Noun: система устройство комплекс сеть


bucking the system - сопротивляясь системе

a closed circulatory system - замкнутая система циркуляции

conical coordinate system - система конических координат

completely controllable system - полностью управляемая система

disjunctive system - дизъюнктивная система

the monastic system is now effete altogether - монастырская система сейчас совершенно бесплодна

electoral system - избирательная система

more equable system of taxation - более соразмерная система налогообложения

to advocate a multi-party system - быть сторонником многопартийной системы

history of a system - предыстория системы

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You can't beat the system. - Против системы не попрешь.

These pills won't harm your system - Эти таблетки не причинят вам вреда.

The whole system needs reordering. - Вся система нуждается в реорганизации.

The heating system runs on oil. - Система отопления работает с использованием масла. (масляные системы отопления)

European System of Central Banks - Европейская система центральных банков

The new system is too inflexible. - Новая система слишком негибкая.

Unified system - Единая система [EC] ЭВМ (стран бывшего СЭВ)

I don't understand your filing system. - Я не понимаю вашу систему делопроизводства.

We need a better system for handling incoming e-mail. - Нам нужна лучшая система обработки входящей электронной почты.

The system is relatively easy to use. - Эта система относительно проста в использовании.

Tests have proved that the system works. - Испытания доказали, что система работает.

She devised a new filing system. - Она разработала новую систему учёта и хранения документов.

The big advantage of this system is that it is fast. - Большое преимущество этой системы в том, что она быстрая.

Under the present system, we do not have any flexibility. - В рамках нынешней системы у нас нет никакой гибкости.

The immune system may be incompetent. - Иммунная система может быть ослаблена.

The church stereotypes a system of faith. - Церковь развивает стереотипное представление о понятиях веры.

The company innovated a new operating system. - Компания разработала новую операционную систему.

We thought about installing a new phone system. - Мы думали об установке новой телефонной системы.

Would you just explain to us how the system works. - Вы не могли бы объяснить нам, как работает эта система?

This is a cost-effective, high-performance system. - Это экономичная высокопроизводительная система.

The system, though ponderous, works. - Эта система работает, несмотря на свою громоздкость.

The players like the coach's system. - Игрокам понравилась игровая система, предложенная тренером.

The system offers less controllability. - Эта система менее управляема.

The system had conferred great benefits. - Система дала большие прибыли.

The new system has made a huge difference. - Новая система принесла огромную пользу.

The base of our system of numeration is 10. - Мы используем десятеричную систему счисления.

the cost of development of a bespoke system - затраты на разработку системы на заказ

This system has outlasted many of its rivals. - Эта система пережила многих своих противников.

The current system is disadvantageous to women. - Существующая система невыгодна для женщин.

It requires a flexible system of accreditation. - Это требует гибкой системы аккредитации.

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Связанные термины:

PA system: → public-address system

ABO system: a system for classifying human blood on the basis of the presence or absence of two antigens on the red cell membrane : there are four such blood types (A, B, AB, and O )

air system: a system of refrigeration utilizing air as a coolant

CAD system: A CAD system is a computer system for designing parts or products before they are manufactured .

case system: a system followed by some languages, in which a set of grammatical categories, sometimes marked by inflection, indicates the relation of the noun, adjective, or pronoun to other words in the sentence

fuel system: The fuel system in a vehicle is the combination of parts needed to carry fuel into and out of the engine .

