Noun: поверхность наружная поверхность внешность внешняя сторона
Adjective: поверхностный внешний надводный
Verb: всплывать отделывать поверхность всплывать на поверхность отесывать


to bear against surface - прилегать к поверхности

circular conical surface - круговая коническая поверхность

surface contour - профиль поверхности

abnormal amount of surface water - повышенный уровень поверхностных вод

to develop a complex surface - развёртывать сложную поверхность

to pave / surface a driveway - мостить дорогу

water surface duty - нагрузка зеркала испарения

evaporation surface - поверхность испарения

rate of evaporation per surface - интенсивность парообразования

generatrix of ruled surface - образующая линейчатой поверхности

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He looks at the surface only. - Он обращает внимание только на внешнюю сторону вещей.

The bowl has a shiny surface. - У этой чаши блестящая поверхность.

The stone broke the surface of the water. - Камень пронзил поверхность воды.

The track is surfaced with cement. - Дорога имеет цементное покрытие.

Work on a clean, flat surface. - Работайте на чистой, ровной поверхности.

Hang onto my arm on this icy surface. - Держись за мою руку, здесь скользко.

The dispute soon surfaced in the press. - Скоро об их полемике заговорили в прессе.

How many surfaces does a cube have? - Сколько граней у куба?

the glassy surface of the lake - зеркальная гладь озера

The whale surfaced and then dove back down. - Кит всплыл на поверхность, а затем нырнул обратно в глубину.

Keep kitchen surfaces clean and tidy. - Держите кухонные поверхности в чистоте и порядке.

71% of the earth's surface is sea. - Поверхность земли на семьдесят один процент покрыта водой.

Dead leaves floated on the surface of the water. - Опавшие листья плавали на поверхности воды.

Age had dulled the surface. - От времени поверхность потускнела.

craters on the moon's surface - кратеры на поверхности Луны

The bugs skated along the surface of the water. - Жуки скользили по поверхности воды.

Fish at the surface of the water are easy prey for eagles. - Рыба на поверхности воды является лёгкой добычей для орлов.

the placid surface of the lake - безмятежная гладь озера

the pitted surface of the bowl - поверхность чаши, вся в мелких щербинках

Green slime covers the surface of the pond. - Поверхность пруда покрыта зелёной тиной.

It's brought to the surface a much wider controversy. - Это выявило гораздо более глубокие противоречия.

the rugged surface of the moon - неровная поверхность Луны

the rippled surface of the pond - рябь на поверхности пруда

ruffle the surface of the water - всколыхнуть поверхность воды

The sun has no distinct surface. - Солнце не имеет отчётливо выраженной поверхности.

the out surface of a ship's hull - внешняя поверхность корпуса судна

smooth the surface of the wood - выровнять поверхность дерева

The surface of wood was rough. - Поверхность древесины была неровной.

the desolate surface of the moon - пустынная поверхность Луны

the lingual surface of the teeth - язычная поверхность зубов

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Связанные термины:

sub-surface: the layer just below the surface of water, the earth, etc

road surface: the surface of the road, often asphalt

ruled surface: a surface that is the locus of all points on a moving straight line, as a plane, cone, etc.

surface area: the total area on the surface of a three-dimensional figure

surface mail: Surface mail is the system of sending letters and parcels by road, rail, or sea, not by air .

surface noise: noise produced by the friction of the needle or stylus of a record player with the rotating record, caused by a static charge, dust, or irregularities on the surface of a record

surface plate: a perforated circular metal plate that can be attached to the headstock of a lathe in order to hold flat or irregularly shaped workpieces

surface water: water found on the surface of the earth (not underground or in the atmosphere ), for example in rivers, seas, lakes, reservoirs, etc

work surface: A work surface is a flat surface, usually in a kitchen, which is easy to clean and on which you can do things such as prepare food.

caustic surface: a surface that envelopes the light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface

control surface: a movable surface, such as a rudder, elevator, aileron, etc, that controls an aircraft or rocket

Riemann surface: a geometric representation of a function of a complex variable in which a multiple-valued function is depicted as a single-valued function on several planes, the planes being connected at some of the points at which the function takes on more than one value

surface-active: (of a substance, esp a detergent ) capable of lowering the surface tension of a liquid, usually water

surface grammar: grammar understood at the level of normal communication, rather than at the underlying level of 'deep' semantic and syntactic analysis

surface tension: a property of liquids caused by intermolecular forces near the surface leading to the apparent presence of a surface film and to capillarity, etc

surface worker: a person who works on or near the ground surface

surface-to-surface: Surface-to-surface missiles are fired from the ground or a boat and aimed at targets on the ground or at other boats.

air-to-surface: launched from an aircraft and directed at a land target

aspherical surface: a lens or mirror surface that does not form part of a sphere and is used to reduce aberrations

granulated surface: a roughened surface

on the surface: to all appearances

specific surface: The specific surface is the ratio of a particle's surface area to its volume or mass .

surface condenser: a steam condenser usually associated with a steam turbine in which the steam is condensed on the surface of tubes through which water is passed

surface structure: a representation of a string of words or morphemes as they occur in a sentence, together with labels and brackets that represent syntactic structure

surface-to-air: Surface-to-air missiles are fired from the ground or a boat and aimed at aircraft or at other missiles.

surface treatment: A surface treatment is a process applied to the surface of a material to make it better in some way, for example by making it more resistant to corrosion or wear.

surface temperature: The temperature of something is a measure of how hot or cold it is.

scratch the surface: If you only scratch the surface of a subject or problem, you find out or do a small amount, but not enough to understand or solve it.

surface acoustic wave: an acoustic wave generated on the surface of a piezoelectric substrate : used as a filter in electronic circuits

surface-active agent: a substance, such as a detergent, that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid and thus allow it to foam or penetrate solids; a wetting agent

surface friction drag: the part of the drag on a body moving through a fluid that is dependent on the nature of the surface of the body

come to the surface: to emerge ; become apparent

scratch the surface of something: to deal with or experience only a small part of something

saw: Saw is the past tense ofsee .

faceplate: a perforated circular metal plate that can be attached to the headstock of a lathe in order to hold flat or irregularly shaped workpieces

surfactant: a substance, such as a detergent, that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid and thus allow it to foam or penetrate solids ; a wetting agent

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Однокоренные слова:

resurface - всплывать на поверхность, перекладывать покрытие дороги, покрывать заново
surfacing - лобовая обточка, подрезка торца, заставлять всплыть
undersurface - существующий или двигающийся под, нижняя поверхность

Связанные слова: