Noun: терапия лечение


physical therapy - физиотерапия

drug therapy - лекарственная терапия

music therapy - музыкальная терапия

to be in therapy - проходить курс лечения у психотерапевта

vaccine therapy - вакцинотерапия

convulsive shock therapy - электросудорожная/электроконвульсивная терапия; электрошок

electric convulsive therapy - лечебный электрошок

definitive therapy - радикальные методы лечения; радикальная терапия

depot therapy - лечение препаратами пролонгированного действия

therapy dose - терапевтическая доза; лечебная доза

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Talking over my problem with you has been good therapy. - Разговор о моей проблеме с тобой, был хорошей терапией.

massage therapy as an adjunct treatment - массажная терапия в качестве дополнения к лечению

Rob was in therapy for several years. - Роб несколько лет ходил к психоаналитику.

We tried every imaginable therapy. - Мы перепробовали все мыслимые терапии /варианты лечения/.

Writing was a form of therapy for him. - Для него писательство было своего рода терапией.

Hormon replacement therapy is very important and should be instituted early. - Гормонозаместительная терапия очень важна, и её следует начинать как можно раньше.

He is undergoing cancer therapy. - Он проходит курс лечения от рака.

Heat therapy gave the best relief. - Наибольшее облегчение принесла термотерапия /теплолечение/.

The drug therapy has not succeeded. - Медикаментозная терапия не удалась.

The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy. - Агрессивная терапия подействовала на раковую опухоль.

Her condition is not responsive to drug therapy. - Её заболевание не поддаётся медикаментозной терапии.

therapy to prevent the leg muscles from atrophying - терапия для предотвращения атрофии мышц ног

Counselling was given as a primary therapy for depression. - В качестве первичной терапии при депрессии предоставлялась психологическая помощь.

After years of therapy, he has finally achieved an inner peace. - После нескольких лет лечения, он, наконец, достиг внутреннего спокойствия.

Her health insurance will cover 12 one-hour sessions of therapy per year. - Её медицинской страховки хватит на компенсацию двенадцати часовых сеансов терапии в год.

The doctor prescribed three months of physical therapy for my leg injury. - Врач назначил три месяца физической терапии для моей травмы ноги.

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Связанные термины:

sex therapy: treatment by counselling, behaviour modification, etc, for psychosexual and physical problems in sexual intercourse

deep therapy: radiotherapy with very penetrating short-wave radiation

fever therapy: a former method of treating disease by raising the body temperature

gene therapy: Gene therapy is the use of genetic material to treat disease.

group therapy: Group therapy is a form of psychiatric treatment in which a group of people discuss their problems with each other.

light therapy: therapeutic exposure to full-spectrum artificial light that simulates sunlight, used to treat various conditions, as seasonal affective disorder

play therapy: a form of psychotherapy used chiefly with children, in which patients act out situations in play that are expressive of their emotional problems, conflicts, etc

shock therapy: You can refer to the use of extreme policies or actions to solve a particular problem quickly as shock therapy .

zone therapy: a type of massage which works on the theory that specific parts of the foot or palm of the hand are associated with different parts of the body, and that massaging the feet or hands will give the patient relief from disorders in the related part of the body

couples therapy: a counseling procedure that attempts to improve the adaptation and adjustment of two people who are in a relationship

family therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which the members of a family participate, with the aim of improving communications between them and the ways in which they relate to each other

larval therapy: the use of maggots that feed on dead tissue to assist in the healing of serious wounds . An ancient practice, it has been revived in rare cases in which healing is hampered by the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

marital therapy: a psychotherapeutic treatment for married couples, who are seen by a therapist both individually and jointly to assist them in resolving various problems related to their marriage

primal therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which patients are encouraged to scream abusively about their parents and agonizingly about their own suffering in infancy

proton therapy: a form of radiotherapy in which the particles used are protons

radium therapy: treatment of disease, esp cancer, by exposing affected tissues to radiation from radium

retail therapy: Retail therapy is the activity of shopping for clothes and other things in order to make yourself feel happier .

scream therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which patients are encouraged to scream abusively about their parents and agonizingly about their own suffering in infancy

speech therapy: Speech therapy is the treatment of people who have speech and language problems .

therapy session: A session of a particular activity is a period of that activity.

autogenic therapy: a technique for reducing stress through mental exercises to produce physical relaxation

aversion therapy: a method of suppressing an undesirable habit, such as excessive smoking, by causing the subject to associate an unpleasant effect, such as an electric shock or nausea, with the habit

behavior therapy: therapy employing behavior modification

behaviour therapy: any of various means of treating psychological disorders, such as desensitization, aversion therapy, and instrumental conditioning, that depend on the patient systematically learning new modes of behaviour

biological therapy: → biotherapy

cognitive therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which the patient is encouraged to change the way he or she sees the world and himself or herself: used particularly to treat depression

physical therapy: Physical therapy is the same as → physiotherapy .

radiation therapy: the emission or transfer of radiant energy as particles, electromagnetic waves, sound, etc

supportive therapy: any treatment, such as the intravenous administration of certain fluids, designed to reinforce or sustain the physiological well-being of a patient

X-ray therapy: the therapeutic use of X-rays

combination therapy: a therapy that combines two or more drugs, or two or more treatments

craniosacral therapy: a form of therapy for various disorders in which the therapist manipulates the bones of the skull

diversional therapy: the structured use of leisure time in recreation and play as a form of or supplement to conventional therapy

electroshock therapy: a form of shock therapy in which electric current is applied to the brain

interpersonal therapy: a type of psychotherapy that focuses on conflicts in one's personal relationships

nondirective therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which the therapist makes no attempt to interpret what the patient says but encourages him or her to develop his or her own attitudes and insights, often by questioning

occupational therapy: Occupational therapy is a method of helping people who have been ill or injured to develop skills or get skills back by giving them certain activities to do.

past life therapy: a form of hypnosis or meditation based on the belief that an individual's present problems are rooted in events that occurred before birth in this life

recreational therapy: therapy by means of recreational activities engaged in by the patient

root-canal therapy: a procedure, used for treating an abscess at the tip of the root of a tooth, in which the pulp is removed and a filling ( root filling ) inserted in the root canal

electroconvulsive therapy: the treatment of certain psychotic conditions by passing an electric current through the brain to induce coma or convulsions

primal scream therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which patients are encouraged to scream abusively about their parents and agonizingly about their own suffering in infancy

client-centred therapy: a form of psychotherapy in which the therapist makes no attempt to interpret what the patient says but encourages him or her to develop his or her own attitudes and insights, often by questioning

hormone replacement therapy: If a woman has hormone replacement therapy, she takes the hormone oestrogen, usually in order to control the symptoms of the menopause . The abbreviation → HRT is often used.

triple combination therapy: treatment with three different drugs

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Однокоренные слова:

chemotherapy - химиотерапия
electrotherapy - электротерапия
heliotherapy - гелиотерапия, солнцелечение
organotherapy - органотерапия
phototherapy - светолечение
physiotherapy - физиотерапия
radiotherapy - радиотерапия, рентгенотерапия
hydrotherapy - гидротерапия, водолечение
therapist - терапевт
radio-therapy - радиотерапия, рентгенотерапия, радиолечение

Связанные слова: