Verb: ходить идти гулять идти пешком
Noun: ходьба шаг походка тропа


to walk two blocks - пройти два квартала

to walk by moonlight - гулять при свете луны

to bring the light of Christianity to those who walk in darkness - принести свет христианства пребывающим во тьме

to travel / walk a distance - проходить расстояние

to walk a dog, to take a dog for a walk - выгуливать собаку

to walk / tread upon eggshells - действовать с большой осторожностью

to walk along the sea front - гулять по морской набережной

to have a walk - прогуляться

to walk smb. off his legs - сильно утомить кого-л. ходьбой, прогулкой

to walk alongside of smb. - идти рядом с кем-л.

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Let's go for a walk. - Давай прогуляемся. / Пойдём на прогулку. / Пошли погуляем.

Walk this way. - Идите сюда. / Пройдёмте со мной.

I'll walk you to your car. - Я провожу вас до машины.

Is it safe to walk here? - Тут безопасно гулять?

He walked to the store. - Он пошёл в магазин пешком.

It's a long walk. Maybe we should get the bus. - Идти пешком очень долго. Наверное, нам надо сесть на автобус.

Would you care for a walk? - Не хотите пройтись?

I'll join you in your walk. - Я пройдусь с вами.

Don't walk on the wet floor! - Не ходите по мокрому полу!

Is your grandson walking yet? - Твой внук уже ходит?

We went for a walk in the park. - Мы пошли в парк прогуляться.

We took a walk after supper. - Мы совершили прогулку после ужина.

We like to walk every Sunday - Нам нравится гулять каждое воскресенье.

Grandma's out walking the dog. - Бабушка вышла погулять с собакой.

Don't look back while you walk. - Не оглядывайся, когда идёшь.

He had a jaunty walk. - У него была бодрая походка.

Let's walk round the block. - Давайте прогуляемся вокруг квартала.

He walked into the ambush. - Он натолкнулся на засаду.

He took a walk after lunch. - Он вышел прогуляться после обеда.

She walks with a slight limp - Она ходит слегка прихрамывая

The patient cannot walk yet. - Пациент пока что не может ходить.

She took a walk in the snow. - Она прогулялась под снегом.

My shoes squeak when I walk. - Мои туфли скрипят при ходьбе.

The branches roofed the walk. - Ветви образовывали свод над тропинкой.

She can no longer walk unaided. - Она больше не может ходить без посторонней помощи.

Does God walk among us? - Идёт ли Бог с нами? / Живёт ли Бог среди нас?

a brisk walk in the park - прогулка в парке быстрым шагом / энергичная прогулка в парке

My pen seems to have walked. - Похоже, моей ручке кто-то приделал ноги.

She walks 3 miles every day. - Каждый день она проходит пешком три мили.

I could not walk any farther. - Дальше идти я уже не мог. / Я не мог больше ступить ни шагу.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

walk-in: (of a cupboard ) large enough to allow a person to enter and move about in

walk it: to win easily

walk-on: A walk-on part in a play or film is a very small part which usually does not involve any speaking.

walk-up: A walk-up is a tall apartment block which has no lift. You can also refer to an apartment in such a block as a walk-up .

bird walk: an excursion, usually undertaken as a group with an expert leader, for observing and studying birds in their natural habitat

emu walk: an army exercise devoted to emu-bobbing

moon walk: a walk on the moon

perp walk: an arranged public appearance of a recently arrested criminal for the benefit of the media

walk away: If you walk away from a problem or a difficult situation, you do nothing about it or do not face any bad consequences from it.

walk-down: a store, living quarters, etc., located below the street level and approached by a flight of steps

walk into: If you walk into an unpleasant situation, you become involved in it without expecting to, especially because you have been careless .

walk off: to depart suddenly

walk out: If you walk out of a meeting, a performance, or an unpleasant situation, you leave it suddenly, usually in order to show that you are angry or bored .

walk over: If someone walks over you, they treat you very badly .

walk tall: to have self-respect or pride

nature walk: a walk on a nature trail, esp. with an experienced guide

random walk: a mathematical model used to describe physical processes, such as diffusion, in which a particle moves in straight-line steps of constant length but random direction

space walk: When an astronaut goes on a space walk, he or she leaves the spacecraft and works outside it while floating in space.

walk socks: men's knee-length stockings

walk the walk: to act in a way that matches the things that you say

Lambeth walk: a line dance popular in the 1930s

walk in on: If you walk in on someone, you enter the room that they are in while they are doing something private, and this creates an embarrassing situation.

walk through: to act or recite (a part) in a perfunctory manner, as at a first rehearsal

widow's walk: a type of railed viewing platform built on the roof of some 19th century houses in America and often built round a cupola

captain's walk: → widow's walk

take a walk: to go away or to stop interfering

to walk tall: If you say that someone walks tall, you mean that they behave in a way that shows that they have pride in themselves and in what they are doing.

walk of life: The walk of life that you come from is the position that you have in society and the kind of job you have.

walk on air: to feel elated or exhilarated

walk-on part: a small part in a play or theatrical entertainment, esp one without any lines

walk out on: to abandon or desert

walk-up rate: The walk-up rate at a hotel is the price charged to a customer who arrives without a reservation .

walk away from: to outdistance easily ; defeat handily

walk away with: If you walk away with something such as a prize, you win it or get it very easily.

walk off with: If someone walks off with something that does not belong to them, they take it without permission .

walk out with: to court or be courted by

walk the plank: to accept responsibility for something that has gone wrong and leave your position

walk with God: to lead a godly, morally upright life

race walking: the sport of rapid, continuous-foot-contact walking, requiring that the trailing foot not be lifted until the other meets the ground and the knee locks momentarily, and executed in an upright, rhythmic stride with the arms usually held bent and high and pumped close to the body

cock of the walk: a person who asserts himself or herself in a strutting pompous way

random walk theory: the theory that the future movement of share prices does not reflect past movements and therefore will not follow a discernible pattern

walk (all) over: to defeat overwhelmingly

walk a tightrope: to be in a difficult situation where you must be very careful about what you do or say, because you are trying to satisfy opposing groups

walk-in traffic: The walk-in traffic of a store is the number of people who choose to visit it as they pass by.

walk on eggshells: to be very careful about what you say or do to someone because they are easily upset or offended

walk the streets: to be a prostitute

walk a chalk line: to behave with strict propriety or obedience

walking shorts: → Bermuda shorts

a walk in the park: something that is very easy

waltz Matilda: to travel the road carrying one's swag

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Однокоренные слова:

walk about - прогуливаться, прохаживаться, фланировать
walk away - уходить, унести, обходить стороной, уводить, украсть
walk back - отказываться от
walk in - входить, неожиданно нагрянуть, неожиданно появиться
walk off - уходить, унести, одержать легкую победу, украсть, уводить
walk on - идти вперед, продолжать ходьбу, играть роль без слов
walk out - выходить, уходить, демонстративно покинуть
walk over - перешагнуть, без труда опередить соперников, не считаться, плохо обращаться
walk through - проговаривать, коридор, мостки
walk up - подойти

Связанные слова: