Noun: сахар сахароза милый душечка
Verb: сахарить подслащивать обсахаривать филонить
Adjective: сахарный


sugar cane - сахарный тростник

sugar chest - мешок сахарного песка

to do without sugar - обходиться без сахара

two spoons of sugar - две ложки сахара

to produce sugar - производить сахар

to refine sugar - очищать, рафинировать сахар

as sweet as sugar - очень милый, очень приятный

sugar-cured belly - свиная грудинка сладкосолёного посола

berry sugar - сахарный песок или сахарная пудра для посыпания ягод

light brown sugar - светло-коричневый сахар

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Have you any sugar? - У вас есть сахар?

I don't take sugar in my coffee. - Я не кладу сахар в кофе. / Я не пью кофе с сахаром.

Did you sugar my coffee? - Вы подсластили мой кофе? / Ты положил мне в кофе сахар?

Would you pass the sugar, please? - Не могли бы вы передать мне сахар, пожалуйста?

Blend the sugar, eggs, and flour. - Соедините сахар, яйца и муку.

Mix the butter and sugar together. - Смешайте сливочное масло с сахаром.

The sugar caramelized. - Сахар карамелизировался.

Black coffee, no sugar, please. - Черный кофе без сахара, пожалуйста.

Do you take sugar in your coffee? - Ты добавляешь в кофе сахар?

Sugar dissolves in water. - Сахар растворяется в воде.

Sugar is soluble in water. - Сахар растворим в воде.

Fill the bowl with sugar. - Наполните миску сахаром.

a quarter of a cup of sugar - четверть стакана сахара

He added two spoons of sugar. - Он добавил две ложки сахара.

How many sugars do you want in your tea? - Сколько сахара положить вам в чай?

He borrowed a cup of sugar. - Он взял взаймы стакан сахара.

Gradually beat in the sugar. - Продолжайте взбивать, постепенно добавляя сахар.

The sugar melted in the tea. - Сахар растворился в чае.

Boil the fruit up with sugar. - Доведите фрукты с сахаром до кипения.

Grind the sugar into a powder. - Разотрите сахар в порошок /пудру/.

Sugar rimmed the dessert plate. - Ободок десертной тарелки был в сахаре.

even amounts of butter and sugar - равное количество масла и сахара

The sugar in the sack shook down. - Сахар в мешке утрамбовался.

Dust the biscuits with icing sugar. - Присыпьте печенье сахарной пудрой.

There's some sugar in the cupboard. - В шкафу /буфете/ есть немного сахара.

such staple items as flour and sugar - такие основные продукты питания, как мука и сахар

Add one cup of sugar to the mixture. - Добавьте к смеси один стакан сахара.

Scoop the sugar out of the container. - Зачерпните сахар из контейнера.

Stir one cup of sugar into the batter. - Размешайте в жидком тесте одну чашку сахара.

Yeast ferments the sugar in the juice. - Дрожжи сбраживают сахар, который содержится в соке.

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Связанные термины:

sugar bag: a small hessian bag occasionally still used, esp in rural areas, as a rough-and-ready measure for dry goods

sugar gum: a small eucalyptus tree, Eucalyptus cladocalyx, having smooth bark and barrel-shaped fruits and grown for timber and ornament . It has sweet-tasting leaves which are often eaten by livestock

sugar pea: a variety of garden pea in which the pod is also edible

sugar pie: an open pie with a brown sugar filling

sugar-tit: cloth tied around a bit of sugar to form a nipplelike pacifier for a baby

beet sugar: the sucrose obtained from sugar beet, identical in composition to cane sugar

blood sugar: the glucose concentration in the blood: the normal fasting value is between 3.9 and 5.6 mmol/ l

brown sugar: sugar that is unrefined or only partially refined

burnt sugar: caramel

cane sugar: the sucrose obtained from sugar cane, which is identical to that obtained from sugar beet

corn sugar: a dextrose made from cornstarch

fruit sugar: → fructose

grape sugar: → glucose

icing sugar: Icing sugar is very fine white sugar that is used for making icing and sweets .

loaf sugar: a large conical mass of hard refined sugar ; sugar loaf

lump sugar: sugar in the form of cubes

malt sugar: → maltose

maple sugar: sugar made from the sap of the sugar maple

milk sugar: → lactose

palm sugar: sugar obtained from the sap of certain species of palm trees

spun sugar: → cotton candy

sugar apple: → sweetsop

sugar basin: a small bowl in which sugar is kept

sugar beet: Sugar beet is a crop with a large round root. It is grown for the sugar which can be obtained from this root.

sugar bird: a South African nectar-eating bird, Promerops cafer, with a long curved bill and long tail : family Meliphagidae ( honey-eaters )

sugar bowl: A sugar bowl is a small bowl in which sugar is kept.

sugar bush: an anacardiaceous evergreen shrub, Rhus ovata, of S California and Arizona, having pale oval leaves, spikes of yellow-tinged red flowers, and deep red fruits

sugar candy: large crystals of sugar formed by suspending strings in a strong sugar solution that hardens on the strings, used chiefly for sweetening coffee

sugar cane: Sugar cane is a tall tropical plant. It is grown for the sugar that can be obtained from its thick stems .

sugar-coat: to coat or cover with sugar

sugar corn: a variety of maize, Zea mays saccharata, whose kernels are rich in sugar and eaten as a vegetable when young

sugar cube: a small cube of sugar, used in cups of tea or coffee

sugar-cured: treated with a pickling preparation of sugar, salt, and nitrate or nitrite, as ham, bacon, etc.

sugar daddy: A woman's sugar daddy is a rich older man who gives her money and presents in return for her company, affection, and usually a sexual relationship .

sugar-free: not containing sugar and usually sweetened with a sugar substitute

sugar loaf: a large conical mass of hard refined sugar

sugar lump: Sugar lumps are small cubes of sugar. You put them in cups of tea and coffee.

sugar maple: a North American maple tree, Acer saccharum, that is grown as a source of sugar, which is extracted from the sap, and for its hard wood

sugar pine: a pine tree, Pinus lambertiana, of California and Oregon, having spreading pendulous branches, light brown cones, and sugary resin

sugar soap: an alkaline compound used for cleaning or stripping paint

sugar tongs: a device consisting of two connected arms that you push together and use for picking up a lump of sugar

wood sugar: → xylose

barley sugar: Barley sugar is a sweet made from boiled sugar.

caster sugar: Caster sugar is white sugar that has been ground into fine grains . It is used in cooking .

castor sugar: finely ground white sugar

invert sugar: a mixture of fructose and glucose obtained by the inversion of sucrose

simple sugar: → monosaccharide

sugar almond: a nut which has been covered with a hard sweet coating

sugar-coated: Sugar-coated food is covered with a sweet substance made of sugar.

sugar factory: a factory which refines sugar from organic sources into a form that can be used in cooking etc

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Однокоренные слова:

sugary - сладкий, сахаристый, приторный, сахарный, льстивый
sugared - засахаренный, подслащенный, с сахаром, засахарившийся, приторный, приукрашенный
sugariness - слащавость, лесть, сахаристость, приторность
sugaring - подслащивание, производство сахара, обсахаривание
sugarless - без сахара, несладкий

Связанные слова: