Adverb: констукция there is/are там туда здесь
Interjection: надо же так-то вот ну, вот


no one there but me - никто, кроме меня

there is a rumour abroad - ходит слух

there is life in the old dog yet - есть ещё порох в пороховницах

there is evidence that - имеется доказательство что

there is (still) plenty of life left in smth. / smb. - что-то (кого-то) ещё рано списывать со счетов

there is nothing like home - нет места лучше, чем дом

there's no knowing how long it will last - неизвестно, сколько это продлится

there exists such a number - существует такое число

there was food in plenty - запасов пищи было достаточно

there is a great press of work - много неотложной работы

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When will you be there? - Когда вы будете там?

He lives near there. - Он живёт недалеко оттуда.

There!, there! Don't cry! - Ну-ну, не плачь!

I agree with you there. - Вот тут я с вами согласен.

Hey, you there! Watch out! - Эй, вы там! Берегитесь!

That's true. I agree with you there. - Это правда. В этом я с вами согласен.

I drove the kids there. - Я повёз детей туда.

Go to your room and stay there. - Иди в свою комнату и оставайся там.

Who's that man over there? - Кто тот мужчина, вон там?

There! I stained my coat. - Вот досада! Я запачкал свое пальто.

I used to live near there. - Я когда-то жил там поблизости.

The chance was there, but I didn't take it. - Возможность была, но я ею не воспользовался.

You can take it from there. - Дальше справишься сам.

Turn there at the church. - Поверни вон там, у церкви.

She was sitting there a minute ago. - Ещё минуту назад она сидела там.

Hold it right there and don't move. - Стой, где стоишь и не двигайся с места.

What do you see out there? - Что ты там видишь?

It's too far to drive there and back in one day. - За один день туда и обратно не успеть: слишком далеко ехать.

There, what did I tell you? I knew it wouldn't work. - Вот, что я тебе говорил? Я же знал, что это не сработает.

We could go back to my cottage and have lunch there. - Мы могли бы вернуться в ко мне в дом и пообедать там.

Let's stop there and I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow. - Давайте остановимся здесь, а остальное я дорасскажу вам завтра.

Put the package there on the table. - Положите пакет вон туда, на стол.

That person there ought to know the directions to town. - Этот человек точно знает, как добраться до города.

'Why did the system fail?' 'Well, there you've got me — I really don't know.' - — Почему же система дала сбой /не сработала/? — Да, тут ты меня подловил: я понятия не имею.

Hi there, you must be Laura. - Привет, вы, должно быть, Лора.

Scotland? I've always wanted to go there. - Шотландия? Всегда хотел там побывать.

I know there's a mouse under there somewhere. - Я точно знаю, что где-то там, внизу — мышь.

They have lived there for years. - Они прожили там много лет.

There! I've done it! I've resigned. - Есть! Получилось! Наконец-то я уволился.

She got a divorce, but her troubles didn't end there. - Она получила развод, но её беды на этом не закончились.

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Связанные термины:

there's: there is or there has

there there: You say ' there there ' to someone who is very upset, especially a small child, in order to comfort them.

all there: having his or her wits about him or her; of normal intelligence

get there: to succeed

out there: Someone or something that is out-there is very extreme or unusual .

so there: You can add ' so there ' to what you are saying to show that you will not change your mind about a decision you have made, even though the person you are talking to disagrees with you.

over there: Over there means in a place a short distance away from you, or in another country.

there again: You use there again to introduce an extra piece of information which either contradicts what has been said or gives an alternative to it.

put it there: You say ' Put it there! ' to someone when you are asking them to shake hands with you, because you agree with them or want to congratulate them.

there is no: If you say there is no doing a particular thing, you mean that it is very difficult or impossible to do that thing.

there it is: that is the state of affairs

here and there: If something happens here and there, it happens in several different places.

then and there: at that time and in that place; at once

there and then: If something happens there and then or then and there, it happens immediately.

there you are: an expression used when handing a person something requested or desired

hang in (there): to hold steadfast ; persevere

in there pitching: taking part with enthusiasm

(not) all there: (not) in full possession of one's wits ; (not) mentally sound

there's no hurry: If you say to someone ' There's no hurry ' or ' I'm in no hurry ' you are telling them that there is no need for them to do something immediately .

there's no way: If you say there's no way that something will happen, you are emphasizing that you think it will definitely not happen.

there's the rub: said to mean that there is a problem or contradiction which is difficult or impossible to deal with

there you are/go: You say ' there you are ' or ' there you go ' when you are offering something to someone.

there's no telling: You use there's no telling to introduce a statement when you want to say that it is impossible to know what will happen in a situation .

there you go again: Phrases such as there you go again are used to show annoyance at someone who is repeating something that has annoyed you in the past .

been-there done-that: an exclamation expressing familiarity and boredom with a situation, experience, etc

be there for someone: If someone is there for you, they help and support you, especially when you have problems .

don't even go there: said to mean that a topic is considered to be too unpleasant or controversial to be mentioned

there is no knowing: one cannot tell

there's no mistaking: You can say there is no mistaking something when you are emphasizing that you cannot fail to recognize or understand it.

there's nothing like: a general expression of praise

neither here nor there: If you say that something is neither here nor there, you mean that it does not matter because it is not a relevant point.

there is no call for: If you say that there is no call for someone to behave in a particular way, you are criticizing their behaviour, usually because you think it is rude .

there is no comparison: If you say there is no comparison between one thing and another, you mean that you think the first thing is much better than the second, or very different from it.

there is no quick fix: said to mean that there are no simple ways of solving a problem

there is nothing for it: If you say that there is nothing for it but to take a particular action, you mean that it is the only possible course of action that you can take, even though it might be unpleasant .

there's nothing for it: there's no choice ; there's no other course

there's nothing to it: If you say ' There's nothing to it ', ' There's not much to it ', or ' That's all there is to it ', you are emphasizing how simple you think something is.

hang in there/hang on in there: If you tell someone to hang in there or to hang on in there, you are encouraging them to keep trying to do something and not to give up even though it might be difficult .

where there's smoke there's fire: If someone says where there's smoke there's fire, they mean that there are rumors or signs that something is true so it must be at least partly true.

like there's no tomorrow: without thinking about the results of your behaviour

someone is not all there: said to mean that someone is not very intelligent, or that they are slightly mentally ill

there are no flies on me: I am no fool

there'll be hell to pay: If you say there'll be hell to pay, you are emphasizing that there will be serious trouble .

there's no need/no need: You can tell someone that there's no need for them to do something as a way of telling them not to do it or of telling them to stop doing it, for example because it is unnecessary .

it's no use/there's no use: You use expressions such as it's no use, there's no use, and what's the use to indicate that a particular action will not achieve anything.

there are no flies on someone: said to mean that someone is quick to understand a situation and is not easily deceived

there's no smoke without fire where there's smoke there's fire: If someone says there's no smoke without fire or where there's smoke there's fire, they mean that there are rumours or signs that something is true so it must be at least partly true.

there is no holding him or her: he or she is so spirited or resolute that they cannot be restrained

there isn't room to swing a cat: said to mean that a place is very small and has very little space

there's no accounting for taste: said to mean that you think that what someone likes is unpleasant or strange

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