HLA system: human leucocyte antigen system; a group of the most important antigens responsible for tissue compatibility, together with the genes that encode them. For tissue and organ transplantation to be successful there needs to be a minimum number of HLA differences between the donor's and recipient's tissue

jury system: a legal system used to determine the facts in a lawsuit

midi system: a complete set of hi-fi sound equipment designed as a single unit that is more compact than the standard equipment

MKSA system: a system of units based on the metre, kilogram, second, and ampere, in which the magnetic constant has the value 4π × 10 –7 henries per metre. It was used as a basis for SI units

mks system: The mks system is the metric system in which the meter, kilogram, and the second are the fundamental units.

open system: an operating system that is not specific to a particular supplier, but conforms to more widely compatible standards

star system: a group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws

system disk: the disk from which a computer boots up

tax system: A system is a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules . You can use system to refer to an organization or institution that is organized in this way.

the system: society seen as an environment exploiting, restricting, and repressing individuals

wall system: a modular system of shelves, some of which may be enclosed by doors, either mounted on a wall or arranged in freestanding units, for holding books, bric-a-brac, etc., and sometimes including such features as a drop-leaf desk or specially designed storage space, as to accommodate electronic equipment

alarm system: a set of electronic devices that trigger an alarm

audio system: integrated equipment for producing amplified sound, as in a hi-fi or a mobile disco, or as a public-address system on stage

Bedaux system: a system of payment for work on the basis of the number of points of work done in a given amount of time, each point representing one minute of work on a given job at a normal rate of speed

belief system: The belief system of a person or society is the set of beliefs that they have about what is right and wrong and what is true and false .

block system: the system whereby a railway is divided up into separate sections of track where only one train can travel at a time

buddy system: the practice of pairing swimmers, each being responsible for the other's safety

caste system: the division of Hindu society into four major hereditary classes

class system: a system in which social status is largely determined by the family into which a person is born

expert system: a computer program that can offer intelligent advice or make intelligent decisions using rule-based programs

feudal system: → feudalism

fixed system: a system of solmization which assigns the names ut (or do ), re, mi, fa, sol, la, si (or ti ) to the degrees of the major scale of C

formal system: an uninterpreted symbolic system whose syntax is precisely defined, and on which a relation of deducibility is defined in purely syntactic terms; a logistic system

Giorgi system: a system of units based on the metre, kilogram, second, and ampere, in which the magnetic constant has the value 4π × 10 –7 henries per metre. It was used as a basis for SI units

honor system: in some schools, prisons, etc., a system whereby individuals are trusted to obey the rules, do their work, take tests, etc. without direct supervision

hybrid system: a way of working, organizing, or doing something that is composed of elements of two separate systems

immune system: Your immune system consists of all the organs and processes in your body which protect you from illness and infection .

legal system: the set of laws of a country and the ways in which they are interpreted and enforced

limbic system: the part of the brain bordering on the corpus callosum: concerned with basic emotion, hunger, and sex

lymph system: Anatomy See lymphatic system

merit system: the system of employing and promoting civil servants solely on the basis of ability rather than patronage

metric system: The metric system is the system of measurement that uses metres, grams, and litres .

plenum system: a type of air-conditioning system in which air is passed into a room at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure

points system: a system used to assess applicants ' eligibility for local authority housing, based on (points awarded for) such factors as the length of time the applicant has lived in the area, how many children are in the family, etc

point system: a system of measurement using the point as its unit

quota system: a system which limits or prescribes certain shares, or quotas, etc

school system: all the schools and support services under the jurisdiction of a board of education

solar system: The solar system is the sun and all the planets that go round it.

sound system: A sound system is a set of equipment for playing recorded music, or for making a band's music able to be heard by everyone at a concert .

spoils system: the practice of filling appointive public offices with friends and supporters of the ruling political party

stereo system: a system for recording, reproducing, or broadcasting sound using two or more separate microphones to feed two or more loudspeakers through separate channels in order to give a spatial effect to the sound

system error: An error is something you have done which is considered to be incorrect or wrong, or which should not have been done.

touch system: a typing system in which the fingers are trained to find the correct keys, permitting the typist to read and type copy without looking at the keyboard

track system: the practice of placing students into different classes within a school according to test scores or relative academic ability, to assure that gifted students are not inhibited by slower learners

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Однокоренные слова:

systemic - систематический, соматический, относящийся ко всему организму
systemless - бессистемный
systemize - систематизировать, приводить в порядок

Связанные слова: