводить в какое-л. состояние

national / state budget - государственный бюджет

national / state capital - национальный капитал

a state of chaos - состояние беспорядка

to impose / set / state / stipulate a condition - ставить условие

a state of confusion - смущение

constraint on the state - фазовое ограничение

counsellor of state - государственный советник

to declare a state of emergency - вводить чрезвычайное положение

to deflect the state policy - изменить государственную политику

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Please state your name and address. - Пожалуйста, укажите ваше имя и адрес.

The price of the tickets is stated on the back. - Стоимость билетов указана на обратной стороне.

What a state you are in! - В каком вы виде! (разг.)

The witness stated that he had not seen the woman before. - Свидетель заявил, что никогда не видел эту женщину раньше.

Water exists in three states: liquid, gaseous, and solid. - Вода существует в трёх состояниях: жидком, газообразном и твёрдом.

She lay in a comatose state. - Она лежала в коматозном состоянии.

The country was in a state of war (=officially fighting a war). - Страна находилась в состоянии войны (т.е. официально вступила в войну).

State your name and occupation. - Назовите своё имя и род занятий.

State is me. - Государство — это я. (король Франции Людовик XIV)

Don't get into a state! - Не заводись! (разг.)

His mind was in a state of surcharge. - Его мозг был перегружен.

We crossed the state border hours ago. - Мы пересекли государственную границу несколько часов назад.

A state of emergency has been declared. - Было объявлено чрезвычайное положение.

Things were in an untidy state. - Все вещи были в беспорядке.

a substance in a fluid state - вещество в жидком состоянии

the biggest city in the state - крупнейший город в штате

the separation of church and state - отделение церкви от государства

Fine, but aren't you just stating the obvious here? - Хорошо, но разве вы здесь не занимаетесь констатацией очевидного?

The state has allocated special funds for the emergency. - Государство выделило специальные средства для неотложной помощи.

They were wards of the state. - Они были под опекой /защитой/ государства.

Lakes cover much of the state. - Озёра занимают большую часть этого штата.

in no fit state to continue - не в состоянии продолжать

Rembert again stated his intention to resign from Parliament. - Ремберт снова заявил о своём намерении уйти из парламента.

State Seal - Большая государственная печать

The house is in a state of neglect. - Дом находится в запущенном /заброшенном/ состоянии.

The government needs to clearly state its policy on UN intervention. - Правительство должно чётко сформулировать свою политику в отношении посредничества ООН.

The state's business is booming. - Деловая активность в штате быстро растёт.

Queensland is one of the states of Australia. - Квинсленд является одним из штатов Австралии.

water in a gaseous state - вода в газообразном состоянии

the western part of the state - западная часть штата

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Связанные термины:

Bay State: → Massachusetts

Gem State: → the Gem State

state aid: financial support extended by a state government to a local institution serving the public, as a school or library

state-run: controlled by the government

tri-state: of or relating to three states, esp the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Aloha State: → the Aloha State

Bear State: → the Bear State

brown-state: (of linen and lace fabrics) undyed

city-state: a state consisting of a sovereign city and its dependencies . Among the most famous are the great independent cities of the ancient world, such as Athens, Sparta, Carthage, Thebes, Corinth, and Rome

deep state: a group of senior civil servants and military officials believed by some to exert secret control over its country's government

First State: → the First State

Free State: a province of central South Africa; replaced the former province of Orange Free State in 1994: gold and uranium mining . Capital: Bloemfontein . Pop: 2 745 590 (2011 est). Area: 129 480 sq km (49 992 sq miles)

grey-state: (of a fabric or material ) not yet dyed

home State: the state where a person comes from, or where they live

loom-state: (of a woven cotton fabric) not yet dyed

mini-state: a very small nation that is an internationally-recognized sovereign state

nanny state: If you refer to the government as the nanny state, you disapprove of it because you think it tries to protect its citizens too much and makes them rely on the state too much.

narco-state: a country in which the illegal trade in narcotic drugs forms a substantial part of the economy

Ocean State: → the Ocean State

Peach State: → the Peach State

rogue state: When politicians or journalists talk about a rogue state, they mean a country that they regard as a threat to their own country's security, for example because it supports terrorism .

Shan State: an administrative division of E Myanmar : formed in 1947 from the joining of the Federation of Shan States with the Wa States; consists of the Shan plateau crossed by forested mountain ranges reaching over 2100 m (7000 ft). Pop: 4 416 000 (1994 est). Area: 149 743 sq km (57 816 sq miles)

Slave State: any of the 15 Southern states in which slavery was legal until the Civil War

solid-state: Solid-state electronic equipment is made using transistors or silicon chips, instead of valves or other mechanical parts.

state bank: (in the US) a commercial bank incorporated under a State charter and not required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System

state coach: a horse-drawn coach used by royalty on state occasions

State Duma: the elective legislative assembly established by Tsar Nicholas II in 1905: overthrown by the Bolsheviks in 1917

state house: a house built by the government for renting

State line: the border of a state

state-owned: owned by the state; not privately owned

state visit: a formal visit by a head of state to another country, at the invitation of that country's head of state

Beaver State: → the Beaver State

Beehive State: → the Beehive State

Bonanza State: → the Bonanza State

Boomer State: → Oklahoma

border state: a state adjacent to a border

Buckeye State: → the Buckeye State

buffer state: A buffer state is a peaceful country situated between two or more larger hostile countries.

client state: A client state is a country which is controlled or influenced by another larger and more powerful state, or which depends on this state for support and protection .

Cotton State: Alabama (used as a nickname )

Cracker State: Georgia (used as a nickname )

Creole State: → the Creole State

Empire State: → New York State

excited state: any of the energy levels of a physical system, esp. an atom, molecule, etc., that has higher energy than the lowest energy level

failed state: a weak state where social and political structures have collapsed to the point where the government has little or no control

Garden State: → the Garden State

Golden State: → California

Gopher State: → the Gopher State

Granite State: → the Granite State

ground state: the lowest energy state of an atom, molecule, particle, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

instate - вводить в должность, обеспечивать
overstate - преувеличивать, переступить
restate - вновь заявить, формулировать иначе
stated - установленный, сформулированный, зафиксированный, высказанный, назначенный
stately - величественный, величавый, величественный, величавый
statement - заявление, утверждение, оператор, высказывание, изложение, ведомость, сообщение
static - статический, неподвижный, стационарный
statical - статический, неподвижный, стационарный
station - станция, пункт, место, станционный, вокзальный, размещать, дислоцировать
statist - статистик

Связанные слова: