Noun: шпилька стержень штифт жеребец
Verb: обивать усеивать усыпать обивать гвоздями


stud driller - старший буровой мастер

to screw a stud and a nut tight - затягивать шпильку и гайку

to screw stud and nut tight - затягивать шпильку и гайку

screw stud and nut tight - затягивать шпильку и гайку

stud farm - конный завод

to set a stud - ставить шпильку или штифт

stud boar - хряк-производитель; племенной хряк

stud mare - племенная кобыла

stud-mare - племенная кобыла

deep ocean mining environment stud - глубоководный поиск полезных ископаемых

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The sky was studded with stars. - Небо было усыпано звёздами.

Beads stud the surface of the gown. - Поверхность этого платья усыпана бисером.

The windows and balconies were studded with wondering faces. - В окнах и на балконах было полно удивлённых лиц.

he played only draw and stud - он играл только в дро и в стад (виды покера)

Связанные термины:

at stud: available for breeding

nose stud: a stud worn in or on the nose as an ornament

stud book: A stud book is a written record of the breeding of a particular horse, especially a racehorse .

stud farm: A stud farm is a place where horses are bred.

stud fee: a price paid by the owner of a female animal to the owner of a male animal for the right to breed the female animal with the male animal

stud mare: a female horse kept for breeding

frost stud: an antislip device fitted to a horse's shoe

press stud: A press stud is a small metal object used to fasten clothes and is made up of two parts which can be pressed together .

shear stud: a stud that transfers shear stress between metal and concrete in composite structural members in which the stud is welded to the metal component

stud muffin: a sexually attractive young man

stud poker: a variety of poker in which the first card is dealt face down before each player and the next four are dealt face up ( five-card stud ) or in which the first two cards and the last card are dealt face down and the intervening four cards are dealt face up ( seven-card stud ), with bets made after each round

stud welding: the semiautomatic welding of a stud or similar piece of metal to a flat part, usually by means of an electric arc

seven-card stud: a variety of poker in which each player is dealt one card face down in each of the first two rounds, one card face up in each of the next four rounds, and one card face down in the last round, each of the last five rounds being followed by a betting interval

studbook: a written record of the pedigree of a purebred stock, esp of racehorses

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Однокоренные слова:

student - студент, учащийся, изучающий, обучающийся, ученый
studied - изучаемый, обдуманный, знающий, преднамеренный, деланный, начитанный
studious - прилежный, старательный, усердный, занятый наукой, заботливый, преднамеренный
studies - учеба, учение

Связанные слова: