Noun: долина впадина желоб разжелобок


glaciers which once filled the valley - ледники, которые некогда заполняли долину

foggy valley - долина, окутанная туманом

a valley between high mountains - долина среди высоких гор

a way across the valley / through the centre of the city - дорога через долину, центр города

valley bog - низинное болото, пойменное болото

to descend into a valley / cave - спускаться в долину / пещеру

valley flat - пойма

valley floor - дно долины

valley head - вершина долины

valley peat - низинный торф

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They live down in the valley. - Они живут внизу в долине.

Heavy rains flooded the valley. - Проливные дожди затопили долину.

The road runs along a valley. - Дорога проходит по долине.

Fog was creeping into the valley. - Туман окутывал долину.

The clouds float lazily over the valley. - Облака медленно плывут над долиной.

The stream runs down the valley. - Поток стекает в долину.

The stream serpentines through the valley. - Река, извиваясь, течёт по равнине.

...the valley will be the first to flood if the river rises... - ...долина будет затоплена первой, если уровень воды в реке поднимется...

a sweeping view of the valley - потрясающий вид на долину

a panoramic view of the valley - панорамный вид на долину

The stream twists down through the valley. - Ручей петляет по долине.

The town lies in a small wooded valley. - Город расположен в небольшой лесистой долине.

We gazed across the valley. - Мы смотрели на долину.

Rivers traverse the valley floor. - По дну долины протекают реки.

The land rises up from the valley. - Земля поднимается из долины вверх.

The mountains loom above the valley. - Над долиной показались очертания гор.

The wind blustered through the valley. - Ветер бушевал в долине.

The valley was convulsed by an earthquake. - Долина пострадала от землетрясения.

Their house was on the side of the valley. - Их дом располагался на склоне долины.

The house has expansive views of the valley. - Из дома открывается обширный вид на долину.

Part of the valley was in shadow. - Часть долины была в тени.

an incomparable view of the valley - несравненный вид на долину

a deep valley between the mountains - глубокая долина между горами

the biggest winemaker in Napa Valley - крупнейший винодел в долине Напа

The rains came and flooded the valley. - Начались дожди, и долина оказалась залита водой.

The valley was engulfed in a thick fog. - Долина была погружена в густой туман.

Apples grow in profusion in this valley. - В этой долине в изобилии растут яблоки.

Rocks enclosing, in an embrace, a valley. - Скалы, заключающие в свои объятия долину.

The break in the dam threatened the valley. - Прорыв дамбы поставил долину под угрозу.

The valley was between two ranges of hills. - Долина располагалась между двумя грядами холмов.

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Связанные термины:

dry valley: a valley originally produced by running water but now waterless

Napa Valley: a valley in Napa County in the San Francisco Bay Area of N California, noted for its wine production

rift valley: a long narrow valley resulting from the subsidence of land between two parallel faults, often associated with volcanism . The East African Rift Valley is an example

Simi Valley: city in SW Calif., northwest of Los Angeles: pop. 111,000

Valley girl: an affluent young Californian woman, typically considered as being excessively concerned with physical appearance and social status

valley wind: a wind that ascends a mountain valley during the day

Alpine Valley: → the Alpine Valley

Death Valley: a desert valley in E California and W Nevada : the lowest, hottest, and driest area of the US. Lowest point: 86 m (282 ft) below sea level . Area: about 3885 sq km (1500 sq miles)

Moreno Valley: city in S Calif.: pop. 142,000

Nappy Valley: a residential area that is regarded as suitable for families with young children

Seaton Valley: a region in NE England, in SE Northumberland : consists of a group of former coal-mining villages

Squaw Valley: valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, E Calif., near Lake Tahoe: a ski resort

Valley Forge: an area in SE Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia : winter camp (1777–78) of Washington and the American Revolutionary Army

Fountain Valley: city in SW Calif., near Long Beach : pop. 55,000

hanging valley: a tributary valley entering a main valley at a much higher level because of overdeepening of the main valley, esp by glacial erosion

Imperial Valley: a rich agricultural region in S Calif. & N Baja California, Mexico, reclaimed from the Colorado Desert

Silicon Valley: an industrial strip in W California, extending S of San Francisco, in which the US information technology industry is concentrated

uncanny valley: any situation in which there is confusion between pretence and reality, as when a robot strongly resembles a human

Wyoming Valley: valley of the Susquehanna River, NE Pa .: site of a massacre (1778)

Yosemite Valley: a glacial valley in Yosemite National Park in central California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has an altitude of about 1200 m (4000 ft), with sheer walls rising about another 1200 m (4000 ft).

death-valley curve: a curve on a graph showing how the capital of a new company plotted against time declines sharply as the venture capital is used up before income reaches predicted levels

Great Rift Valley: the most extensive rift in the earth's surface, extending from the Jordan valley in Syria to Mozambique ; marked by a chain of steep-sided lakes, volcanoes, and escarpments

the Alpine Valley: a straight fracture on the moon that cuts the Alps in two

U-shaped valley: a steep-sided valley caused by glacial erosion

West Valley City: city in NC Utah, near Salt Lake City: pop. 109,000

lily of the valley: Lily of the valley are small plants with large leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers.

San Fernando Valley: valley in SW Calif., partly in NW Los Angeles: c. 260 sq mi (673 sq km)

lilies of the valley: a small liliaceous plant, Convallaria majalis, of Eurasia and North America cultivated as a garden plant, having two long oval leaves and spikes of white bell-shaped flowers

Tennessee Valley Authority: a federal corporation organized in 1933 to provide cheap electric power, flood control, irrigation, etc. by developing the entire basin of the Tennessee River, esp. by building dams and reservoirs

Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: a volcanic region of SW Alaska, formed by the massive eruption of Mount Katmai in 1912; jets of steam issue from vents up to 45 m (150 ft) across

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Однокоренные слова:

lily-of-the-valley - ландыш, ландыш майский

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