Noun: дерево древо вал родословное дерево
Verb: загнать на дерево влезать на дерево расправлять обувь растягивать обувь


to sit beneath a tree - сидеть под деревом

a black, blasted tree - чёрное, сожжённое молнией дерево

under the canopy of a tree - под сенью дерева

to climb (up) a tree - влезать на дерево

to decorate one's Christmas tree - наряжать ёлку

to dig up a tree - выкопать дерево

to fit a tree - подрубать дерево

up a gum tree - в большом затруднении, в тупике

mesquite tree allergen - аллерген мескитового дерева

tree code - древовидный код

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Fruit grows on trees. - Фрукты растут на деревьях.

Monkeys live in trees. - Обезьяны живут на деревьях.

Climb down out of that tree! - Слезь с того дерева!

The car hit a tree. - Автомобиль врезался в дерево.

He chopped down the tree. - Дерево он срубил.

The tree was about to fall. - Дерево вот-вот должно было упасть.

Break a branch from a tree. - Отломите с какого-нибудь дерева ветку.

A fallen tree soon rots. - Поваленное дерево быстро гниёт.

The wind toppled the tree. - Ветер повалил дерево.

using an ax to fell a tree - срубить дерево с помощью топора

A tree lay across the road. - Поперёк дороги лежало дерево.

VLSI search tree - СБИС-реализация дерева поиска, микросхемная реализация алгоритма древовидного поиска

He shinned up a tree. - Он вскарабкался на дерево.

Birds alight on a tree. - Птицы садятся на дерево.

Take a tree and bow it. - Выбери дерево и согни его.

An apple fell from the tree. - С дерева упало яблоко.

The tree fell straight down. - Дерево упало прямо вниз.

He was treed by a bull. - Бык загнал его на дерево.

Sap oozed from the tree. - Из дерева вытекал сок /сочилась смола/.

The tree was oozing sap. - Дерево сочилось смолой.

The cherry tree bloomed. - Вишня расцвела.

He has stumped every tree. - Он выкорчевал все деревья.

Ivy curled round the tree. - Дерево было обвито плющом.

the jutting limb of a tree - выступающая ветка дерева

The bird landed in a tree. - Птица села на дерево.

Robins nested in the tree. - На дереве свили гнездо малиновки.

alate seeds of a maple tree - крылатые семена клёна

My car bumped into the tree. - Моя машина врезалась в дерево.

I hitched my mare to a tree. - Я привязал свою кобылу к дереву.

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Связанные термины:

bo tree: the sacred fig tree ( → peepul ) of Buddhism : Gautama is believed to have received heavenly inspiration under such a tree

bay tree: a small evergreen Mediterranean laurel, Laurus nobilis, with glossy aromatic leaves, used for flavouring in cooking, and small blackish berries

bean tree: any of various trees having beanlike pods, such as the catalpa and carob

bee tree: a hollow tree used as a hive by bees

big tree: a giant Californian coniferous tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum, with a wide tapering trunk and thick spongy bark : family Taxodiaceae . It often reaches a height of 90 metres

boot tree: a shoetree for a boot, often having supports to stretch the leg of the boot

coat tree: See clothes tree

cork tree: an evergreen Mediterranean oak tree, Quercus suber, with a porous outer bark from which cork is obtained

dead-tree: printed on paper

fir tree: A fir tree is the same as a → fir .

gum tree: A gum tree is a tree such as a eucalyptus that produces gum.

hall tree: a clothes tree, esp. one in an entrance hall

hat tree: a stand with arms or hooks to hold hats, coats, etc.

lime tree: a linden or basswood

may tree: → May 1 (sense 3 ) May 1 (sense 3a )

ming tree: an artificial plant resembling a bonsai plant

plum tree: → another name for plum 1 (sense 1 )

rain tree: a leguminous tree, Samanea saman, native to Central America and widely planted in the tropics for ornament . It has red-and-yellow feathery flowers and pinnate leaves whose leaflets close at the approach of rain

shoe tree: a form, as of wood or metal, inserted in a shoe to stretch it or preserve its shape

tea tree: any of various myrtaceous trees of the genus Leptospermum, of Australia and New Zealand, that yield an oil used as an antiseptic

tolu tree: the tree that yields tolu

tree ear: a basidiomycetous mushroom (genus Auricularia ), used esp. in Chinese cooking, that grows on tree trunks and is rubbery in consistency and crinkled in texture

tree farm: an area of forest in which the growth of the trees is managed on a commercial basis

tree fern: any of numerous large tropical ferns, mainly of the family Cyatheaceae, having a trunklike stem bearing fronds at the top

tree frog: any arboreal frog of the family Hylidae, chiefly of SE Asia, Australia, and America. They are strong jumpers and have long toes ending in adhesive discs, which assist in climbing

tree lawn: an area of grass between the pavement or sidewalk and the street

tree line: the zone, at high altitudes or high latitudes, beyond which no trees grow. Trees growing between the timberline and the tree line are typically stunted

tree ring: → annual ring

tree toad: any of various tree frogs

tung tree: a subtropical tree ( Aleurites fordii ) of the spurge family, whose seeds yield tung oil

wax tree: a Japanese anacardiaceous tree, Rhus succedanea, having white berries that yield wax

acacia tree: → another name for acacia

almond tree: a small widely cultivated rosaceous tree, Prunus amygdalus, that is native to W Asia and has pink flowers and a green fruit containing an edible nutlike seed

Bodhi Tree: the sacred peepul at Buddh Gaya under which Gautama Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the Buddha

bottle tree: any of several Australian sterculiaceous trees of the genus Sterculia (or Brachychiton ) that have a bottle-shaped swollen trunk

bully tree: any of several tropical American trees of the sapodilla family that yield balata

butter tree: any of several trees, as the shea, whose fatty seeds yield a butterlike substance

button tree: any of a genus ( Conocarpus ) of dicotyledonous West Indian trees with buttonlike fruit

candle-tree: a shrub, Myrica cerifera, of SE North America, having evergreen leaves and a small berry-like fruit with a waxy coating : family Myricaceae

carob tree: an evergreen leguminous Mediterranean tree, Ceratonia siliqua, with compound leaves and edible pods

chaste tree: a small ornamental verbenaceous tree, Vitex agnus-castus, of S Europe and SW Asia, with spikes of pale blue flowers

China tree: → chinaberry (sense 1 )

coffee tree: any of several rubiaceous trees of the genus Coffea, esp C. arabica, the seeds of which are used in the preparation of the beverage coffee

coral tree: any of various thorny, tropical trees of the leguminous genus Erythrina, having bright red flowers and reddish shiny seeds

dragon tree: a tree, Dracaena draco, of the Canary Islands, having clusters of sword-shaped leaves at the tips of its branches: family Agavaceae . It is a source of dragon's blood

family tree: A family tree is a chart that shows all the people in a family over many generations and their relationship to one another.

fault tree: a diagram providing a model of the interactions between the components of a system when a failure occurs

fever tree: any of several trees that produce a febrifuge or tonic, esp Pinckneya pubens, a rubiaceous tree of SE North America

flame tree: any of various tropical trees with red or orange flowers, such as flame-of-the-forest

fringe tree: either of two ornamental oleaceous shrubs or small trees of the genus Chionanthus, of North America and China, having clusters of white narrow-petalled flowers

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Однокоренные слова:

entree - основное блюдо, доступ, право входа, личный доклад, право личного доклада
treeless - безлесный, голый, лишенный растительности
treed - закрепленный, поросший, покрытый лесом

Связанные слова: