Adjective: немногочисленный тонкий худой худощавый
Adverb: тонко
Verb: редеть худеть разжижаться разжижать


thin dangling locks - тонкие свисающие локоны

thin file - тонкая папка

to melt / vanish into thin air - скрыться из виду, бесследно исчезнуть

fine / thin line - тонкая линия

thin lips - тонкие губы

to thin a paint (with) - разбавлять краску

thin parenthetic legs - тонкие кривые ноги

one's patience wears thin - чьё-л. терпение истощается

thin paper - тонкая бумага

thin fluid - легкоподвижная жидкость

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Her face thinned down. - Её лицо похудело.

Don't cut the bread so thin. - Не режь хлеб так тонко.

He has long thin hands. - У него длинные тонкие руки.

My patience is wearing thin. - Моему терпению приходит конец.

Thin the sauce by adding milk. - Разбавьте соус, добавив молока.

He was tall and thin, with short brown hair. - Он был высокий и худой, с короткими каштановыми волосами.

His jeans have worn thin at the knees. - Его джинсы износились в коленях.

My patience wears half thin. - Моему терпению уже почти настал предел.

Traffic was finally thinning. - Машин на дороге наконец-то стало меньше.

The clouds had begun to thin. - Облака начали редеть.

her fingers were long and thin - её пальцы были длинными и тонкими

He likes pizza with thin crust. - Он любит пиццу с тонкой корочкой.

She sliced the cheese thin. - Она тонко нарезала сыр.

The haze thinned in the late afternoon. - Туман немного рассеялся в конце дня.

In those altitudes the air is thin. - На этих высотах воздух разрежён.

His thin voice trailed off. - Его тонкий голос задрожал и затих.

The ice seemed frighteningly thin. - Лед казался пугающе тонким.

Over the body lay a thin white sheet. - Тело лежало под тонкой белой простынёй.

The pastels can be thinned with water. - Пастельные краски можно разводить водой.

His already thin patience was stretched. - Его и без того недолгое терпение было на пределе.

No smile ever played upon her thin lips. - На её тонких губах никогда не играла улыбка.

You're too thin, you need some meat on your bones. - Ты слишком худой, тебе нужно нарастить мясо на костях.

Then, families stuck together through thick and thin. - В итоге семьи остаются вместе несмотря ни на что.

The crowd had thinned out and only a few people were left. - Толпа уже поредела, и остались лишь немногие люди.

a thin line across the page - тонкая линия поперёк страницы

The dog was pitifully thin. - Собака была ужасающе худой.

the frailty of her thin body - хрупкость её худенького тела

a thin face with a waxy paleness - тонкое и бледное, словно воск, лицо

Cut the carrots into thin strips. - Нарежьте морковь тонкой соломкой.

The wall was thin, almost pellucid. - Стена была тонкой, почти прозрачной.

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Связанные термины:

thin air: If someone or something disappears into thin air, they disappear completely. If someone or something appears out of thin air, they appear suddenly and mysteriously.

thin-film: (of an electronic component, device, or circuit ) composed of one or more extremely thin layers of metal, semiconductor, etc, deposited on a ceramic or glass substrate

thin skin: a sensitive nature

wear thin: If your patience or temper is wearing thin, you are becoming annoyed and are likely to get angry soon .

paper-thin: If something is paper-thin, it is very thin.

razor-thin: A razor-thin majority or profit is a very small one.

thin client: a computer on a network where most functions are carried out on a central server

thin-lipped: having mean-looking thin lips

thin margin: A margin is the difference between two amounts, especially the difference in the number of votes or points between the winner and the loser in an election or other contest .

wafer-thin: Wafer-thin means extremely thin and flat.

thin-skinned: If you say that someone is thin-skinned, you mean that they are easily upset by criticism or unpleasantness.

wearing thin: If someone's patience, for example, is wearing thin, they are beginning to become impatient or angry with someone.

a thin skin: a tendency to be easily upset by criticism

on thin ice: If you say that someone is on thin ice or is skating on thin ice, you mean that they are doing something risky which may have serious or unpleasant consequences .

into thin air: leaving no trace behind

out of thin air: if something appears out of thin air, it appears suddenly and unexpectedly

thin as a rake: extremely thin

skate on thin ice: to get into a difficult situation which may have serious or unpleasant consequences

spread oneself thin: to try to do too many things at once

thin on the ground: If people or things of a particular kind are thin on the ground, there are very few of them.

be thin on the ground: to be rare

disappear into thin air: to disappear completely

spread yourself too thin: to try to do a lot of different things at the same time, with the result that you cannot do any of them properly

thin end of the wedge: anything unimportant in itself that implies the start of something much larger

thin-layer chromatography: a form of chromatography in which components of a liquid mixture are separated by means of a thin layer of adsorbent material coated on a glass, plastic, or foil sheet

through thick and thin: If you do something through thick and thin, you do it although the conditions or circumstances are very bad.

the thin end of the wedge: If you say that something is the thin end of the wedge, you mean that it appears to be unimportant at the moment, but that it is the beginning of a bigger, more harmful development.

have a thick skin: to be insensitive (or acutely sensitive ) to blame, criticism, insults, etc.

into thin air/out of thin air thin air: If someone or something disappears into thin air, they disappear completely. If someone or something appears out of thin air, they appear suddenly and mysteriously.

do something through thick and thin: to continue doing something even when the situation makes it very difficult for you

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Однокоренные слова:

thin away - делать тоньше, делаться тоньше, худеть
thin down - худеть, заострять, заостряться
thin off - стачивать, заострять
thin out - редеть, прореживать, пустеть, рассеиваться

Связанные слова: