Adverb: вместе одновременно воедино сообща
Adjective: тесно связанный неразлучный


to keep body and soul together - кое-как сводить концы с концами (идиома, to have just enough money to buy food and other necessary things)

to clamp together - прижимать, сжимать

to clang glasses together - чокаться, звенеть стаканами

to come closer together - подойти ближе друг к другу

to cluster together - собираться вместе

coming together - сближение

to cuddle up together - прижаться друг к другу

a book hastily thrown together - наспех составленная книга

fix brick together - класть кирпич вперевязку

chum together - жить вместе в одной комнате

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They came together. - Они пришли вместе.

Once more all together! - Ещё раз, все вместе!

We enjoy spending time together. - Нам очень нравится проводить время вместе.

Mix the butter and sugar together. - Смешайте сливочное масло с сахаром.

He's a very together person. - Он очень уравновешенный человек.

Her back aches if she sits up for long together. - У неё начинает болеть спина, если она долго сидит прямо.

He never slept twice together in the same apartment. - Он никогда не ночевал две ночи подряд в одной и той же квартире.

Together we can win. - Вместе мы победим.

Right men. All together now...Push! - Так, мужики, теперь все вместе...Взяли!

They've decided to spend more time together. - Они решили проводить вместе больше времени.

Are those two together? - Эти двое вместе?

They went to the party together. - Они пошли на вечеринку вместе.

She looks a very together young woman. - Она кажется очень уверенной в себе девушкой.

We went to the movies together. - Мы вместе ходили в кино.

They gathered together to celebrate. - Они собрались вместе, чтобы повеселиться.

She knew better than anybody who and who were together. - Она знала лучше других, кто с кем был вместе.

Add these numbers together and then divide the total by 7. - Сложите эти числа друг с другом, а потом разделите результат на семь.

'Oh!' they said together. - — Ох! — воскликнули они в один голос.

We worked together on the project. - Мы вместе работали над этим проектом.

He and my father were at school together. - Они с моим отцом вместе учились в школе.

She clasped her hands together. - Она захлопала в ладоши.

The model was held together with string. - Модель была скреплена с помощью нитки.

We've very much enjoyed working together. - Нам очень понравилось работать вместе.

She's one of the most together people I know. - Она — одна из самых уравновешенных людей, которых я знаю.

The two things which he most desired could not be possessed together. - Две вещи, о которых он больше всего мечтал, не могли быть в его распоряжении одновременно.

I read in the newspaper that conditions in the women's jails are not so together. - Я читал в газете, что условия в женской тюрьме не слишком-то клёвые.

Jane is such a together person. - Джейн такая цельная /уравновешенная/ личность.

Together they won only 21% of the votes. - Вместе они завоевали всего двадцать один процент голосов.

Together they went back inside the villa. - Вместе они вновь зашли внутрь виллы.

Knock the brushes together to clean them. - Постучите кисти друг о друга, чтобы их очистить.

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Связанные термины:

go together: If you say that two things go together, or that one thing goes together with another, you mean that they go well with each other or cannot be separated from each other.

band together: If people band together, they meet and act as a group in order to try and achieve something.

club together: If people club together to do something, they all give money towards the cost of it.

get-together: When people get together, they meet in order to discuss something or to spend time together.

hang together: If two people or groups hang together, they stay with each other and support each other even though they may disagree on some things.

hold together: If you hold a group of people together, you help them to live or work together without arguing, although they may have different aims, attitudes, or interests.

live together: If two people are not married but live in the same house and have a sexual relationship, you can say that they live together .

lump together: If a number of different people or things are lumped together, they are considered as a group rather than separately.

pull together: If people pull together, they help each other or work together in order to deal with a difficult situation .

put together: If you put something together, you join its different parts to each other so that it can be used.

together with: You use together with to mention someone or something else that is also involved in an action or situation .

cobble together: If you say that someone has cobbled something together, you mean that they have made or produced it roughly or quickly.

knock together: If you knock something together, you make it or build it very quickly, using whatever materials are available .

patch together: If you patch something together, you form it from a number of parts in a quick, hurried way.

piece together: If you piece together the truth about something, you gradually discover it.

scrape together: If you scrape together an amount of money or a number of things, you succeed in obtaining it with difficulty.

sleep together: If two people are sleeping together, they are having a sexual relationship, but are not usually married to each other.

stick together: If people stick together, they stay with each other and support each other.

string together: If you string things together, you form something from them by adding them to each other, one at a time.

throw together: If you throw something together, for example a meal or a costume, you make it quickly and not very carefully.

wring together: to join (two smooth flat surfaces, esp slip gauges ) by hand pressure and a slight twisting movement

patched-together: makeshift ; roughly made from disparate elements

scratch together: to assemble with difficulty

get it together: to achieve one's full potential, either generally as a person or in a particular field of activity

put heads together: to consult or scheme together

pull oneself together: to regain one's self-control or composure

get your act together: to take control of yourself and organize your activities more effectively in order to be more successful

get one's act together: to become organized or prepared

get one's shit together: to become organized or have one's affairs in order

put their heads together: to consult together

put your heads together: to try to solve a problem together with other people

bunch up: If people or things bunch up or bunch together, or if you bunch them up or bunch them together, they move close to each other so that they form a small tight group.

keep body and soul together: to earn enough money to buy the basic things that you need to live

knock people's heads together: to force people who are disagreeing to reach an agreement

put two and two together: If you put two and two together, you work out the truth about something for yourself, by using the information that is available to you.

to get your act together: If you get your act together, you organize your life or your affairs so that you are able to achieve what you want or to deal with something effectively.

to put your heads together: If two or more people put their heads together, they talk about a problem they have and try to solve it.

birds of a feather flock together: said to mean that people from the same group or with the same interests like to be with each other

not have two pennies to rub together: to have very little money

sleep with: If you sleep with someone, you have sex with them.

knock up: If you knock something up, you make it or build it very quickly, using whatever materials are available .

to keep body and soul together hold body and soul together: If you keep body and soul together, you have enough money to provide what you need to live .

to bang two peoples' heads together to knock peoples' heads together: If you bang peoples' heads together or knock their heads together, you tell them off severely for doing something wrong or for not doing something they were asked to do.

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Однокоренные слова:

togetherness - чувство единства, близость, духовное единение, единство душ

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