Noun: доверие траст вера трест
Verb: доверять доверяться верить полагать
Adjective: доверенный управляемый по доверенности


bequest in trust - доверительный отказ движимости

to betray trust - обмануть доверие

relationships built on trust - отношения, основанные на доверии

blind / unquestioning trust - слепая вера

to abuse smb.'s trust - злоупотреблять чьим-л. доверием

to have / put / repose trust in smb. - доверять кому-л.

to take on trust - принимать на веру

to live on trust - жить надеждой

to supply goods on trust - отпускать товар в кредит

trust level - уровень доверия, доверительный уровень

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I just don't trust him. - Я ему просто не доверяю.

I trust him implicitly. - Я ему полностью доверяю.

I was a fool to trust him. - С моей стороны было глупостью доверять ему.

You can't trust the rumors. - Нельзя доверять этим слухам.

I trust him to keep his word. - Я верю /надеюсь/, что он сдержит своё слово.

Each had to trust to himself. - Каждый должен был полагаться на самого себя.

I implicitly trust him. - Я доверяю ему безоговорочно.

Don't trust everything you read. - Не доверяйте слепо всему, что читаете.

Can I trust you to keep a secret? - Тебе можно доверить тайну /секрет/?

Our relationship is built on trust. - Наши отношения построены на доверии.

I'd trust her with my life. - Я готов доверить ей свою жизнь.

It's naive to trust everyone. - Наивно всем доверять.

I wouldn't trust him with the keys. - Я бы не доверял ему ключи.

Charitable Remainder Trust - Благотворительный остаточный траст

Can we trust these statistics? - Можем ли мы доверять этой статистике?

We can trust in our government. - Мы можем довериться нашему правительству.

We need to trust him to do the work. - Мы должны доверить ему эту работу.

I don't trust him. He means no good. - Я ему не доверяю: у него на уме что-то недоброе.

You have to build up trust. - Вы должны построить доверительные отношения /научиться доверять друг другу/.

He puts trust in the future. - Он надеется на будущее.

She abused her friend's trust. - Она злоупотребила доверием своей подруги.

We should trust our intuitions. - Мы должны доверять своей интуиции.

I should never have trusted him. - Нельзя мне было ему доверять.

It was sheer nonsense to trust them. - Что за ерунда, как можно было им доверять!

She had betrayed her parents' trust. - Она не оправдала доверия своих родителей.

He created a trust for his children. - Он учредил доверительный фонд в пользу своих детей.

National AIDS Trust - Национальное управление по контролю за распространением СПИДа (США)

His trust had been misplaced. - Он оказал доверие недостойному человеку. / Он оказал доверие человеку, который не мог его оправдать.

The property is held on trust. - Имущество управляется по доверенности.

Our main trust was in our feet. - Мы полагались только на собственные ноги.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

in trust: If something valuable is kept in trust, it is held and protected by a group of people or an organization on behalf of other people.

trust to: If you trust to luck or instinct, you hope that it will enable you to achieve what you are trying to do, because you have nothing else to help you.

blind trust: A blind trust is a financial arrangement in which someone's investments are managed without the person knowing where the money is invested . Blind trusts are used especially by people such as members of parliament, so that they cannot be accused of using their position to make money unfairly.

brain trust: a group of experts unofficially acting as administrative advisers

Civic Trust: a charitable organization in Britain which aims to improve the quality of new and historic buildings and public spaces, and to help improve the general quality of urban life.

trust deed: a document that transfers the legal title to property to a trustee

trust fund: A trust fund is an amount of money or property that someone owns, usually after inheriting it, but which is kept and invested for them.

trust hotel: a licensed hotel or a bar owned by a publicly elected committee as trustees, the profits of which go to public amenities

unit trust: A unit trust is an organization which invests money in many different types of business and which offers units for sale to the public as an investment. You can also refer to an investment of this type as a unit trust .

brains trust: a group of knowledgeable people who discuss topics in public or on radio or television

trust account: a savings account deposited in the name of a trustee who controls it during his or her lifetime, after which the balance is payable to a prenominated beneficiary

trust company: a commercial bank or other enterprise organized to perform trustee functions

trust issues: Your trust in someone is your belief that they are honest and sincere and will not deliberately do anything to harm you.

Clifford trust: a type of living trust set up for at least a 10-year period, during which the income goes to a beneficiary and after which the principal reverts to the grantor

National Trust: (in Britain) an organization concerned with the preservation of historic buildings and monuments and areas of the countryside of great beauty in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland . It was founded in 1895 and incorporated by act of parliament in 1907. The National Trust for Scotland was founded in 1931

trust hospital: a hospital that is run by an NHS trust which competes with other trusts for government funding

trust territory: a territory placed under the administrative authority of a country by the United Nations

charitable trust: a trust set up for the benefit of a charity that complies with the regulations of the Charity Commissioners to enable it to be exempt from paying income tax

deed of trust: See trust deed

investment trust: a financial enterprise that invests its subscribed capital in securities for its investors' benefit

trust corporation: a commercial bank or other enterprise organized to perform trustee functions

breach of trust: a violation of duty by a trustee or any other person in a fiduciary position

closed-end trust: a financial enterprise that invests its subscribed capital in securities for its investors' benefit

discretionary trust: a trust in which the beneficiaries ' shares are not fixed in the trust deed but are left to the discretion of other persons, often the trustees

Historic Places Trust: (in New Zealand ) the statutory body concerned with the conservation of historic buildings, esp with ancient M āori sites

take sth on trust: If you take something on trust after having heard or read it, you believe it completely without checking it.

trustee account: a savings account deposited in the name of a trustee who controls it during his or her lifetime, after which the balance is payable to a prenominated beneficiary

Trust Territory of New Guinea: (until 1975) an administrative division of the former Territory of Papua and New Guinea, consisting of the NE part of the island of New Guinea together with the Bismarck Archipelago ; now part of Papua New Guinea

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Однокоренные слова:

distrust - недоверие, подозрение, сомнение, не доверять, сомневаться, подозревать
entrust - поручать, доверять, возлагать, вверять, вручать
intrust - вверять, доверять, поручать, возлагать, вручать
mistrust - недоверие, подозрение, не доверять, подозревать, сомневаться
trustful - доверчивый, лишенный подозрительности
trustify - трестировать
trustiness - верность, лояльность
trustless - недоверчивый, ненадежный
trusty - надежный, верный, надежный человек
trusting - доверчивый

Связанные слова: