Noun: лето год балка перекладина
Verb: проводить лето пасти летом


summer dress - летнее платье

fervent summer - жаркое лето

summer games - летние игры

the last of summer - конец лета

summer polar chemistry observations - летние полярные химические наблюдения

prostrate summer cypress - кохия простёртая; прутняк; изень

summer daily-load curve - летний суточный график нагрузки

deciduous summer forest - летнезеленый лес

summer oxygen depletion - истощение запасов растворённого кислорода в водоёме в летний период

depth of summer - разгар лета

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The summer was cold and wet. - Лето было дождливым и холодным.

Summer is going. - Лето проходит.

What a warm, glad summer! - Какое теплое приятное лето!

Here is half the summer past. - Вот и прошла половина лета.

British Summer Time - Британское летнее время

We summered in Kashmir. - Мы провели лето в Кашмире.

The summer's as good as over. - Лето уже считай, что закончилось.

I spent my summer at the beach. - Я провёл лето на пляже.

She has a new summer wardrobe. - У нее есть новый летний гардероб.

Can we go camping again this summer? - Можно мы летом опять пойдём в поход?

the warmth of the summer sun - тепло летнего солнца

the golden summer of his life - золотое лето его жизни

We went berrying in the summer - Летом мы ходили собирать ягоды.

The river ran dry last summer. - Прошлым летом река пересохла.

The birds fly north in summer. - Летом птицы летят на север.

the creek dried up every summer - ручей пересыхал каждое лето

He'll sit his exams next summer. - Он будет сдавать экзамены летом следующего года.

I spent the summer waiting tables. - Я всё лето работал официантом.

Sheep are usually fleeced in summer. - Овец обычно стригут летом.

Parliament's summer recess - летние парламентские каникулы

I can't wait for the summer. - Я не могу ждать лета. / Жду — не дождусь, когда наступит лето.

Summer lengthens into autumn. - Лето постепенно переходит в осень. / За летом наступает осень.

Anna sat her finals last summer. - Прошлым летом Анна сдала выпускные экзамены. (брит.)

summer's bounty of plump tomatoes - летнее изобилие наливных помидоров

The dry summer has hurt the land. - От сухого лета край пострадал.

It was a hot, languid summer day. - Это был жаркий и томный летний день.

the last major event of the summer - последнее крупное событие этого лета

Business is slow during the summer. - Летом дела идут ни шатко ни валко.

Summer time and the living is easy. - Лето, и жизнь легка.

many summer excursions to the shore - многие летние поездки на море

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Связанные термины:

high summer: High summer is the middle of summer.

summer camp: In the United States, a summer camp is a place in the country where parents can pay to send their children during the school summer holidays . The children staying there can take part in many outdoor and social activities.

summer hols: Some people refer to their holidays as their hols .

summer job: a job that a student does in the summer vacation

summer-long: lasting all summer

summer term: the period in a school or university between the Easter and summer vacation

summer time: Summer time is the period of time during which the summer lasts .

summer tree: a large horizontal beam or girder, esp one that supports floor joists

Indian summer: You can refer to a period of unusually warm and sunny weather during the autumn as an Indian summer .

summer house: A summer house is a small building in a garden. It contains seats, and people can sit there in the summer.

summer recess: A recess is a break between the periods of work of an official body such as a committee, a court of law, or a government.

summer resort: a place that many people visit for holidays in summer

summer school: A summer school is an educational course on a particular subject that is run during the summer. The students usually stay at the place where the summer school is being held.

summer sores: a condition of horses in which itchy lesions are caused by infestation of wounds with Habronema larvae from flies

summer squash: a squash that is eaten before the seeds and skin have hardened

summer stock: the production of plays, musical comedy, etc, during the summer, esp. in a suburban or resort area, often by a repertory company

summer clothes: light clothes which are suitable for summer

summer cypress: an annual plant ( Kochia scoparia ) of the goosefoot family, cultivated for its brilliant red or purplish fall foliage

summer holidays: the time when children do not go to school in the summer

summer kitchen: an extra kitchen, usually detached from a house, for use in warm weather

summer pudding: a pudding made by filling a bread-lined basin with a purée of fruit, leaving it to soak, and then turning it out

summer sausage: a type of hard, dried and smoked sausage that does not spoil easily

summer schedule: A schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done.

summer solstice: the time at which the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky ( southernmost point in the S hemisphere ), appearing at noon at its highest altitude above the horizon . It occurs about June 21 ( December 22 in the S hemisphere)

summer theater: a theater that puts on plays or musicals during the summer

summer triangle: a group of three first-magnitude stars (Deneb, Vega, and Altair ) visible during the summer in the N skies

summer visitor: a person, animal or bird who come to a place in summer

summer weather: The weather is the condition of the atmosphere in one area at a particular time, for example if it is raining, hot, or windy .

summer wedding: A wedding is a marriage ceremony and the party or special meal that often takes place after the ceremony.

snow-in-summer: a caryophyllaceous plant, Cerastium tomentosum, of SE Europe and Asia, having white flowers and downy stems and leaves: cultivated as a rock plant

summer internship: An internship is the position held by an intern, or the period of time when someone is an intern.

summer lightning: distant sheet lightning without audible thunder, which typically occurs on a summer evening

summer snowflake: star-of-Bethlehem

an Indian summer: a period of great success late in your life or career, often after a period of not being successful

British Summer Time: British Summer Time is a period in the spring and summer during which the clocks are put forward, so that people can have an extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Saint Luke's summer: a period of unusually warm weather in the autumn

Saint Martin's summer: a period of unusually warm weather in the late autumn, esp early November

Eastern European Summer Time: a summer time used by some countries in Eastern Europe, such as Finland, Romania, etc and also some countries of the Middle East and North Africa

one swallow doesn't make a summer: said to mean that, although something good has happened, the situation may not continue to be good, and you cannot rely on it

kochia: any plant of the widely distributed annual genus Kochia, esp K . Scoparia trichophila, grown for its foliage, which turns dark red in the late summer : family Chenopodiaceae

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Однокоренные слова:

summerly - летний
summery - летний
summerish - летний, теплый

Связанные слова: