Noun: трюк хитрость уловка фокус
Verb: обманывать обманом заставить выманивать надувать
Adjective: сложный обманчивый


to descend to a mean trick - поступить низко, нечестно

trick knee - поврежденное колено

trick photography - комбинированные съёмки

pitiful trick - жалкие, постыдные ухищрения

trick of imagination - обман воображения

dirty / low / mean / nasty / sneaky / snide trick - грязная, низкая, мерзкая, подлая шутка

to take / have / stand one's trick - отстоять смену

to win by a trick - выиграть с помощью хитрости, мошенничества

to catch the trick (of doing smth.) - наловчиться (делать что-л.)

a cheap trick - дешевая [глупая] шутка

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None of your tricks! - разг. без фокусов!

What a dirty trick! - Какая пакость!

He shows me card tricks. - Он показывает мне карточные фокусы.

How's tricks? - амер. как дела?, что новенького?

You are at your old tricks again! - Опять ты за свое!

He didn't turn up? What a dirty trick! - Он так и не появился? Что за подлость!

He showed them a card trick. - Он показал им карточный фокус.

He played a trick on me. - Он надо мной подшутил. / Он меня разыграл.

It was a trick to persuade her to give him money. - Это была уловка, чтобы убедить её дать ему денег.

This offer was a dirty trick. - Это предложение оказалось уловкой.

It was a cunning trick of him to do it. - Это была хитрая уловка с его стороны.

Their lawyer tried a cute trick. - Их адвокат попытался сделать хитрый ход.

I'm not stupid enough to fall for that trick. - Я не настолько глуп, чтобы попасться на эту уловку.

Music tricked his speech. - Своё выступление он украсил музыкальными фрагментами.

You shall not serve that trick twice. - Второй раз этот номер у вас не пройдёт.

She enjoys playing tricks on her friends. - Она любит подшутить над своими друзьями.

The police used a plant to trick the thieves. - Полиция использовала "подсадную утку", чтобы обмануть воров.

His best magic trick is sawing a lady in half. - Его лучший фокус — распиливание женщины пополам.

He was tricked into approval. - Его согласие получили обманом.

I am hounded for the old trick. - Меня разыскивают за прошлую кражу.

It's a mean trick to play on someone. - Так поступать с людьми — подло.

He is too smart to fall for that trick. - Он слишком умён, чтобы попасться на эту уловку.

The corporation was tricked out of $20 million. - У корпорации выманили двадцать миллионов долларов.

To my great chagrin, the trick did not work. - К моему глубокому сожалению, трюк не сработал.

We laughed at their puny attempt to trick us. - Мы посмеялись над их тщетными попытками нас обмануть.

Look at the way she has tricked her daughter out for the wedding! - Посмотри, как она нарядила свою дочь к свадьбе!

I will show you a Yankee trick. - Я покажу вам один фокус, которым пользуются янки.

I'm getting tired of your silly tricks. - Я уже устал от твоих дурацких фокусов.

He performs the trick with the daring of a stuntman. - Он выполняет этот трюк с бесстрашием каскадёра.

The novelist knows the tricks of his trade. - Романист знает все секреты своего искусства.

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Связанные термины:

con trick: a swindle involving money, goods, etc, in which the victim's trust is won by the swindler

hat-trick: A hat-trick is a series of three achievements, especially in a sports event, for example three goals scored by the same person in a football game.

trick out: to dress up; deck out

card trick: an illusory feat performed with playing cards

cheap trick: A trick is a clever way of doing something.

cruel trick: A trick is an action that is intended to deceive someone.

dirty trick: You describe the actions of an organization or political group as dirty tricks when you think they are using illegal methods to harm the reputation or effectiveness of their rivals .

neat trick: A trick is a clever way of doing something.

party trick: informalanother name for party piece

quick trick: a high card almost certain to win a trick, usually an ace or a king: the unit in one of the systems of hand valuation

rope trick: → Indian rope trick

trick rider: a person who performs tricks on horseback

usual trick: A trick is a clever way of doing something.

trick cyclist: a psychiatrist

trick riding: the performance of tricks on horseback

conjuring trick: A conjuring trick is a trick in which something is made to appear or disappear as if by magic .

do the trick: If something does the trick, it achieves what you wanted .

trick question: If someone asks you a trick question, they ask you a question which is very difficult to answer, for example because there is a hidden difficulty or because the answer that seems obvious is not the correct one.

turn a trick: (of a prostitute ) to gain a customer

vanishing trick: a vanishing act is when someone is impossible to contact, or disappears from public view

confidence trick: A confidence trick is a trick in which someone deceives you by telling you something that is not true, often to trick you out of money.

one-trick pony: a person or thing considered as being limited to only one single talent, capability, quality, etc

trick or treat: Trick or treat is an activity in which children knock on the doors of houses at Halloween and shout 'trick or treat'. If the person who answers the door does not give the children a treat, such as sweets or candy, they play a trick on him or her.

trick photograph: a photograph that creates an illusion

trick photography: photography that creates an illusion

Indian rope-trick: the supposed Indian feat of climbing an unsupported rope

not miss a trick: to always know what is happening and take advantage of every situation

three-card trick: a game in which players bet on which of three inverted playing cards is the queen

trick-or-treater: a person, typically a child, who goes from door to door in costume on Halloween asking for candy or other treats

can't take a trick: to be consistently unsuccessful or unlucky

lobster shift: the night shift of a newspaper staff, or now of any working force

a trick of the light: If you say that something is a trick of the light, you mean that what you are seeing is an effect caused by the way that the light falls on things, and does not really exist in the way that it appears .

every trick in the book: If someone tries every trick in the book, they try every possible thing that they can think of in order to achieve something.

catch question: if someone asks you a trick question, they ask you a question which is very difficult to answer, for example because there is a hidden difficulty or because the answer that seems obvious is not the correct one

use every trick in the book: to do everything you can think of in order to succeed in something

it's the oldest trick in the book: said to mean that people should have expected something dishonest or unfair that someone has done because it is a very common or obvious thing to do

sb doesn't miss a trick not to miss a trick: If you say that someone does not miss a trick, you mean that they always know what is happening and take advantage of every situation.

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Однокоренные слова:

trick out - искусно украшать, причудливо украшать, обряжать
trick up - искусно украшать, причудливо украшать

Связанные слова: