Verb: думать считать мыслить полагать
Noun: мысль размышление


to concoct / think up a scheme - придумать план, проект

to think oneself something, to think something of oneself - быть высокого мнения о себе

to think the matter over - обдумать вопрос, обдумать проблему

to think twice before doing smth. - подумать дважды, прежде чем сделать что-л.

to think aloud / out loud - думать, размышлять вслух

to think fit / good - счесть возможным, уместным

to think badly of smb. - быть дурного мнения о ком-л.

to think of smb. as one's superior - считать кого-л. выше себя

to think of marrying - собираться жениться

to think no end of smb. - очень высоко ценить кого-л.

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Do you really think so? - Вы действительно так думаете?

I'll think about it. - Я подумаю об этом.

I must have a think. - Мне надо подумать

I cannot think what he means. - Не могу понять, что он хочет сказать.

I can't think of his name. - Не могу припомнить его имени.

I think no harm in it. - Я не вижу в этом ничего плохого. / Мне кажется, в этом нет ничего плохого.

I think he is very smart. - Я думаю, что он очень умён.

What are you thinking about? - О чём вы думаете?

I cannot think of the right word. - Не могу придумать подходящего слова.

I thought it best to call first. - Я подумал, что лучше сперва позвонить.

He thinks of himself as a poet. - Он считает себя поэтом.

I need to give it a good think. - Мне нужно это хорошенько обдумать.

Can you think what to do next? - Как по-твоему, что делать дальше?

What do you think of this singer? - Что ты думаешь об этом певце?

I think how we were once friends. - Я вспоминаю о том, как мы когда-то дружили.

I thought I heard something. - Мне показалось, что я что-то услышал.

We may finish sooner than you think. - Мы можем закончить раньше, чем вы думаете.

He never thinks to ask how we do. - Он никогда не помнит о том, что нужно поинтересоваться, как дела.

I didn't think much of the new car. - Новая машина мне не очень-то понравилась.

What do you think of your new school? - Что ты думаешь о новой школе? / Как тебе новая школа?

'I don't care!' she thought to herself. - "А мне наплевать!" — подумала она про себя.

I don't know what to think about new director. - Я пока не составил себе мнения о новом директоре.

Am I right in thinking that you have a brother? - У тебя, по-моему, есть брат — я прав или нет?

I can't think how you did it. - Не могу себе представить, как вы это сделали.

I think that he is her boyfriend. - По-моему, он её парень.

Do you think I should call him? - Вы думаете, я должна ему позвонить?

You've got another think coming. - Тебе придётся ещё раз подумать.

'How strange!' he thought. - "Как странно!" — подумал он.

I dread to think how he will react. - Мне страшно подумать о том, как он будет реагировать.

We didn't think we'd have any trouble. - Мы и не предполагали, что у нас возникнут какие-либо проблемы.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

I think: You use ' I think ' as a way of being polite when you are explaining or suggesting to someone what you want to do, or when you are accepting or refusing an offer .

think fit: to regard as proper or appropriate

think out: If you think something out, you consider all the aspects and details of it before doing anything or making a decision .

think up: If you think something up, for example an idea or plan, you invent it using mental effort .

just think: You say just think when you feel excited, fascinated, or shocked by something, and you want the person to whom you are talking to feel the same.

think again: If you think again about an action or decision, you consider it very carefully, often with the result that you change your mind and decide to do things differently.

think aloud: If you think aloud, you express your thoughts as they occur to you, rather than thinking first and then speaking .

think back: If you think back, you make an effort to remember things that happened to you in the past .

think over: If you think something over, you consider it carefully before making a decision .

think piece: A think piece is an article in a newspaper or magazine that discusses a particular subject in a serious and thoughtful way .

think tank: A think-tank is a group of experts who are gathered together by an organization, especially by a government, in order to consider various problems and try and work out ways to solve them.

think twice: to consider carefully before deciding (about something)

double-think: illogical or deliberately perverse thinking in terms that distort or reverse the truth to make it more acceptable

think through: If you think a situation through, you consider it thoroughly, together with all its possible effects or consequences .

to think big: If you think big, you make plans on a large scale, often using a lot of time, effort, or money .

dread to think: If you say that you dread to think what might happen, you mean that you are anxious about it because it is likely to be very unpleasant .

I don't think: a phrase added to an ironical statement

think less of: to have a lower opinion of

think more of: to have a higher opinion of

think much of: to have a high opinion of

think out loud: to speak one's thoughts as they occur

to think twice: If you think twice about doing something, you consider it again and decide not to do it, or decide to do it differently.

think better of: to change one's course of action after reconsideration

think little of: to have a low opinion of

think nothing of: to regard as routine, easy, or natural

think you're it: If you say that someone thinks they're it, you mean that they think they are better or more important than they really are.

think in terms of: If you say that you are thinking in terms of doing a particular thing, you mean that you are considering it.

think on (or upon): to give thought or consideration to

think on your feet: to make good decisions and achieve things without having to think about them or plan them first

think the world of: to be extremely fond of or hold in very high esteem

come to think of it: You use the expression come to think of it to indicate that you have suddenly realized something, often something obvious .

think nothing of it: If something happens and you think nothing of it, you do not pay much attention to it or think of it as strange or important, although later you realize that it is.

think outside the box: to think about something in a way that is new or different and shows imagination, especially in business

to shudder to think: If you say that you shudder to think what would happen in a particular situation, you mean that you expect it to be so bad that you do not really want to think about it.

to think nothing of: If you think nothing of doing something that other people might consider difficult, strange, or wrong, you consider it to be easy or normal, and you do it often or would be quite willing to do it.

to think better of it: If you intend to do something and then think better of it, you decide not to do it because you realize it would not be sensible .

think (all) the world of: to admire or love greatly

think the world of someone: to like and admire someone very much or be very fond of them

you can't hear yourself think: If you say that you can't hear yourself think, you are complaining and emphasizing that there is a lot of noise, and that it is disturbing you or preventing you from doing something.

to think the world of someone: If you think the world of someone, you like them or care about them very much.

you've got another think coming: you are mistaken and will soon have to alter your opinion

come to think of it/when you think about it: You use expressions such as come to think of it, when you think about it, or thinking about it, when you mention something that you have suddenly remembered or realized .

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Однокоренные слова:

think out - додумываться, продумывать до конца, находить решение, соображать
think over - продумывать, обдумывать, вдумываться, обмозговывать, взвешивать, обсуждать
think through - продумывать, додумывать до конца, тщательно продумывать
think up - придумывать, выдумывать, сочинять, изобретать

Связанные слова: