Noun: удар забастовка стачка неожиданная удача
Verb: бить биться поражать ударять
Adjective: стачечный забастовочный


to deal / strike / deliver a blow - наносить удар

to break the strike - саботировать, срывать забастовку

to strike off excess concrete - снимать излишки бетона

to strike up an acquaintance with smb. - завязать знакомство с кем-л.

to dip / lower / strike a flag - спускать флаг

to strike one's flag - сдавать командование

to cement / develop / make / strike up a friendship - укреплять дружбу

to strike gold - открыть месторождение золота

to strike the hour - отбивать часы

to strike a reef - наткнуться на риф

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He struck me on the chin. - Он ударил меня в подбородок.

He struck me by his knowledge. - Он поразил меня своими знаниями.

Your hour has struck. - Твой час пробил.

The ship struck a rock. - Судно наскочило на скалу / ударилось о скалу.

Strike the nail home. - Забей гвоздь до конца.

She fell heavily, striking her head against the side of the boat. - Она рухнула (упала), ударившись головой о борт лодки.

They refused to obey the court's order to call off the strike. - Они отказались выполнять постановление суда, по прекрашению забастовки.

How does it strike you? - что вы об этом думаете?; как вам это нравится?

The car struck the tree. - Автомобиль врезался в дерево.

Strike when the iron is hot. - Куй железо, пока горячо.

She had now struck sixty. - Ей стукнуло 60.

The workers are on strike. - Рабочие бастуют.

It has just struck four. - Только что пробило четыре.

It never struck me before. - Мне это никогда ещё не приходило в голову.

Strike a line from A to B. - Проведи линию из точки A в точку B.

An idea suddenly struck me. - Меня внезапно осенила мысль.

I heard the clock strike six. - Я слышал, как часы пробили шесть.

I was struck with sorrow. - Я был охвачен горем.

The strike has extended over 22 weeks. - Забастовка продлилась больше двадцати двух недель.

The army struck at dawn. - Армия атаковала на рассвете.

The killer might strike again. - Убийца может нанести ещё один удар.

The tree was struck by lightning. - В это дерево ударила молния.

Road strikes away to the left. - Дорога уходит влево.

The cyclist was struck by a car. - Велосипедист был сбит автомобилем.

He looked stricken into stone. - Он словно обратился в камень.

The ship struck an iceberg. - Корабль столкнулся с айсбергом.

ever hoping to strike it rich - в надежде когда-нибудь разбогатеть

Two ships struck in the channel. - Два корабля столкнулись в канале.

a coiled snake ready to strike - свернувшаяся в клубок змея, готовая напасть

The umpire signaled a strike. - Судья показал "страйк" (о бейсболе).

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

strike up: When you strike up a conversation or friendship with someone, you begin one.

air strike: An air strike is an attack by military aircraft in which bombs are dropped . This expression is usually used by the country or group that is carrying out the attack.

bird strike: a collision of an aircraft with a bird

coal strike: a cessation of work by coal miners as a protest against working conditions or low pay

dock strike: an industrial dispute involving dock workers

rail strike: a strike by railway workers

rent strike: a method of protest whereby a group of tenants with the same landlord agree to refuse to pay their rent until a specific list of demands is met by the landlord

strike back: If you strike back, you harm or criticize someone who has harmed or criticized you.

strike down: If someone is struck down, especially by an illness, they are killed or severely harmed by it.

strike dumb: to amaze ; astound ; astonish

strike fire: to make a spark, as with tinder

strike fund: an amount of money reserved by a union to make payments to striking works should a strike occur

strike gold: to find, do or produce something that brings you a lot of money or success

strike home: to deliver an effective blow

strike note: the note produced by a bell when struck, defining its musical pitch

strike off: If someone such as a doctor or lawyer is struck off, their name is removed from the official register and they are not allowed to do medical or legal work any more.

strike oil: to suddenly become successful in finding or doing something

strike out: If you strike out, you begin to do something different, often because you want to become more independent .

strike pay: money paid to strikers from the funds of a trade union

strike zone: the area over home plate, between the batter's knees and armpits, through which the ball must be pitched for a strike to be called by the umpire

take strike: (of a batsman ) to prepare to play a ball delivered by the bowler

ten-strike: → strike

first-strike: (of a nuclear missile ) intended for use in an opening attack calculated to destroy the enemy's nuclear weapons

hunger strike: If someone goes on hunger strike or goes on a hunger strike, they refuse to eat as a way of protesting about something.

second-strike: (of a nuclear weapon) intended to be used in a counterattack in response to a nuclear attack

strike fault: a fault that runs parallel to the strike of the affected rocks

strike force: a police unit designed to target a particular type of crime

strike hands: to show agreement by clasping hands

strike lucky to strike it lucky: If you strike lucky or strike it lucky, you have some good luck .

strike price: The strike price is the price of an option when it is exercised .

token strike: a brief strike intended to convey strength of feeling on a disputed issue

climate strike: a form of protest in which people absent themselves from education or work in order to join demonstrations demanding action to counter climate change

general strike: A general strike is a situation where most or all of the workers in a country are on strike and are refusing to work.

national strike: When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves.

official strike: a collective stoppage of work by part or all of the workforce of an organization with the approval of the trade union concerned. The stoppage may be accompanied by the payment of strike pay by the trade union concerned

strike-breaker: A strike-breaker is a person who continues to work during a strike, or someone who takes over the work of a person who is on strike.

strike through: to draw (a line) through (something) to delete it

surgical strike: a military action designed to destroy a particular target without harming other people or damaging other buildings near it

sympathy strike: a strike organized in support of another section of workers or a cause and not because of direct grievances

wildcat strike: a strike begun by workers spontaneously or without union approval

crippling strike: When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves.

electricity strike: a time when workers at an electricity company stop supplying power as a protest at working conditions

go-slow strike: a deliberate slackening of the rate of production by organized labour as a tactic in industrial conflict

lightning strike: A lightning strike is a strike in which workers stop work suddenly and without any warning, in order to protest about something.

nationwide strike: When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves.

out on strike: at or to a point beyond the limits of some location ; outside

selective strike: a partial strike against a particular area of a business or against one employer or a small number of employers in a collective bargaining situation

strike a chord: to make you respond in an emotional way, for example by feeling sympathy or pleasure

strike a light: to ignite something, esp a match, by friction

strike it rich: If you strike it rich, you make a lot of money, especially in a short time.

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Однокоренные слова:

strike down - свалить с ног, парировать удар
strike in - вмешиваться, переходить вовнутрь
strike off - вычеркивать, отпечатывать, отрубать, вычеркивать имя из списка, скостить
strike out - вычеркнуть, вычеркивать, зачеркивать, набрасываться, направляться
strike through - зачеркивать
strike up - начинать, парировать удар

Связанные слова: