Pronoun: их им


the daddy of them all - наилучший представитель

many of them - многие из них

to take things as one finds them - принимать вещи такими, какие они есть

both of them - они оба

to wave in / a farewell, to wave goodbye to them, to wave them goodbye - помахать им рукой на прощание

a fear of averting them from the Christian faith - страх того, что их отвратят от христианской веры

there were four of them - их было четверо

there were fourteen of them - их было четырнадцать

he is as stupid as they make them - он набитый дурак

most of them - большинство из них

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It's them. - Это они.

They took their dog with them. - Они взяли с собой собаку.

If anyone phones, tell them I'll be back later. - Если кто-то позвонит, скажите им, что я вернусь позже.

The police were very helpful when I spoke to them. - Полицейские, когда я к ним обратился, были рады мне помочь.

Has anyone seen my keys? I can't find them anywhere. - Кто-нибудь видел мои ключи? Я не могу их нигде найти.

I lent him several books, but he hasn't read any of them. - Я одолжил ему несколько книг, но он ещё не прочёл ни одной из них.

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Связанные термины:

head them: to toss the coins in a game of two-up

give them heaps: to contend strenuously with an opposing sporting team

knock them/'em dead: To knock them dead means to impress people a great deal, especially with your appearance.

good for you/him/her/them: People say ' Good for you ' to express approval of your actions.

If you can't beat them, join them.: If you can't beat them, join them means that, if someone is too strong for you to defeat, it is better to be on the same side as them.

hang it (or them or 'em) up: to retire or quit

the world owes them a living the world owes someone a living: If you say that someone thinks that the world owes them a living, you are criticizing them because they think it is their right to have a comfortable life without having to make any effort at all.

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