Verb: поворачивать поворачиваться превращать превращаться
Noun: очередь поворот оборот разворот


to turn the best side outward - стараться выглядеть как можно лучше

to turn on / light a burner - включить горелку

to turn off a burner - отключить горелку

to turn cat in the pan - стать перебежчиком

to turn on / use one's charm - использовать своё очарование, пускать в ход свои чары

considering each circumstance in turn - разбирая каждую частность одну за другой

to turn a dial - набирать номер

to turn a thing to account - использовать что-л. в своих интересах

elvish turn - плохое поведение

next in turn - на очереди, следующий по очереди

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Turn up the radio. - Сделайте радио погромче.

Turn down the radio. - Сделай радио потише.

The car turned over. - Машина перевернулась.

It was my turn to treat. - Была моя очередь угощать.

Turn on the fire, I'm cold. - Зажгите камин, мне холодно.

How did the game turn out? - Чем закончилась игра?

Much turns on his answer. - Многое зависит от его ответа.

He turned seventy. - Ему исполнилось семьдесят.

It's your turn to call. - Твоя очередь звонить.

Turn right at the crossroads. - На перекрёстке поверните направо.

a sudden turn in the road - внезапный поворот дороги

turn a page of a book - перевернуть страницу книги

The leaves turned yellow. - Листья пожелтели.

She is turning 50 this year - В этом году ей исполняется пятьдесят лет.

I don't know who to turn to. - Я не знаю, к кому обратиться.

Turn left after the hotel. - После гостиницы поверните налево.

He turned traitor. - Он стал предателем.

Take the next right turn. - На следующем повороте поверните направо.

It's her turn to play. - Её очередь играть.

My affairs have taken a bad turn. - Мои дела приняли дурной оборот.

Is it my turn yet? - Это еще не моя очередь?

Turn the radio down. - Сделайте радио потише.

Even a worm will turn. - Всякому терпению приходит конец. (посл.)

a quick turn of her head - быстрый поворот её головы

We turn out early on workdays. - По будням мы встаём рано.

Turn up the radio! - Сделайте радио погромче!

Turn to lesson 25. - Перейдём к двадцать пятому уроку.

It's your turn to play. - Теперь ваша очередь играть.

Turn off the damn TV! - Выключите этот чёртов телевизор!

Turn left at the church. - У церкви поверните налево.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

turnoff: the act of turning off

U-turn: If you make a U-turn when you are driving or cycling, you turn in a half circle in one movement, so that you are then going in the opposite direction.

in turn: You use in turn to refer to actions or events that are in a sequence one after the other, for example because one causes the other.

turn in: When you turn in, you go to bed.

turn on: When you turn on a piece of equipment or a supply of something, you cause heat, sound, or water to be produced by adjusting the controls.

turn to: to set about a task

turn up: If you say that someone or something turns up, you mean that they arrive, often unexpectedly or after you have been waiting a long time.

good turn: a helpful and friendly act; good deed ; favour

hook turn: a right turn made from the left-hand lane of a dual carriageway

kick turn: a standing turn performed by swivelling each ski separately through 180°

star turn: The star turn of a performance or show is the main item, or the one that is considered to be the most interesting or exciting.

stem turn: a turn in which the heel of one ski is stemmed and the other ski is brought parallel

the turn: the fourth community card to be dealt face-up in a round of Texas hold ’ em

turn away: If you turn someone away, you do not allow them to enter your country, home, or other place.

turn back: If you turn back or if someone turns you back when you are going somewhere, you change direction and go towards where you started from.

turn down: If you turn down a person or their request or offer, you refuse their request or offer.

turn off: If you turn off the road or path you are going along, you start going along a different road or path which leads away from it.

turn out: If something turns out a particular way, it happens in that way or has the result or degree of success indicated .

turn over: If you turn something over, or if it turns over, it is moved so that the top part is now facing downwards .

turn tail: If you turn tail, you turn and run away.

about turn: An about-turn is the same as anabout-face .

ampere-turn: a unit of magnetomotive force ; the magnetomotive force produced by a current of 1 ampere passing through one complete turn of a coil . 1 ampere-turn is equivalent to 4π/10 or 1.257 gilberts

round turn: one complete turn, as of a rope, around something

to a turn: to the proper amount; perfectly

turn around: If you turn something around, or if it turns around, it is moved so that it faces the opposite direction .

turn bridge: a low bridge that can be rotated about a vertical axis, esp to permit the passage of ships

turn heads: to be so beautiful, unusual, or impressive that people are attracted to you and cannot help looking at you or paying attention to you

turn signal: A car's turn signals are the flashing lights that tell you it is going to turn left or right .

turn turtle: If a boat turns turtle, it turns upside down when it is in the water.

Buggins' turn: the principle of awarding an appointment to members of a group in turn, rather than according to merit

counter-turn: (in figure skating ) a one-foot turn

lodging turn: a period of work or duty, esp among railway workers, which involves sleeping away from home

parallel turn: a turn, executed by shifting one's weight, in which the skis stay parallel

quarter turn: a turn of 90°

reverse turn: a manoeuvre which makes a vehicle move backwards and to the left or right

skating turn: a turn made by someone on roller or ice skates

turn against: If you turn against someone or something, or if you are turned against them, you stop supporting them, trusting them, or liking them.

variety turn: an act in a variety show

a good turn: If you do someone a good turn, you do something that helps or benefits them.

handbrake turn: a turn sharply reversing the direction of a vehicle by speedily applying the handbrake while turning the steering wheel

Immelmann turn: an aircraft manoeuvre used to gain height while reversing the direction of flight . It consists of a half loop followed by a half roll

on the turn: at the point of change

out of turn: not in the correct or agreed order of succession

turn a trick: (of a prostitute ) to gain a customer

turn of mind: If someone is of a particular turn of mind, they have that kind of mind or character.

turn over to: If you turn something over to a different function or use, you change its function or use.

a hand's turn: a small amount of work

at every turn: If you say that something happens at every turn, you are emphasizing that it happens frequently or all the time, usually so that it prevents you from achieving what you want .

call the turn: to predict successfully

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Однокоренные слова:

turn about - повернуться, оборачиваться, повернуть кругом
turn around - вращаться
turn aside - свернуть, отклонять, отклоняться, отворачиваться, отводить
turn away - отворачивать, отворачиваться, отклонять, отвергать, отвращать, прогонять
turn back - повернуть назад, обернуться, повернуть обратно, оглянуться, прогнать, прогонять
turn down - отказывать, отклонять, отвергать, убавлять, отгибать, загибать, подвертывать
turn in - сдавать, зайти, возвращать, зайти мимоходом, отдавать, поворачивать вовнутрь
turn off - выключать, сворачивать, поворачивать, закрывать, вызывать неприязнь
turn on - включать, зависеть, открывать, волновать, одурманивать, сексуально возбуждать
turn out - оказываться, обернуться, выпускать, выворачивать, наработать, тушить, выгонять
turn over - переворачивать, передавать, перелистать, опрокидывать, опрокидываться
turn round - обернуться, оборачиваться, поворачиваться, изменять
turn up - оказаться, появляться, поднимать, подниматься, загибаться, загибать, открыть

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