Noun: телевизор
Abbreviation: телевидение Тувалу


Do you want to watch some TV before bed? - Вы хотите посмотреть телевизор перед сном?

We need a new TV. - Нам нужен новый телевизор.

The British call a tv set a telly. - Англичане называют телевизор словом "telly".

Связанные термины:

TV-M: a television program rating advising parents that a program is for mature audiences only and unsuitable for those under the age of 17

pay-TV: pay television

cable TV: a television system in which a high antenna and one or more dish antennas receive signals from distant and local stations, electronic satellite relays, etc. and transmit them by direct cable to the receivers of persons subscribing to the system

TV debate: A debate is a formal discussion, for example in a parliament or institution, in which people express different opinions about a particular subject and then vote on it.

TV dinner: A TV dinner is a complete meal that is sold in a single container. It can be heated up quickly and eaten from the container it is cooked in.

TV movie: a film made specifically for television, and not intended for release in cinemas

digital TV: Digital TV is the same asdigital television .

reality TV: Reality TV is a type of television programming which aims to show how ordinary people behave in everyday life, or in situations, often created by the programme makers, which are intended to represent everyday life.

breakfast TV: television programmes broadcast early in the morning at around breakfast time

projection TV: a system made up of lenses, mirrors, and a cathode-ray tube, for projecting video images onto a large screen

TV evangelist: an evangelical preacher who appears regularly on television, preaching the gospel and appealing for donations from viewers

car-crash TV: television programmes that show deliberately controversial, disturbing, or horrific material

snack table: a small portable folding table used for an individual serving

public television: publicly funded television ; non-commercial television

television licence fee: the fee charged for a television licence

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tver - Тверь, город в европейской части РФ, тверской

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