Noun: магазин склад запас универмаг
Verb: хранить накапливать складировать запасать
Adjective: запасный запасной готовый оставленный про запас


department-store chain - сеть крупных универмагов

very cheap store - очень дешевый магазин

to store data - хранить данные

to store in a cool dry place - хранить в прохладном сухом месте

expensive store - дорогой магазин

to furnish a store with goods - снабжать магазин товарами

to store grain - хранить зерно

grocery shop / store - бакалейный магазин

to store the heat - аккумулировать тепло

store of value - средство сбережения

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She works at (in) a store. - Она работает в магазине.

I need a place to store my stuff. - Мне нужно где-то хранить свои вещи.

He walked to the store. - Он пошёл в магазин пешком.

What did you get at the toy store? - Что вы купили в магазине игрушек?

The store's open all night. - Этот магазин работает всю ночь.

We patronize this store - Мы часто посещаем этот магазин.

The store has unbeatable prices. - В этом магазине лучшие цены. (цены которые не могут предложить конкуренты)

The solar panels store energy. - Солнечные батареи накапливают энергию.

How much energy can this battery store? - Какова энергоёмкость этой батареи?

The store is open until five. - Магазин работает до пяти.

Store raw meat on the lowest shelf. - Храните сырое мясо на самой нижней полке.

Do you want anything from the store? - Тебе принести что-нибудь из магазина?

He possessed a vast store of knowledge. - Он обладал огромным запасом знаний.

What time will you go to the store today? - Когда ты пойдешь сегодня в магазин?

We waited inside the store. - Мы ждали в магазине.

We waited outside the store. - Мы ждали у входа в магазин.

The store has a new location. - Магазин переехал на новое место.

The store is guarded day and night. - Магазин находится под охраной и днём, и ночью.

The store where we shop is closing. - (Тот) магазин, где мы обычно делаем покупки, закрывается.

She will accompany me to the store. - Она сходит со мной в магазин.

I prowled the store looking for sales. - Я бродила по магазину в поисках скидок.

The sign in the store window saysOPEN.” - Табличка в витрине магазина, гласит “ОТКРЫТО”. / На табличке в витрине магазина написано: “ОТКРЫТО”

a buyer for a chain store - закупщик для фирменного /сетевого/ магазина

a hurried trip to the store - спешная поездка в магазин

the clerk in the shoe store - продавец в обувном магазине

The thieves cleaned out the store. - Воры обчистили магазин.

The store sells children's apparel. - Магазин торгует детской одеждой.

Customers flocked into the store. - Покупатели толпами валили в лавку.

a store that sells art supplies - магазин, где продают художественные принадлежности

Business is brisk at the store. - Торговля в магазине идёт бойко.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you store something up, you keep it until you think that the time is right to use it.

Связанные термины:

in-store: In-store facilities are facilities that are available within a department store, supermarket or other large shop.

new store: A store is a building or part of a building where things are sold. In British English, store is used mainly to refer to a large shop selling a variety of goods, but in American English a store can be any size of shop.

store pig: a pig that has not yet been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg

store up: If you store something up, you keep it until you think that the time is right to use it.

candy store: a shop solely or largely selling confectionery

chain store: A chain store is one of several similar shops that are owned by the same person or company, especially one that sells a variety of things.

cold store: A cold store is a building or room which is artificially cooled so that food can be preserved in it.

core store: an obsolete type of computer memory made up of a matrix of cores

dime store: a store selling inexpensive items

fish store: a shop that sells fish; a fishmonger's

large store: A store is a building or part of a building where things are sold . In British English, store is used mainly to refer to a large shop selling a variety of goods, but in American English a store can be any size of shop.

main store: the ability of the mind to store and recall past sensations, thoughts, knowledge, etc

Store Bælt: a strait in Denmark, between Zealand and Funen islands, linking the Kattegat with the Baltic

store brand: an item offered for sale under a store's own label

store card: a card issued by a chain store, shop, or organization, that enables customers to obtain goods and services for which they pay at a later date

store front: Store fronts are the windows of stores that can be looked into from the street, often displaying the types of product each store sells.

wool store: a building where bales of wool are stored and made available to prospective buyers for inspection

backing store: a computer storage device, usually a disk, that provides additional storage space for information so that it can be accessed and referred to when required and may be copied into the processor if needed

bottle store: a shop or part of a hotel where alcohol is sold in unopened containers for consumption elsewhere

corner store: A corner store is the same as a → corner shop .

general store: a shop which sells various types of goods

grocery store: a grocer's shop

liquor store: A liquor store is a store which sells beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks .

online store: A store is a building or part of a building where things are sold. In British English, store is used mainly to refer to a large shop selling a variety of goods, but in American English a store can be any size of shop.

outlet store: a shop in which a manufacturer sells its own branded goods, often at discounted prices

package store: a store where alcoholic drinks are sold for consumption elsewhere

record store: an outlet that sells recorded music

store baggage: If a hotel stores baggage, it puts a guest's baggage in a storage room until it is needed by the guest .

store-bought: produced commercially and not homemade

store closure: The closure of a place such as a business or factory is the permanent ending of the work or activity there.

store credit: A store credit is a document offered by a store to a customer who returns an item not eligible for a refund . It can be used to buy other goods at the store.

store energy: Energy is the power from sources such as electricity and coal that makes machines work or provides heat.

store manager: A store manager is the most senior member of the staff in a store, who is responsible for the overall running of the store.

store rollout: Store rollout happens when a retailer expands, opening new outlets in a planned way.

surplus store: a shop that sells used items, or items previously purchased but unused, and no longer needed . The items are often military, government or industrial excess

variety store: a small shop selling moderately priced goods

discount store: a shop where goods are sold at a low price

flagship store: A flagship store is the most important store in a chain, often with the largest volume of sales, or the most up-to-date formats or layouts

furniture store: a shop that sells the movable, generally functional, articles that equip a room, house, etc

hardware store: A hardware store is a shop where articles for the house and garden such as tools, nails, and pans are sold.

lay store by: to value or reckon as important

multiple store: one of several retail enterprises under the same ownership and management

set store by: to have regard or esteem for; value

store detective: A store detective is someone who is employed by a shop to walk around the shop looking for people who are secretly stealing goods.

store memories: A memory is something that you remember from the past .

convenience store: A convenience store is a shop which sells mainly food and which is usually open until late at night .

department store: A department store is a large shop which sells many different kinds of goods.

destination store: A destination store draws customers by selling unusual items, or having a friendly atmosphere, special pricing, and other desirable characteristics.

mind the store: to tend to business

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Однокоренные слова:

restore - восстанавливать, восстанавливаться, реставрировать, возобновить, возвращать
storage - хранение, хранилище, склад, память, запоминающее устройство, накопление
storey - этаж, ярус
storied - легендарный, известный по преданиям
story - история, рассказ, сюжет, повесть, сказка, этаж, предание, фабула, ярус, выдумка, ложь
storeship - транспорт с запасами
stores - магазин, склад, универмаг, запас, лавка, хранить, накапливать, складировать
stored - запасенный

Связанные слова: