Noun: стиль тип вид манера
Verb: величать модернизировать титуловать конструировать по моде


brassy style - тяжёлый, грубый, натянутый стиль

conservative style of dress - консервативный стиль одежды

descriptive style - стиль, богатый описаниями

the style of fledgling poets - стиль начинающих молодых поэтов

to form one's style on / upon good models - вырабатывать свой стиль на хороших образцах

to braid / do / set / style hair - делать причёску

infelicities of style - стилистические погрешности

the classical style of dance - классическая школа танца

new dress style - новый покрой платья

to style clothes - разрабатывать модели одежды

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He is a great mixer of style. - У него прекрасно получается смешивать стили.

He smoothed out his style. - Он усовершенствовал свой стиль.

The Greek style of architecture - греческий стиль в архитектуре

Any style can be parodied. - Спародировать можно что угодно.

His style wants a little elevation. - У него слишком приземлённый стиль.

I enjoy the author's breezy style. - Мне нравится свежий стиль этого автора.

a loose, fluid style of dancing - свободный, плавный стиль танца

The team played with style. - Команда играла красиво.

refine one's style of writing - улучшить манеру письма

She has a unique writing style. - У неё уникальная манера письма.

a book written in a very florid style - книга, написанная в очень витиеватом стиле

Degas' style of painting - манера живописи Дега

Hemingway's direct style - прямолинейная манера Хемингуэя

Pink is in style this season. - В этом сезоне розовое в моде.

She has a unique style of singing. - У неё уникальная манера пения.

That style is out these days. - В наше время данный стиль уже устарел.

Her writing has a clear style. - Она пишет понятно.

He has a prosaic writing style. - Он пишет очень скучно, прозаично.

She has a verbose writing style. - У неё многословная манера письма.

Cuban-style black beans and rice - чёрная фасоль с рисом по-кубински

the density of her writing style - трудность для понимания её произведений

This style of shoe is in demand. - Такой фасон обуви пользуется спросом.

I like her spare style of writing. - Мне нравится то, как просто она пишет.

the lapidary style of the poem - лапидарный стиль этой поэмы

Long skirts are back in style. - Длинные юбки снова в моде.

a style redolent of the sixties - стиль эпохи шестидесятых

He revived this style of opera. - Он возродил этот жанр оперы.

Smith's signature singing style - характерная манера пения Смита

His management style is abrasive. - Он сторонник жёстких методов управления.

a writer with an elliptical style - писатель с крайне немногословной манерой, полной недоговорок

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Связанные термины:

big style: to a great degree or extent

New Style: the present method of reckoning dates using the Gregorian calendar

old style: You use old-style to describe something or someone of a type that was common or popular in the past but is not common or popular now .

doggy style: a sexual position whereby one participant is on all fours and is penetrated from behind

hair style: a style of cutting, arranging, or combing the hair; hairdo; coiffure

high-style: of or relating to style, fashion, or design that is the most up-to-date and, often, most costly

house style: a set of rules concerning spellings, typography, etc, observed by editorial and printing staff in a particular publishing or printing company

style sheet: a sheet of editorial conventions and styles

alpine-style: of or in an ascent (esp in high mountains like the Himalayas) in which the climbers carry all their equipment with them in a single ascent from base to summit

Chicago style: a style of jazz flourishing in Chicago esp. in the early 1920s, constituting a direct offshoot of New Orleans style, and differing from its predecessor chiefly in the diminished influence of native folk sources, the greater tension of its group improvisation, the increased emphasis on solos, and the regular use of the tenor saxophone as part of the ensemble

family style: a way of serving food, as in boardinghouses and some restaurants, in which the people at the table help themselves from large dishes passed around from hand to hand

Decorated style: a 14th-century style of English architecture characterized by the ogee arch, geometrical tracery, and floral decoration

style statement: If you describe an action or thing as a statement, you mean that it clearly expresses a particular opinion or idea that you have.

management style: the way in which and the methods someone uses in managing a company, business, etc

not sb's style: If you say that something is not someone 's style, you mean that it is not the way in which they usually do things, or it is different from the sort of thing they usually like.

cramp someone's style: to prevent someone from behaving freely in the way that they want

International Style: a 20th-century architectural style characterized by undecorated rectilinear forms and the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete

new-style calendar: → the new-style calendar

Queen Anne style: a style of English architecture of the early 18th cent ., characterized by construction in red brick, forms modified from classical architecture, and simple, elegant, and stately ornamentation

lifestyle: The lifestyle of a particular person or group of people is the living conditions, behaviour, and habits that are typical of them or are chosen by them.

cascading style sheet: a file recording style details, such as fonts, colours, etc, that is read by browsers so that style is consistent over multiple web pages

the new-style calendar: the revision of the Julian calendar introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII and still in force, whereby the ordinary year is made to consist of 365 days and a leap year occurs in every year whose number is divisible by four, except those centenary years, such as 1900, whose numbers are not divisible by 400

to cramp someone's style: If someone or something cramps your style, their presence or existence restricts your behaviour in some way.

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Однокоренные слова:

stylish - стильный, элегантный, модный, шикарный
stylist - стилист, модельер, специалист по интерьеру, парикмахер-модельер
stylize - стилизовать, изображать в традиционном стиле
styling - моделирование, стайлинг, дизайн, стилистическая правка
styled - стилизованный
stylite - пустынник, столпник

Связанные слова: