Noun: остановка конец прекращение останов
Verb: прекращать останавливаться останавливать прекращаться
Interjection: стоп стой будет


to stop a car / to bring a car to a stop - остановить машину

a dead stop - резкая остановка

to stop a leakage - устранять утечку

to overshoot one's stop - проехать свою остановку

blade stop cable - стопорный трос лопастей (вертолета)

an overnight stop in Paris - остановка на ночь в Париже

stop payments - прекратить платежи, обанкротиться

intermediate flight stop - промежуточная посадка

flag stop амер. / request stop брит. - остановка по требованию

to make a stop in Paris - ненадолго остановиться в Париже

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Stop talking! - Перестаньте разговаривать! / Хватит болтать!

Do stop talking. - Замолчи же.

I beg you to stop! - Я прошу тебя, остановись!

Stop by later. - Зайди позже.

I'll stop by this evening. - Я зайду сегодня вечером.

Stop acting a fool. - Хватит валять дурака.

Stop acting like a baby. - Хватит вести себя, как ребёнок.

Stop mumbling! - Хватит бубнить!

Stop being a Pickle! - Не будь такой сволочью!

A car stopped behind us. - Позади нас остановился автомобиль.

Stop, damn you! - Прекрати, чёрт бы тебя побрал!

Stop tickling me! - Перестань меня щекотать!

'Stop!' he rasped. - — Остановись! — просипел он.

Stop picking your nose! - Прекрати ковыряться в носу!

He stopped for a moment. - На мгновение он остановился.

Stop bitching! - Кончай ныть!

Stop shoving me! - Прекрати меня толкать!

Stop bugging me! - Перестань мне надоедать!

Stop, come back! - Стой, вернись!

He ran the stop sign. - Он побежал на красный свет.

'Stop!' she cried. - — Прекрати! — крикнула она.

Stop making such a fuss! - Перестань делать из мухи слона! / Хватит поднимать шум из-за ерунды!

Stop grumbling! - Перестаньте ворчать!

Stop going on at me! - Хватит меня пилить! / Прекрати на меня наезжать! (брит.)

Stop teasing the cat! - Перестань дразнить кошку!

Stop clowning around! - Перестань паясничать!

Stop fidgeting about! - Перестань ёрзать!

Stop annoying the girl. - Хватит надоедать девушке.

Stop biting your nails! - Прекрати грызть ногти!

He snowplowed to a stop. - Он затормозил и остановился. (о катании на лыжах)

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you stop by somewhere, you make a short visit to a person or place.

If you stop off somewhere, you stop for a short time in the middle of a journey.

If you stop something up, you cover or fill a hole or gap in it.

Связанные термины:

f-stop: any of the settings for the f-number of a camera

T-stop: a setting of the lens aperture on a camera calibrated photometrically and assigned a T-number

stop by: If you stop by somewhere, you make a short visit to a person or place.

stop-go: Stop-go is used to describe processes in which there are periods of inactivity between periods of activity.

stop up: If you stop something up, you cover or fill a hole or gap in it.

bus stop: A bus stop is a place on a road where buses stop to let passengers on and off.

echo stop: the reflection of sound or other radiation by a reflecting medium, esp a solid object

flag stop: a bus stop at which a bus only stops if there is someone waiting or if someone wants to get off the bus

flue stop: an organ stop controlling a set of flue pipes

full stop: A full stop is the punctuation mark . which you use at the end of a sentence when it is not a question or exclamation.

long stop: a fielder who stands behind the wicket keeper, and catches balls the wicket keeper misses

non-stop: Something that is non-stop continues without any pauses or interruptions .

one-stop: A one-stop shop is a place where you can buy everything you need for a particular purpose.

pit stop: In motor racing, if a driver makes a pit stop, he or she stops in a special place at the side of the track to get more fuel and to make repairs.

reed stop: an organ stop controlling a rank of reed pipes

rest stop: On a long journey by road, a rest stop is a short period when you stop and leave your vehicle, for example to eat or go to the toilet .

solo stop: any of various organ stops designed to imitate a solo performance on a particular musical instrument

stop bath: a weakly acidic solution used in photographic processing to stop the action of a developer on a film, plate, or paper before the material is immersed in fixer

stop down: to reduce the size of the aperture of (a camera lens )

stop log: a board or boarding that is placed along the top of a dam to increase its height and capacity

stop-loss: of or relating to an order to a broker in a commodity or security market to close an open position at a specified price in order to limit any loss

stop off: If you stop off somewhere, you stop for a short time in the middle of a journey.

stop out: to cover (part of the area) of a piece of cloth, printing plate, etc, to prevent it from being dyed, etched, etc

stop over: to visit for a while

stop sign: a traffic sign directing traffic to stop

stop time: a passage where the beat stops temporarily

stop-work: a temporary cessation of work as a form of protest

cattle-stop: a grid of metal bars covering a hollow or hole dug in a roadway, intended to prevent the passage of livestock while allowing vehicles, etc, to pass unhindered

double-stop: to play (two notes or parts) simultaneously on a violin or related instrument by drawing the bow over two strings

gamba stop: an organ stop with a tone resembling that of stringed instruments

organ stop: a set of organ pipes allowed to sound as a group by stopping all others

stop button: (on a DVD player, cassette recorder, etc) the off switch

stop chorus: a solo during which the rhythm section plays only the first beat of each phrase of music

stop clause: a clause by which a contract or other agreement may be terminated, esp. between theatrical producers and theater owners in whose agreements it is often stipulated that when weekly receipts fall below a certain minimum usually for two consecutive weeks, the production must vacate the theater

stop-frame: of or relating to animated films involving models, puppets, etc, in which each frame is photographed individually

stop-motion: a technique used in animation and photography in which a subject is filmed then adjusted a frame at a time

stop order: an instruction to a broker to sell one or more shares when the price offered for them falls below a stipulated level

stop plank: a board or boarding that is placed along the top of a dam to increase its height and capacity

stop press: Stop press is sometimes printed next to an article in a newspaper to indicate that this is very recent news and was added after the rest of the newspaper had been printed.

stop-start: frequently stopping then starting again

stop street: a street on which all vehicles must come to a complete stop at a given intersection

stop thrust: to cease from doing or being (something); discontinue

truck stop: A truck stop is a place where drivers, especially truck or lorry drivers, can stop, for example to rest or to get something to eat .

chapter stop: any of several markers placed at intervals on a DVD film, enabling the viewer to find and select particular scenes

comfort stop: a short break on a journey to allow travellers to go to the toilet

glottal stop: a plosive speech sound produced as the sudden onset of a vowel in several languages, such as German, by first tightly closing the glottis and then allowing the air pressure to build up in the trachea before opening the glottis, causing the air to escape with force

mutation stop: an organ pipe sounding the harmonic of the note normally produced

request stop: a point on a route at which a bus will stop only if signalled to do so

stop payment: an instruction to a bank by the drawer of a cheque to refuse payment on it

suction stop: a short light often metallic sound

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Однокоренные слова:

stop away - отсутствовать, пропускать
stop by - зайти, заглянуть
stop down - затемнять линзу диафрагмой
stop in - зайти, заглянуть
stop off - заезжать, делать остановку, остановиться в пути
stop on - оставаться, на той же должности, остановка
stop out - отсутствовать
stop over - делать остановку, остановиться в пути
stop up - затыкать, заделывать, не ложиться спать

Связанные слова: