Verb: говорить рассказывать сообщать указывать


to tell circumstantially - рассказывать со всеми подробностями

to tell smth. in confidence - сказать что-л. по секрету

to tell / utter a falsehood - говорить неправду, обманывать

to show / tell the hour - показывать время

to crack / tell a joke - пошутить

to narrate / tell a story - рассказывать историю

to narrate / tell a tale - рассказать сказку

to tell tales - сплетничать

tell apart - понимать разницу; понять разницу; разделять

tell two things apart - различать две вещи

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I promise not to tell anyone. - Я обещаю никому не рассказывать.

He told us the story. - Он рассказал нам эту историю.

They told us to wait. - Они приказали нам ждать. / Нам велели подождать.

Tell me what is bothering you. - Скажите мне, что вас беспокоит.

She never told her love. - Она никогда не говорила вслух о своей любви.

They did not do it, I tell you. - Они не делали этого, уверяю вас.

If you hit me, I'll tell. - Если ударишь меня, я расскажу.

Tell me your phone number again. - Повтори-ка мне ещё раз свой номер.

I was going to tell father on him. - Я собиралась пожаловаться на него отцу.

I can't tell you because it's a secret. - Я не могу тебе рассказать, потому что это секрет.

I'll tell you all about it when I get back. - Я всё тебе расскажу, когда вернусь.

He was telling on all his former colleague. - Он доносил на всех бывших коллег.

How can you tell a fake Vuitton handbag from the real thing? - Как отличить поддельную сумку Louis Vuitton от настоящей?

I thought I told you not to touch anything! - Я, кажется, говорил тебе ничего не трогать!

Tell me straight, Adam. Just answer yes or no. - Скажи мне прямо, Адам. Просто ответь: "да" или "нет".

She told us some funny stories about her sister. - Она рассказала нам несколько забавных историй о своей сестре.

I told you it was a waste of time talking to him. - Я же вас предупреждал: с ним разговаривать — только время терять.

Can you tell the difference between sparkling wine and champagne? - Вы можете отличить игристое вино от шампанского?

He could think one thing, and tell another. - Он мог думать одно, а говорить другое.

It's hard to tell how long the job will take. - Трудно сказать, как долго займёт эта работа.

I tell you that man is a crook! - Говорю тебе, этот человек — мошенник!

My mother told me not to trust Robert. - Мать велела мне не доверять Роберту .

Sheppard was telling the truth. - Шеппард говорил правду.

Jack had to go, but he didn't tell me why. - Джеку пришлось уйти, но из-за чего — он мне не сказал.

You could tell a mile off that he was lying. - За версту было видно, что он лжёт.

Stop trying to tell me what to do all the time. - Прекрати свои попытки мне всё время указывать.

What do these fossils tell us about climate change? - Что эти окаменелости говорят нам об изменении климата?

Please tell us your name and occupation. - Пожалуйста, назовите нам своё имя и род занятий.

No one had told them about the drug's side effects. - Никто не сказал им о побочных эффектах этого препарата.

She might have been lying. Benjy couldn't tell. - Может, она и врёт — Бенджи не смог определить, так это или нет.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

tell on: If you tell on someone, you give information about them to a person in authority, especially if they have done something wrong .

do tell!: is that a fact ?

hear tell: to be told (about); learn (of)

tell-all: designating or of a book, magazine article, interview, etc., esp. an autobiographical one, that reveals personal, often scandalous, information

tell off: If you tell someone off, you speak to them angrily or seriously because they have done something wrong .

tell-tale: Something that is described as telltale gives away information, often about something bad that would otherwise not be noticed .

tell apart: If you can tell people or things apart, you are able to recognize the differences between them and can therefore identify each of them.

tell tales: If someone tells tales about you, they tell other people things about you which are untrue or which you wanted to be kept secret .

tell against: If a feature or characteristic tells against someone, it spoils their chance of success when they are being considered for something, for example a job.

William Tell: in Swiss legend, a hero in the fight for independence from Austria, forced, on pain of death, to shoot an apple off his son's head with bow and arrow

tell a tale: to reveal something important

I tell a lie: People sometimes say ' I tell a lie ' when they have just made a mistake in something that they are saying and immediately correct it.

kiss-and-tell: If someone who has had a love affair with a famous person tells the story of that affair in public, for example in a newspaper or book, you can refer to this as a kiss-and-tell story.

show and tell: an elementary-school activity in which a student brings in an object of interest, shows it to the class, and talks about it

Tell el Amarna: a group of ruins and rock tombs in Upper Egypt, on the Nile below Asyut : site of the capital of Amenhotep IV, built about 1375 bc ; excavated from 1891 onwards

tell the time: to read the time from a clock

tell you what: You say ' Tell you what ' to introduce a suggestion or offer .

time will tell: If you say that time will tell whether something is true or correct, you mean that it will not be known until some time in the future whether it is true or correct.

can't tell apart: If you can't tell two people or things apart, they look exactly the same to you.

tell an inquest: When an inquest is held, a public official hears evidence about someone's death in order to find out the cause.

tell your fortune: When someone tells your fortune, they tell you what they think will happen to you in the future, which they say is shown, for example, by the lines on your hand .

to tell the time: If a child can tell the time, they are able to find out what the time is by looking at a clock or watch .

tell its own tale: to be self-evident

you never can tell: If you say ' You never can tell ', you mean that the future is always uncertain and it is never possible to know exactly what will happen .

tell someone's fortune: to profess to tell what is going to happen in someone's life, as by palmistry, cards, etc.

dead men tell no tales: said to mean that someone who is dead cannot reveal the truth about what caused their death

live to tell the tale: If you survive a dangerous or frightening experience and so are able to tell people about it afterwards, you can say that you lived to tell the tale .

tell it to the marines: an expression of disbelief

to tell you the truth: You say to tell you the truth or truth to tell in order to indicate that you are telling someone something in an open and honest way, without trying to hide anything.

can't tell chalk from cheese: to be unable to judge or appreciate important differences

say one's beads: to pray with a rosary

I'll tell you what/I tell you what: You use I'll tell you what or I tell you what to introduce a suggestion or a new topic of conversation .

tell someone where to get off: If you tell someone where to get off, you tell them in a rather rude way that you are not going to do or agree to what they want .

I tell you/I can tell you/I can't tell you: You can say ' I tell you ', ' I can tell you ', or ' I can't tell you ' to add emphasis to what you are saying .

as far as one can tell/so far as one can tell: You use as far as I can tell or so far as I could tell to indicate that what you are saying is based on the information you have, but that there may be things you do not know .

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Однокоренные слова:

tell off - отрядить, отбирать, отсчитывать, выругать, производить строевой расчет, отделать
tell on - доносить, ябедничать
tell over - пересчитывать

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