Noun: солнце солнечные лучи солнечный свет день
Abbreviation: воскресенье
Verb: загорать греться на солнце греть на солнце выставлять на солнце


blazing sun - ослепительное, жаркое солнце

boiling sun - палящее солнце

the sun's pleasing warmth - приятное тепло солнца

rising sun - восходящее солнце

sun descended over the hill - солнце скрылось за горой

diamond shines in the sun - алмаз сверкает на солнце; алмаз блестит на солнце

dim ball of the sun - тусклый диск солнца

sun disc - солнечный диск

sun's disc - солнечный диск

ice dissolves in the sun - лед тает на солнце

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His sun is rising (is set). - Его звезда восходит (закатилась).

The cat lay basking in the sun. - Кошка нежилась, лёжа на солнышке.

We sat in the sun, eating ice cream. - Мы сидели на солнышке и ели мороженое.

Try to keep out of the sun. - Постарайся поменьше бывать на солнце.

the warmth of the sun's rays - тепло солнечных лучей

The morning sun never lasts a day. - Ничто не вечно под луной.

Let not the sun go down upon your wrath. - Не сердитесь больше одного дня.

People sunned themselves on the hillside. - Люди загорали на склоне холма.

Too much sun is bad for you. - Слишком много солнца вам вредно.

We remained here all day airing and sunning our baggage. - Мы провели здесь весь день, проветривая и просушивая наши вещи.

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. - Дождь уже прекратился, и светит солнце.

They dream of traveling to distant suns. - Они мечтают о путешествиях к далёким звёздам.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. - Солнце встаёт на востоке и садится на западе.

These herbs suffer when sunned. - Солнце эти травы переносят плохо.

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Связанные термины:

sun-up: Sun-up is the time of day when the sun rises.

sun-god: the sun considered as a personal deity

sun hat: A sun hat is a wide-brimmed hat that protects your head from the sun.

sun oil: an oil put on your skin to protect it from the sun

mean sun: an imaginary sun moving along the celestial equator at a constant rate and completing its annual course in the same time as the sun takes to move round the ecliptic at a varying rate. It is used in the measurement of mean solar time

mock sun: one of several bright spots on the parhelic circle or solar halo, caused by the diffraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere, esp around sunset

sun-baked: Sun-baked land or earth has been made hard and dry by the sun shining on it.

sun bath: exposure of the body to sunlight or a sunlamp

sun bear: a small bear, Helarctos malayanus, of tropical forests in S and SE Asia, having a black coat and a yellowish snout and feeding mostly on honey and insects

Sun City: city in SC Arizona : pop. 38,000

sun cream: a chemical, usually in the form of a cream, applied to exposed skin to block out all or almost all of the ultraviolet rays of the sun

sun-cured: cured or preserved by exposure to the sun

sun dance: a Native American ceremony associated with the sun, performed at the summer solstice

sun deck: any open porch, deck, etc. for taking sun baths

sun disc: a disc symbolizing the sun, esp one flanked by two serpents and the extended wings of a vulture, used as a religious figure in ancient Egypt

sun disk: a disk flanked by two serpents and set in a pair of outspread wings: a symbol of the Egyptian sun god, Ra

sun-dried: dried or preserved by exposure to the sun

sun-grebe: any of a gruiform family (Heliornithidae) of shy, long-necked tropical birds living along streams, lakes, etc.

sun index: a measurement of how strong the sun is

Sun King: known as le roi soleil (the Sun King). 1638–1715, king of France (1643–1715); son of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria . Effective ruler from 1661, he established an absolute monarchy . His attempt to establish French supremacy in Europe, waging almost continual wars from 1667 to 1714, ultimately failed . But his reign is regarded as a golden age of French literature and art

sun lamp: A sun lamp is a lamp that produces ultraviolet light . People use sun lamps to make their skin browner.

sun sign: any of the 12 equal areas, 30° wide, into which the zodiac can be divided, named after the 12 zodiacal constellations . In astrology, it is thought that a person's psychological type and attitudes to life can be correlated with the sign in which the sun lay at the moment of his or her birth, with the ascendant sign, and to a lesser extent with the signs in which other planets lay at this time

sun visor: a band with a shade attached to it, which you wear around your head to protect your eyes from the sun

sun bittern: a cranelike bird, Eurypyga helias, of tropical American forests, having a greyish plumage with orange and brown wings: family Eurypygidae, order Gruiformes ( cranes, rails, etc)

sun-filled: filled with light from the sun

sun helmet: a rigid hat worn in tropical climates, mainly in the past

sun-kissed: made warm by the sun

sun letter: any letter, as t ā or sīn, representing a consonant that assimilates the l of a prefixed definite article

sun lotion: a chemical, usually in the form of a cream, applied to exposed skin to block out all or almost all of the ultraviolet rays of the sun

sun lounge: a room with large windows positioned to receive as much sunlight as possible

sun parlor: a sitting room (or an enclosed porch ) with large windows to let sunlight in freely

sun pillar: a halo phenomenon in which a vertical streak of light appears above and below the sun, believed to be caused by the reflection of sunlight by ice crystals with vertical axes

sun-shield: something put over the windscreen of a car to keep the sun out

sun spider: any predatory, scorpionlike arachnid of the order Solifugae (or Solpugida), having enormously developed mouth pincers and a long body covered with tactile hairs, inhabiting deserts and plains regions in all warm parts of the world except Australia

sun-worship: the act of worshipping the sun as a deity

midnight sun: the sun visible at midnight during local summer inside the Arctic and Antarctic circles

sun-drenched: Sun-drenched places have a lot of hot sunshine.

sun exposure: Exposure to something dangerous means being in a situation where it might affect you.

sun umbrella: an umbrella by a chair or table, used for protecting you from the sun

sun-worshipper: someone who worships the sun as a deity

Sun Yat-sen: 1866–1925, Chinese statesman, who was instrumental in the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty and was the first president of the Republic of China (1911). He reorganized the Kuomintang

from sun to sun: from sunrise to sunset

catch the sun: to become slightly sunburnt

shoot the sun: to measure the altitude of the sun in order to determine latitude

under the sun: on earth; at all

Sunbelt: The warmer, sunnier parts of a country or continent, especially the southern United States, are sometimes referred to as the sunbelt .

sunroof: A sunroof is a panel in the roof of a car that opens to let sunshine and air enter the car.

suntan: If you have a suntan, the sun has turned your skin an attractive brown colour.

place in the sun: a prominent or favourable position

sun-dried tomatoes: tomatoes that have been dried or preserved by exposure to the sun

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Однокоренные слова:

sunward - обращенный к солнцу, по направлению к солнцу
sunwards - по направлению к солнцу
sunwise - по часовой стрелке
sunless - без солнца, темный, мрачный, бессолнечный
sunnily - солнечно, радостно, весело
sunnite - суннит, суннит, суннитский

Связанные слова: