Noun: билет талон проездной билет чек
Adjective: билетный
Verb: прикреплять ярлык снабжать билетами


booking / box / ticket office - билетная касса

ticket stub - корешок билета

airplane ticket - билет на самолёт

bus ticket - автобусный билет

train ticket - билет на поезд

complimentary / free ticket - бесплатный билет

ticket to a game - билет на игру

low fare ticket - льготный билет

passenger ticket - пассажирский билет

passage ticket - билет для проезда

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Can I see your ticket, please? - Разрешите ваш билет, пожалуйста.

I got a ticket for speeding - Мне выписали штраф за превышение скорости.

The plane ticket costs $170. - Этот авиабилет стоит 170 долларов.

'Passport?' 'Check.' 'Ticket?' ' Check'. - 'Паспорт?' 'Взял.' 'Билет?' 'Взял'.

I paid $3 for a ticket. - Я заплатил три доллара за билет.

I need to buy a rail ticket. - Мне нужно купить билет на поезд.

My ticket blew away. - Мой билет сдуло (ветром).

How much are tickets for the concert? - Сколько стоят билеты на концерт?

The ticket is valid until March. - Этот билет действителен до марта.

The ticket is valid for a month. - Билет действителен в течение месяца.

Insert your ticket into the slot. - Вставьте свой билет в прорезь.

I'd like to book two tickets to Berlin. - Я хотел бы заказать два билета в Берлин.

Your return ticket is valid for three months. - Ваш обратный билет действителен в течение трёх месяцев.

There was a ticket in the window which announced "Apartments to Let". - На окне висело объявление, которое гласило: "Сдаются квартиры".

Web users can book a ticket online. - Интернет-пользователи могут заказать билет онлайн.

What a nuisance! I've forgotten my ticket. - Какая неприятность! Я забыл свой билет.

Move your car or else you will be ticketed! - Уберите ваш автомобиль, иначе вы будете оштрафованы!

Show your ticket to the woman at the entrance. - Покажите ваш билет женщине у входа.

He didn't even offer to pay me for the ticket. - Он даже не стал предлагать мне заплатить за билет.

I got a ticket for speeding. - Я получил штраф за превышение скорости.

This ticket admits one person. - Этот билет — на одного человека.

The concert ticket is counterfeit. - Этот билет на концерт — фальшивый.

He has been dumped from the ticket. - Его исключили из списка кандидатов.

I'll go fifty dollars for a ticket. - Я позволю себе купить билет за пятьдесят долларов.

Drop him from the Republican ticket. - Вычеркните его из республиканского партийного списка.

He wangled a free ticket to the show. - Он ухитрился достать бесплатный билет на выставку.

He had stupidly bought a one way ticket. - По глупости он купил билет в один конец.

How much does it say on the price ticket? - Сколько написано на ценнике?

Will you mind my bag while I buy my ticket? - Вы не присмотрите за моей сумкой, пока я покупаю билет?

Bad weather has sent the ticket sales down. - Из-за плохой погоды цены на билеты снизились.

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Связанные термины:

e-ticket: An e-ticket is a ticket in electronic form rather than one printed on paper. E-ticket is an abbreviation for 'electronic ticket'.

air ticket: a ticket to travel on a commercial plane

big-ticket: If you describe something as a big-ticket item, you mean that it costs a lot of money.

day ticket: a ticket that is valid for one day

meal ticket: If you say that something or someone is a meal ticket, you mean that they provide a person with money or a lifestyle which they would not otherwise have.

open ticket: a return ticket which does not specify a date for travel

pawn ticket: a receipt for goods pawned

ticket day: (on the London Stock Exchange ) the day on which selling brokers receive from buying brokers the names of investors who have made purchases during the previous account

ticket desk: → another name for ticket counter

ticket tout: to solicit (business, customers, etc) or hawk ( merchandise ), esp in a brazen way

dream ticket: If journalists talk about a dream ticket, they are referring to two candidates for political positions, for example President and Vice-President, or Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, who they think will be extremely successful .

plane ticket: a ticket entitling the holder to travel on an aircraft

price ticket: a ticket or label on an article for sale showing its price

raffle ticket: a ticket sold in a raffle, representing a chance to win a prize

return ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his or her destination and back again

season ticket: A season ticket is a ticket that you can use repeatedly during a certain period, without having to pay each time. You can buy season tickets for things such as buses, trains, regular sporting events, or theatre performances .

single ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel only to his or her destination, without returning

split ticket: a ballot cast for candidates of more than one party

ticket agency: an agency selling tickets for the theatre, cinema, public transport, etc

ticket agent: a person who sells tickets for the theatre, cinema, public transport, etc

ticket booth: the booth where tickets for the theatre, cinema, public transport, etc, are sold

ticket holder: a person who has a valid ticket for an event or for a journey on public transport

ticket office: the office where tickets for the theatre, cinema, public transport, etc, are sold

unity ticket: a how-to-vote card in a union election associating Labor and Communist candidates

balanced ticket: a slate of candidates chosen to appeal to a wide range of voters, esp. by including members of large regional, ethnic, or religious groups

entrance ticket: a ticket allowing the bearer to go into a place, such as a museum, monument, etc

library ticket: a ticket admitting a person access to a library, esp a reference library

parking ticket: A parking ticket is a piece of paper with instructions to pay a fine, and is put on your car when you have parked it somewhere illegally.

picking ticket: A picking ticket is a list used for gathering items to be shipped from a store or warehouse .

platform ticket: a ticket for admission to railway platforms but not for travel

runabout ticket: a rail ticket that allows unlimited travel within a specified area for a limited period of time (for example one day, a weekend, three days, etc)

speeding ticket: a ticket issued for driving above the speed limit

straight ticket: a ballot for all the candidates of one and only one political party

ticket barrier: a barrier through which you are allowed to pass only if you show a valid train ticket or insert a valid train ticket into a machine

ticket counter: the place where you buy a ticket for public transport, the theatre, cinema, etc

ticket machine: a vending machine that issues tickets for a journey on public transport, for using a car park, etc

a dream ticket: two well-known people, for example politicians or actors, who are expected to work well together and to have a great deal of success

a meal ticket: a way of getting money on a regular basis and securing a good lifestyle

cloakroom ticket: a ticket given to someone who checks a coat or other personal item into a cloakroom and which is used to redeem that item at a later period

commutation ticket: a ticket entitling the holder to travel over the same route, as on a railroad, a specified number of times at a reduced rate

one-way ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel only to his or her destination, without returning

ticket allocation: An allocation is an amount of something, especially money, that is given to a particular person or used for a particular purpose.

ticket collector: a person who checks that passengers on a train, etc, have a valid ticket, and marks it so that it cannot be used again

ticket inspector: a person who checks that passengers on a train, etc, have a valid ticket, and marks it so that it cannot be used again

big-ticket items: An item is one of a collection or list of objects.

day return ticket: a reduced fare for a journey (by train, etc) travelling both ways in one day

just the ticket: If you say that something is just the ticket, you mean that it is exactly what is needed .

round-trip ticket: a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his or her destination and back again

that's the ticket!: that's the correct or proper thing! that's right!

ticket of leave: (formerly in Britain) a permit allowing a convict ( ticket-of-leave man ) to leave prison, after serving only part of his sentence, with certain restrictions placed on him

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