Noun: видео видеосигнал видеоизображение изображение
Adjective: телевизионный связанный с телевидением


video outlet - магазин по продаже видеопродукции

video encoder - видеокодер

video surveillance system - система видеонаблюдения

video system - видеосистема

video task - задача обработки видеоданных

video track - дорожка записи изображения

composite video - полный видеосигнал

compressed video - сжатое видеоизображение

reverse video - негативное видеоизображение

digital video broadcasting - цифровое видеовещание; цифровое телевидение

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She's out on a video shoot. - Она уехала на видеосъёмку.

It's a video of our wedding. - Это видео нашей свадьбы.

We watched videos all night. - Мы всю ночь смотрели видео(фильмы).

Nice video, shame about the song. - Отличное видео, стыдно за песню.

Video rental is usually £3. - Стоимость проката видео обычно составляет три фунта стерлингов.

A friend videoed the wedding. - Один из друзей снимал свадьбу на видео.

a video recording of the interview - видеозапись этого интервью

She is a star of screen and video. - Она — звезда кино и телевидения.

The video game has slick graphics. - В этой видеоигре — красивая графика.

Could you video the movie at 8.00? - Ты не мог бы записать фильм, который начинается в восемь ноль-ноль, на видео?

The film is now available on video. - Теперь фильм вышел на видео.

The video was duplicated illegally. - Видео было скопировано/размножено незаконно.

He never tires of playing that video - Он никогда не устаёт проигрывать это видео.

My parents can't even work the video. - Мои родители не умеют даже работать с видеоплеером.

How much does it cost to hire videos? - Сколько стоит взять напрокат видео?

The rooms are equipped with video cameras. - Номера оборудованы видеокамерами.

Video cameras scanned the car park. - Парковка просматривалась видеокамерами.

Let's stay at home and watch a video. - Давай останемся дома и посмотрим видео.

Most video games are just brain candy. - Большинство компьютерных игр — всего лишь жвачка для мозгов.

Rewind the video right to the beginning. - Перемотайте видео к самому началу.

He doesn't have a television or a video. - У него нет ни телевизора, ни видеомагнитофона.

A video is a useful aid in the classroom. - Видео является полезным помощником на уроках.

She is working on a desktop video project. - Она работает на компьютере над видеопроектом.

Why does the video keep jumping like this? - Почему видео (на экране) продолжает дёргаться, таким образом?

My nephew is a complete video game addict. - Мой племянник абсолютно зависим от видеоигр.

In 1992, Green moved into video production. - В 1992 году Грин занялся производством видеопродукции.

William showed us the video of his wedding. - Вильям показал нам видео своей свадьбы.

The movie is now available on video and DVD. - Фильм теперь доступен на видео и DVD.

Remember to set the video to record the film. - Не забудьте настроить видеомагнитофон на запись этого фильма.

The movie has not yet been released on video. - Фильм пока ещё не вышел на видео.

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Связанные термины:

CD-video: a compact-disc player that, when connected to a television and hi-fi, produces high-quality stereo sound and synchronized pictures from a disc resembling a large compact audio disc

video art: a genre of art involving the use of video technology to produce videotapes for viewing on a television screen

home video: an amateur video

music video: a video containing music, esp one created to promote a pop song

promo video: a video or short film that promotes or advertises something

video call: a call made via a mobile phone with a camera and a screen, allowing the participants to see each other as they talk

video clip: a short video, esp one produced to promote a record

video club: a club from which members can rent films on video or DVD

video diary: A video diary is a film that someone makes of the things that happen to them over a period of time, which they upload to a website .

video disc: an inflexible disc on which information is stored in digital form by laser technology

video disk: an inflexible disc on which information is stored in digital form by laser technology

video game: A video game is a computer game that you play by using controls or buttons to move images on a screen.

video nasty: a film, usually specially made for video, that is explicitly horrific, brutal, and pornographic

video shop: a shop that sells and rents videos and DVDs

video tape: magnetic tape used mainly for recording the vision and sound signals of a television programme or film for subsequent transmission

video wall: multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen

digital video: video output based on digital rather than analogue signals

reverse video: Reverse video is the process of reversing the colours of normal characters and background on a computer screen, in order to highlight the display.

scratch video: the technique or practice of recycling images from films or television to make collages

video arcade: a place where customers pay to play video games

video camera: A video camera is a camera that you used in the past to record events to watch later on video.

video jockey: a person who introduces and plays videos, esp of pop songs, on a television programme

video library: a library from which members can rent films on video and DVD

video memory: computer memory used for the processing and displaying of images

video message: A message is a piece of information or a request that you send to someone or leave for them when you cannot speak to them directly .

video piracy: the unauthorized or prohibited use of audio-visual works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works

video player: relating to or employed in the transmission or reception of a televised image

video referee: an additional referee who is able to examine video playback to determine whether or not a try has been legitimately scored

video rental: the system of renting films on video or DVD for a period of time in exchange for payment

video screen: the part of a terminal or monitor upon which information is displayed

exercise video: a recorded television programme on which the presenter performs various keep-fit exercises, explaining how to perform each one, as the viewer joins in while watching

security video: a video recording taken by a security camera

video cassette: In the past, a video cassette was a cassette containing videotape, on which you could record or watch moving pictures and sounds .

video evidence: Evidence is anything that you see, experience, read, or are told that causes you to believe that something is true or has really happened .

video frequency: the frequency of a signal conveying the image and synchronizing pulses in a television broadcasting system. It lies in the range from about 50 hertz to 8 megahertz

video interview: An interview is a conversation in which a journalist puts questions to someone such as a famous person or politician.

video recorder: A video recorder or a video cassette recorder is the same as a → VCR .

video recording: a recording of a film or television programme onto video tape

interactive video: a computer-optical disk system that displays still or moving video images as determined by computer program and user needs

video conference: A video-conference is a meeting that takes place using video conferencing .

video conferencing: Video conferencing is a system that enables people in various places around the world to have a meeting by seeing and hearing each other on a screen .

video installation: an art installation incorporating video footage

video journalism: the techniques, methods, etc., of preparing and broadcasting informational, social, political, and other nonfiction subjects via news and documentary programs

video surveillance: a system of monitoring activity in an area or building using a television system in which signals are transmitted from a television camera to the receivers by cables or telephone links forming a closed circuit

video technology: Technology refers to methods, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.

compact-disc video: a compact-disc player that, when connected to a television and hi-fi, produces high-quality stereo sound and synchronized pictures from a disc resembling a large compact audio disc

compact video disc: a compact laser disc that plays both pictures and sound

video disk player: a device that reads the information on a video disc

video entry system: a security system whereby a person in a building can see someone who wants to gain access by means of a video image

video tape recorder: a tape recorder for vision signals and sometimes accompanying sound, using magnetic tape on open spools : used in television broadcasting

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