Noun: горло глотка гортань горловина
Verb: напевать хриплым голосом бормотать


cold compress to a throat - холодный компресс на горло

tickling feeling in the throat - чувство першения в горле

to job a knife into the throat - вонзить нож в горло

to hold a knife to smb.'s throat - приставать к кому-л. с ножом к горлу

lump in the throat - комок в горле

to moisten the throat - промочить горло

clear throat - чистое, невоспалённое горло

inflamed / red throat - воспалённое, красное, больное горло

strep throat - стрептококковое воспаление горла, острый фарингит

he has a cold in his throat - у него болит горло

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My throat had dried up. - У меня в горле пересохло.

He held a knife to her throat. - Он держал нож у ее горла.

I had a sore throat and aching limbs. - У меня была боль в горле и ломота в конечностях.

I've got a tickle in my throat. - У меня першит в горле.

He received a running nose and a sore throat. - Он заработал себе насморк и ангину.

The bone has stuck in my throat. - У меня кость застряла в горле.

Asthma has gripped me by the throat. - Астма меня за горло схватила.

The patient has a sore throat. - У пациента болит горло.

He cleared his throat to get our attention. - Он откашлялся, чтобы привлечь наше внимание.

I hope I have not given you my sore throat. - Я надеюсь, я не заразил вас ангиной.

He grabbed her by the throat. - Он схватил её за горло.

His throat inflamed. - Его горло воспалилось.

Her throat constricted - Ей стало нечем дышать.

The fishbone lodged in her throat. - Рыбья кость застряла у неё в горле.

They say somebody slit her throat. - Говорят, кто-то перерезал ей горло.

Yellow knotted silk square at the throat. - Жёлтый, завязанный узлом, галстук на шее.

My throat was dry so I took a sip of water. - В горле у меня пересохло, поэтому я отхлебнул воды.

The man took the Emir by the throat and choked him. - Человек схватил эмира за горло и задушил его.

A fish bone lodged in her throat. - Ей в горло попала рыбная косточка.

His shirt was open at the throat. - Воротник его рубашки был расстёгнут.

He slit the throat of the victim. - Он перерезал горло жертвы.

The cancer has spread to her throat. - Рак распространился на её горло.

inflammations of the throat and ears - воспаление горла и ушей

He cleared his throat, and was silent awhile. - Он прочистил горло и немного помолчал.

Jim cleared his throat preparatory to speaking. - Джим откашлялся, прежде чем начать говорить.

The dog lunged for his throat. - Собака бросилась на него и хотела вцепиться ему в горло.

A scream curdled in her throat. - Крик застрял у неё в горле.

He is sick with a scratchy throat. - Он болен, у него першит в горле.

Her throat and eyes were irritated. - Ей щипало глаза и першило в горле.

His throat was raw from the cold air. - Его горло саднило от холодного воздуха.

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Связанные термины:

cut-throat: If you describe a situation as cut-throat, you mean that the people or companies involved all want success and do not care if they harm each other in getting it.

deep throat: an anonymous source of secret information

sore throat: a painful or sensitive condition of the throat exaggerated by swallowing or talking, usually caused by bacteria or viruses ; laryngitis; pharyngitis ; tonsillitis

throat mike: a type of microphone that is held against the throat to pick up voice vibrations

strep throat: a streptococcal throat infection causing a sore throat

throat infection: an infection or inflammation of the throat or pharynx

throat microphone: a type of microphone that is held against the throat to pick up voice vibrations

throat sweetbread: the thymus gland of an animal, used for food

cut one's throat: to bring about one's own ruin

cut-throat razor: a razor with a long blade that usually folds into the handle

have by the throat: to have compete control over (a person or thing)

cut one's own throat: to be the means of one's own ruin

cut your own throat: to make a mistake by doing something which is going to result in disaster for you

lie in one's throat: to tell a foul or outrageous lie

lump in one's throat: a tight feeling in the throat, as from restrained emotion

stick in one's throat: to be difficult, or against one's conscience, for one to accept, utter, or believe

to clear your throat: If you clear your throat, you cough once in order to make it easier to speak or to attract people's attention .

a frog in one's throat: phlegm on the vocal cords that affects one's speech

a lump in one's throat: a tight dry feeling in one's throat, usually caused by great emotion

a lump in your throat: If you say that you have a lump in your throat, you mean that you have a tight feeling in your throat because of a strong emotion such as sorrow or gratitude .

to stick in your throat: If something sticks in your throat, you find it unacceptable .

grab something by the throat: to make a determined attempt to control, defeat, or deal with something

have a frog in your throat: to find it difficult to speak clearly because you have a cough or a sore throat

jump down someone's throat: to react to something someone has said in a very impatient, angry, and unpleasant way

ear, nose and throat department: the department of a hospital that specializes in dealing with diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat

ear, nose and throat specialist: a medical practitioner who specializes in dealing with diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat

have a frog in one's throat: to experience temporary hoarseness due to throat irritation

something sticks in your throat: said to mean that something makes you annoyed or impatient

ram something down someone's throat: to try to force someone to accept, believe, or learn something against their will

something grabs you by the throat: said to mean that something is so powerful, interesting, or exciting that you are forced to pay attention to it

to ram something down someone's throat to force sth down sb's throat: If you ram something down someone's throat or force it down their throat, you keep mentioning a situation or idea in order to make them accept it or believe it.

have one's heart in one's mouth: to be full of apprehension, excitement, or fear

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Однокоренные слова:

throaty - хриплый, гортанный, горловой

Связанные слова: