Noun: хранилище хранение память склад


storage capacity - вместимость хранилища

damage in storage - повреждение при хранении

storage facilities - склады

generous amount of storage space - огромные складские помещения

to reference a storage location - обращаться к ячейке памяти

to remove from storage - удалить из памяти

stability in storage - стойкость при хранении

dangerous goods storage - хранение опасных грузов

energy storage - аккумулирование энергии

knowledge storage - накопление знаний

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The company has 1000 square meters of storage. - Компания располагает 1000 квадратными метрами складской площади.

We really do need more storage space. - Нам действительно нужно больше пространства для хранения.

We couldn't afford to pay the storage. - Мы не могли позволить себе платить за хранение.

They moved to a house with lots of storage space. - Они переехали в дом, где было полно места для хранения вещей.

The bookshelf disassembles for easy storage. - Книжная полка разбирается для удобства хранения.

data-word-id="4">The data-word-id="715">system allows data-word-id="642">quick data-word-id="7840">storage data-word-id="5">and data-word-id="2666">retrieval data-word-id="7">of data. - Система позволяет быстро сохранять и извлекать данные.

Her new house is much smaller, so she had to rent additional storage. - Её новый дом гораздо меньше, так что ей пришлось снять дополнительное хранилище.

We'll have to put the project into cold storage until we can get the funding. - Мы будем вынуждены "заморозить" проект до тех пор, пока не найдем источник финансирования.

The early sets ran on storage batteries. - Первые приёмники работали на аккумуляторных батареях.

We need to get our furniture out of storage. - Надо забрать нашу мебель с хранения.

the body's storage of fat - запас жира в организме

The CD has a storage capacity of 800 megabytes. - Ёмкость данного компакт-диска составляет восемьсот мегабайт.

The limited storage space in the house is offset by the large garage. - Ограниченное пространство для хранения, которое имеется в этом доме, компенсируется большим гаражом.

We're going to box off that corner to get extra storage space. - Мы собираемся отделить тот угол перегородкой, чтобы получить дополнительное место для хранения.

The longshoremen moved all of the fish into cold storage for shipment to the market. - Грузчики отвезли всю эту рыбу в холодильную камеру для транспортировки на рынок.

The chairs fold flat for storage. - Хранятся стулья в сложенном виде.

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Связанные термины:

cold storage: If something such as food is put in cold storage, it is kept in an artificially-cooled place in order to preserve it.

core storage: a kind of computer memory consisting of storage units made of ferromagnetic rings

disk storage: space for storing information on a disk

storage life: See shelf life

storage space: You use space to refer to an area that is empty or available . The area can be any size. For example, you can refer to a large area outside as a large open space or to a small area between two objects as a small space .

storage tank: A storage tank is a large vessel for storing oil, gas, and other petrochemical products.

storage tube: an electron tube in which information is stored as charges for a predetermined time

storage unit: a piece of furniture for storing something

storage wall: a set of shelves, cabinets, or the like that covers or forms a wall

pumped storage: (in hydroelectric systems) a method of using power at a period of low demand to pump water back up to a high storage reservoir so that it can be released to generate electricity at a period of peak demand

storage battery: a battery of electrochemical cells ( secondary cells ) for generating electric current : the cells can be recharged by passing a current through them in the direction opposite to the discharging flow of current

storage device: a data-word-id="481">piece data-word-id="7">of data-word-id="9919">computer data-word-id="7715">equipment, data-word-id="239">such data-word-id="9872">as a data-word-id="2514">magnetic data-word-id="564">tape, data-word-id="8136">disk, etc, data-word-id="9">in data-word-id="56">or data-word-id="19">on data-word-id="170">which data and instructions can be stored, usually data-word-id="9">in binary form

storage heater: an electrical device capable of accumulating and radiating heat generated by off-peak electricity

virtual storage: Virtual storage is the same asvirtual memory .

archival storage: a method of retaining information outside of the internal memory of a computer

external storage: Computing See secondary storage

secondary storage: storage, as on disk or tape, supplemental to and slower than main storage, not under the direct control of the CPU and generally contained outside it

storage capacity: the maximum number of bits, bytes, words, or items that can be held in a memory system such as that of a computer or of the brain

storage terminal: A storage terminal is a building or area with large tanks for storing oil, gas, and other petrochemical products.

associative storage: a storage device in which the information is identified by content rather than by an address

built-in storage: If you refer to the storage of something, you mean that it is kept in a special place until it is needed .

oil storage tank: a very large industrial container where petroleum is stored

baggage storage room: A baggage storage room is a room in a hotel where people can leave their baggage in order to collect it later .

gas blanketed storage: Gas blanketed storage is the use of gas to fill empty space in a storage tank .

night storage heater: a heater or radiator that stores heat at night-time because electricity is cheaper

night storage heating: a system of heating which uses a heater or radiator that stores heat at night-time because electricity is cheaper

into/in cold storage: If you put an idea or plan into cold storage or in cold storage, you delay it for a while rather than acting on it as you originally intended .

content-addressable storage: a storage device in which the information is identified by content rather than by an address

put something into cold storage: to delay doing something or dealing with something, for example because other more important things need your attention or because you are not ready to do it

CCS: carbon capture and storage

accumulator: a rechargeable device for storing electrical energy in the form of chemical energy, consisting of one or more separate secondary cells

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Однокоренные слова:

overstorage - затоваривание

Связанные слова: