Noun: фургон автофургон авангард багажный вагон
Verb: перевозить в фургоне, товарном вагоне и т.п.


delivery van - фургон для доставки заказов

to drive a van - водить фургон

break-down van - аварийный фургон, машина аварийной службы

guard's van - вагон караульной службы

brake van - тормозной вагон

van shop - автолавка

removal van брит. / moving van амер. - фургон для перевозки мебели

baggage van - багажный фургон

bread van - хлебный автофургон

outside broadcast van - передвижная радио- или телевизионная станция; передвижная ТВ-станция; ПТС

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Связанные термины:

van-boy: a young man who helps a van driver deliver goods

van-man: a young man who helps a van driver deliver goods

van-men: a young man who helps a van driver deliver goods

brake van: the coach or vehicle from which the guard applies the brakes ; guard's van

cube van: a van with a cube-shaped storage compartment that is wider and taller than the front of the vehicle

divvy van: a police van for transporting prisoners

Lake Van: a salt lake in E Turkey, at an altitude of 1650 m (5400 ft): fed by melting snow and glaciers . Area: 3737 sq km (1433 sq miles)

mail van: a small or medium-sized road vehicle that is used to transport letters, packages, etc

panel van: a small van with two rear doors, esp one having windows and seats in the rear

radio van: a van containing equipment for transmitting and receiving radio signals

Van Allen: James Alfred . 1914–2006, US physicist, noted for his use of satellites to investigate cosmic radiation in the upper atmosphere

Van Buren: Martin . 1782–1862, US Democratic statesman ; 8th president of the US (1837–41)

Van Doren: Carl ( Clinton ) 1885-1950; U.S. editor & writer

Van Dyck: Sir Anthony . 1599–1641, Flemish painter ; court painter to Charles I of England (1632–41). He is best known for his portraits of the aristocracy

van Eyck: Jan ( jɑn ). died 1441, Flemish painter ; founder of the Flemish school of painting . His most famous work is the altarpiece The Adoration of the Lamb, in Ghent, in which he may have been assisted by his brother Hubert ( ˈhyːbərt ), died ?1426

Van Gogh: Vincent ( vɪnˈsɛnt ). 1853–90, Dutch postimpressionist painter, noted for his landscapes and portraits, in which colour is used essentially for its expressive and emotive value

Van Horne: Sir William ( Cornelius ). 1843–1915, Canadian railway executive, born in the US; oversaw the completion of the line from Port Moody to Montreal on the Canadian Pacific Railway

van pool: a group of workers who travel to work in the same van, provided by their employer

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Однокоренные слова:

vanish - исчезать, пропадать, стремиться к нулю, скольжение
vanity - тщеславие, суета, тщета, туалетный столик, суетность
vanner - веннер, сотрясательный шлюз непрерывного действия, ванер, ваннер
vanward - расположенный впереди, головной, вперед, по направлению к фронту

Связанные слова: