Noun: двое пара двойка второй номер или размер
Numeral: два


to walk two blocks - пройти два квартала

to carry two - держать два в уме

chain modulo two - цепь по модулю два

two times Olympic champion - двукратный олимпийский чемпион

two cheeses of cotton - два рулона хлопчатобумажной ткани

cleave in two - раскалываться пополам

the collocation of the two pieces - совместное расположение двух предметов

to hold two concurrent exhibitions - проводить две выставки одновременно

two contiguous moments of time - два близких по времени момента

the contrast between the two forms of government - различие между двумя формами правления

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We have to be there by two. - Мы должны там быть к двум.

I'll be away for almost two weeks. - Я буду отсутствовать почти две недели.

It was two in the morning. - Было два часа ночи.

His family moved to Australia when he was two. - Его семья переехала в Австралию, когда ему было два года.

Связанные термины:

in two: in or into two parts

two-up: a gambling game in which two coins are tossed or spun . Bets are made on both coins landing with the same face uppermost

one-two: a jab with the leading hand followed by a cross with the other hand

two-bit: You use two-bit to describe someone or something that you have no respect for or that you think is inferior .

two-ply: made of two thicknesses, layers, or strands

two-way: Two-way means moving or working in two opposite directions or allowing something to move or work in two opposite directions.

forty-two: a cardinal number, 40 plus 2

sixty-two: the number that is between sixty-one and sixty-three; a numeral, 62, etc, representing sixty-two

two bits: twenty-five cents

two cents: a person's opinion

two-cycle: relating to or designating an internal-combustion engine whose piston makes two strokes for every explosion

two-door: (of a car) having two doors

two-edged: having two cutting edges

two-faced: If you describe someone as two-faced, you are critical of them because they say they do or believe one thing when their behaviour or words show that they do not do it or do not believe it.

two-four: a box containing 24 bottles of beer

two-horse: If you describe a contest as a two-horse race, you mean that only two of the people or things taking part have any chance of winning .

two-line: (formerly) denoting double the normal size of printer's type

two-pack: (of a paint, filler, etc) supplied as two separate components, for example a base and a catalyst, that are mixed together immediately before use

two-party: (of a political system) dominated by two major political parties

two-phase: (of an electrical circuit, device, etc) generating or using two alternating voltages of the same frequency, displaced in phase by 90°

two-piece: You can use two-piece to describe something, especially a set of clothing, that is in two parts.

two-plies: made of two thicknesses, layers, or strands

two-shot: a medium-range camera shot of two persons

two-sided: having two sides or aspects

two-speed: (of a transmission system) having two settings

two-spot: a card with two pips ; two; deuce

two-star: leaded petrol that has a low octane number; inferior leaded petrol

two-step: an old-time dance in duple time

two-tier: involving or comprising two levels of structure, policy, etc

two-time: to deceive (someone, esp a lover ) by carrying on a relationship with another

two-tone: of two colours or two shades of the same colour

two-tooth: a sheep between one and two years old with two permanent incisor teeth

number two: the act or an instance of defecation

two-fisted: strong, tough, and vigorous

two-handed: A two-handed blow or catch is done using both hands.

two-hander: a play for two actors

two-legged: having two legs

Two Oceans: an annual road marathon run in Cape Town, South Africa

two o'clock: → another name for two (sense 5 ) → See also eight

two-pointer: a shot from inside or on the three point line, worth two points if it is made

two-seater: a vehicle providing seats for two people

two-storey: (of a building) having two floors or levels

two-stroke: relating to or designating an internal-combustion engine whose piston makes two strokes for every explosion

two-suiter: a man's suitcase designed to hold two suits as well as other clothing, etc.

two-tailed: (of a significance test) concerned with the hypothesis that an observed value of a sampling statistic differs significantly from a given value, where an error in either direction is relevant : for instance, in testing the fairness of scales, an inspector will seek to exclude both overweight and underweight goods

two-thirds: Two-thirds of something is an amount that is two out of three equal parts of it.

two-wheeler: a vehicle with two wheels, esp a bicycle

one or two: One or two means a few.

two-cylinder: (of an engine) having two cylinders

two penn'orth: During a discussion about something, if you have your two penn'orth or put in your two penn'orth, you add your own opinion .

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Однокоренные слова:

twoness - двойственность, парность

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