Adjective: толстый густой плотный жирный
Adverb: густо плотно часто хрипло
Noun: пекло гуща разгар тупица


heavy / incomprehensible / thick brogue - сильный акцент

a large coloured map on thick paper - большая цветная карта на толстой бумаге

thick deposit of mud - толстый слой ила

heavy / strong / thick accent - сильный акцент

thick fleshy leaves - толстые мясистые листья

dense / heavy / thick fog - густой туман

dense / thick forest - густой лес

heavy / thick line - толстая линия

thick lips - толстые губы

thick sheet - толстый лист

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I sliced the bread thick. - Я нарезал хлеб толстыми ломтями.

The paint is too thick. - Краска слишком густая.

Then fell thick rain. - Потом пошел сильный (сплошной стеной) дождь.

She's sort of thick. - Она туго соображает. / Она туповата.

Doubts came thick upon him. - Его одолевали сомнения.

Whip the cream until thick. - Взбейте сливки до загустения.

She has thick, curly hair. - У неё густые, вьющиеся волосы.

The dog has a thick, coarse coat. - У этой собаки толстая, грубая шерсть.

A very dull, dark thick morning. - Очень хмурое, тёмное, туманное утро.

The dog has a thick coat. - У этой собаки густая шерсть.

The top was thick with dust. - Крышка была покрыта густым слоем пыли.

We got lost in the thick fog. - Мы заблудились в этом густом тумане.

He has a thick head of hair. - У него густая копна волос.

He was quite thick with his pastor. - Он был довольно искренен (в беседах) со своим духовным наставником.

Her thick black hair cascaded down below her waist. - Ее густые черные волосы ниспадали ниже ее талии.

A thick mist hung over the town. - Над городом висел густой туман.

He cut the loaf into thick slices. - Он порезал хлеб толстыми ломтями.

Thick forest stood on either hand. - По обе стороны стоял дремучий лес.

She swept her thick hair aside. - Она поправила рукой свои густые волосы.

Bill's voice was thick and gruff. - Голос Билла был грубым и хриплым.

The chimney exhales a thick smoke. - Из трубы идёт густой дым.

The beer had a thick head of foam. - Пиво было с густой шапкой пены.

The thick snow falls on her flake by flake. (A. Tennyson) - Густой снег падал на нее снежинка за снежинкой.

The log was 12 inches thick. - Бревно было двенадцать дюймов в толщину.

He spoke with a thick tongue. - Он говорил невнятно, с трудом ворочая языком.

The cream was thick and yellowy. - Сливки были густые, с желтизной.

Thick woods covered their retreat. - Густые леса прикрыли их отступление.

Thick black smoke poured out of the car. - Из машины валил густой чёрный дым.

Sunlight percolated through the thick leaves. - Через густую листву пробивался солнечный свет.

a thick growth of underbrush - густые заросли мелколесья

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Связанные термины:

the thick: the busiest or most intense part

thick ear: a blow on the ear delivered as punishment, in anger, etc

thick fog: When there is fog, there are tiny drops of water in the air which form a thick cloud and make it difficult to see things.

thick cloud: A cloud is a mass of water vapour that floats in the sky . Clouds are usually white or grey in colour.

thick-knee: any of several brownish shore birds of the family Burhinidae, esp Burhinus oedicnemus, having a large head and eyes : order Charadriiformes

thick-knit: knitted from thick yarn

thick skin: an insensitive nature

thick snow: Snow consists of a lot of soft white bits of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather .

thick socks: Socks are pieces of clothing which cover your foot and ankle and are worn inside shoes .

thick client: a computer having its own hard drive, as opposed to one on a network where most functions are carried out on a central server

thick forest: A forest is a large area where trees grow close together.

thick-lipped: having thick lips

thick-skinned: If you say that someone is thick-skinned, you mean that they are not easily upset by criticism or unpleasantness.

thick-skulled: stupid or obtuse

thick-witted: lacking in intelligence

a bit thick: unfair or excessive

a thick ear: a blow on the ear delivered as punishment, in anger, etc

a thick skin: If you say that someone has a thick skin, you mean that they are able to listen to criticism about themselves without becoming offended .

thick and fast: If things happen thick and fast, they happen very quickly and in large numbers .

thick as mince: very stupid

in the thick of: If you are in the thick of an activity or situation, you are very involved in it.

lay it on thick: to exaggerate something such as a statement, an experience, or an emotion, in order to impress people

thick as thieves: if two or more people are as thick as thieves, they are very friendly with each other

thickset: Someone who is thickset is broad and heavy, with a solid-looking body.

have a thick skin: to be insensitive (or acutely sensitive ) to blame, criticism, insults, etc.

lay it on (thick): to exaggerate

in the thick of it: deeply involved in a particular activity or situation

be thick on the ground: to be plentiful

through thick and thin: If you do something through thick and thin, you do it although the conditions or circumstances are very bad.

the atmosphere is thick with: The atmosphere of a place is the general impression that you get of it.

thick as two short planks: very stupid

to give somebody a thick ear: to hit someone on the ear or head

do something through thick and thin: to continue doing something even when the situation makes it very difficult for you

stone curlew: any of several brownish shore birds of the family Burhinidae, esp Burhinus oedicnemus, having a large head and eyes : order Charadriiformes

to lay it on thick to lay it on: If someone is laying it on thick or is laying it on, they are exaggerating a statement, experience, or emotion in order to try to impress people.

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Однокоренные слова:

thicken - сгущать, сгущаться, утолщать, утолщаться, сгустить, сгуститься, уплотнять
thickly - густо, хрипло, обильно, заплетающимся языком, часто, неясно
thickness - толщина, плотность, толща, слой, утолщение, густота, обилие, косноязычие, тупоумие
thickish - довольно толстый, толстоватый, густоватый

Связанные слова: