Noun: синхронизация тайминг расписание расчет времени


precision timing - точный выбор определённого времени

timing error - ошибка отсчёта времени

action timing - синхронизация действий

timing bug - ошибка синхронизации

valve timing - газораспределение (двигателя)

timing of the changes - планирование изменений

timing of dividend payments - порядок/расписание выплаты дивидендов

timing schedule - календарный график производства работ

adjust ignition timing - устанавливать зажигание

control ignition timing - регулировать зажигание

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The timing had to be exact. - Сроки должны были быть точными. / Расчет времени должен быть точен. / Расписание должно быть точным.

Good, you're home. Perfect timingdinner's on the table. - Отлично, ты уже дома. Как раз вовремя: ужин на столе.

The timing of the announcement was particularly appropriate . - Время анонса было особенно (очень) подходящим.

He told jokes with an exquisite sense of timing. - Он очень тонко угадывал моменты для своих шуток.

This, considering the heavy state of the roads, was excellent timing. - Учитывая плохое состояние дорог, время было рассчитано прекрасно.

The President and I did not discuss the timing of my departure. - Мы с президентом не обсуждали время моего отъезда.

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Связанные термины:

time: Time is what we measure in minutes, hours, days, and years.

timing belt: A timing belt is a flat-toothed belt that drives the camshaft of an engine from the crankshaft .

timing gear: (in an internal-combustion engine ) the drive between the crankshaft and the camshaft, usually giving a ratio of 2 : 1

timing chain: A timing chain is a continuous roller chain that drives the camshaft of an engine from the crankshaft .

timing device: a device that can be set to detonate a bomb at a particular time

valve timing: Valve timing is the exact timing of the opening and closing of the valves in a piston engine.

ignition timing: Ignition timing is the timing of the spark relative to the piston top dead center in a spark ignition engine.

perfect timing: Timing is the skill or action of judging the right moment in a situation or activity at which to do something.

two-time: to deceive (someone, esp a lover ) by carrying on a relationship with another

split-second timing: timing that depends on minute precision

double time: a doubled wage rate, paid for working on public holidays, etc

time travel: travel through time into the past or the future

time out: In basketball, American football, ice hockey, and some other sports, when a team calls a time out, they call a stop to the game for a few minutes in order to rest and discuss how they are going to play.

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Однокоренные слова:

tim - Тим
timed - приурочить, показывать время, приурочивать, назначать время, танцевать в такт
timer - таймер, часы, хронометр, трамблер, хронометрист, регулятор выдержки времени

Связанные слова: