Noun: суд испытание судебное разбирательство исследование
Adjective: пробный испытательный


a blind clinical trial - клиническое испытание, основанное на слепом методе

on committal for trial - по предании суду

court of general trial jurisdiction - суд первой инстанции общей юрисдикции

trial court of general jurisdiction - суд первой инстанции общей юрисдикции

trial day - день слушания дела

ability to stand trial - (право)способность предстать перед судом

pre-trial detainee - лицо, содержащееся до суда под стражей

to determine the date of the trial - назначать дату суда

to adjourn the trial - отсрочить, отложить судебный процесс

to put on trial - подвергать серьёзному испытанию

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He was on trial for murder. - Его судили за убийство.

That child is a real trial to me. - Этот ребёнок — сущее наказание для меня.

I took the car out for a trial on the roads. - Я взял автомобиль, чтобы испытать его на дороге.

Her trial will be public. - Судебное разбирательство по её делу будет открытым.

The trial continues today. - Сегодня слушания по этому делу продолжатся.

The trial ended in acquittal. - Суд вынес оправдательный приговор.

It was a process of trial and error. - Это был путь проб и ошибок.

She testified at his trial. - Она давала показания во время суда над ним.

He had just given a trial to a young woman who said she had previous experience. - Он как раз взял на испытательный срок девушку, которая сказала, что у нее есть опыт работы.

He did not get a fair trial. - Он не получил справедливого суда. / Его осудили несправедливо.

We plan to release a prototype this autumn for trial in hospitals. - Мы планируем выпустить этой осенью пробную партию, чтобы испытать её в больницах.

It was a sore trial to him. - Это было для него тяжёлое испытание.

There were whispers that he was put to death without trial. - Ходили слухи, что его казнили без суда и следствия.

He went through the mockery of a trial. - Он участвовал в инсценированном судебном процессе.

They agreed to a trial separation. - Они решили пожить отдельно друг от друга, но пока не разводиться.

They believed that his case would never come to trial. - Они полагали, что его дело никогда не дойдёт до суда.

He was committed for the trial at the Crown Court. - Он был взят под стражу на время разбирательства в Суде Короны.

The defence lawyers decided to petition for a new trial. - Адвокат защиты решил просить о возбуждении нового процесса.

The trial turned into a melodrama. - Суд превратился в мелодраму.

It was a farce to conduct a trial under such conditions. - Что за насмешка — проводить суд в таких условиях!

Several months elapsed before his case was brought to trial. - Прошло несколько месяцев, прежде чем его дело дошло до суда.

The trial was swiftly brought to an end. - Суд быстренько завершили.

I had been defrauded of the fair and impartial trial due by law. - У меня отняли законное право на справедливый и беспристрастный суд.

The defendant was released to await trial but had to surrender her passport. - Обвиняемую отпустили до начала суда, но потребовали сдать паспорт.

He was found to be mentally unfit to stand trial. - Его признали психически невменяемым, и его нельзя было привлечь к суду.

After his trial, the captain's command was restored to him. - После трибунала капитану вернули его полномочия.

He claims that the trial was a sham. - Он утверждает, что это был не суд, а возмутительный фарс.

He is being held in jail pending trial. - Он содержится в тюрьме в ожидании суда.

Her face remained impassive throughout the trial. - Её лицо оставалось бесстрастным на протяжении всего судебного процесса.

The case came up for trial in the court of the district. - Это дело разбиралось в окружном суде.

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Связанные термины:

on trial: If someone is on trial, they are being tried in a court of law.

pre-trial: occurring before a trial

trial run: A trial run is a first attempt at doing something to make sure you can do it properly.

field trial: a test of or contest between gun dogs to determine their proficiency and standard of training in retrieving or pointing

show trial: People describe a trial as a show trial if they believe that the trial is unfair and is held for political reasons rather than in order to find out the truth .

time trial: In cycling and some other sports, a time trial is a contest in which competitors race along a course individually, in as fast a time as possible, instead of racing directly against each other.

trial basis: → on a trial basis

trial court: the first court before which the facts of a case are decided

trial horse: an opponent who performs against a superior foe in a workout or exhibition

trial judge: the judge in a trial

trial jury: the jury hearing a trial

murder trial: the trial of a person who is accused of murder

trial balance: a statement of all the debit and credit balances in the ledger of a double-entry system, drawn up to test their equality

trial balloon: A trial balloon is a proposal that you mention or an action that you try in order to find out other people's reactions to it, especially if you think they are likely to oppose it.

trial lawyer: a lawyer who acts for the defence in trials

trial period: a period of time for testing or assessment

Bernoulli trial: one of a sequence of independent experiments each of which has the same probability of success, such as successive throws of a die, the outcome of which is described by a binomial distribution

clinical trial: When a new type of drug or medical treatment undergoes clinical trials, it is tested directly on patients to see if it is effective .

sheepdog trial: a competition in which sheepdogs are tested in their tasks

trial attorney: a lawyer who is involved in court cases

trial division: trial department

to stand trial: If someone stands trial, they are tried in court for a crime they are accused of.

trial separation: an experimental period of living apart

a trial balloon: an idea or plan which is suggested in order to find out about public opinion on a subject that causes many arguments

on a trial basis: for the purpose of assessment

preproduction trial: a trial to test a prototype of a product before the product goes into full-scale production

trial and error: If you do something by trial and error, you try several different methods of doing it until you find the method that works properly.

trial by battle: a method of trying an accused person or of settling a dispute by a personal fight between the two parties involved or, in some circumstances, their permitted champions, in the presence of a judge . It was introduced to England after the Norman Conquest and abolished in 1819

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Однокоренные слова:

mistrial - судебное разбирательство, в ходе которого допущены нарушения закона, неправильное
retrial - повторное слушание дела, пересмотр судебного дела, повторный эксперимент

Связанные слова: