Noun: вода воды море водоем
Adjective: водный водяной акварельный
Verb: поливать поить напоить слезиться


water is the element of fishes - вода - (родная) стихия рыб

water bill - счёт за воду

water birds - водоплавающие птицы

to blow gas (water) pipes - прочищать газовые (водяные) трубы

hot-water bottle - грелка

burst in the water main - прорыв водопровода

to re-water car - пополнять запасы воды в вагоне

clayey water - глинистая вода

to clear the water by filtering - очистить воду с помощью фильтрования

meter of water column - метр водяного столба

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The water is real warm. - Вода очень тёплая.

His eyes watered. - Его глаза заслезились.

Can I have some water? - Можно мне немного воды?

We need to water the lawn. - Нам нужно полить газон.

Rice grows in water. - Рис растёт в воде.

His eyes were watering. - Его глаза слезились.

The cool water refreshed us. - Прохладная вода освежила нас.

Have a drink of water. - Попейте воды.

The water is about to boil. - Вода вот-вот закипит.

Oil and water don't mix. - Масло и вода не смешиваются.

The water is really hot. - Вода очень горячая.

She bathes in water. - Она купается в воде.

The water turned into ice. - Вода превратилась в лёд.

Water and milk are liquids. - Вода и молоко — жидкости.

a large glass of water - большой стакан воды

Water usage is increasing. - Потребление воды увеличивается.

Sugar dissolves in water. - Сахар растворяется в воде.

Sugar is soluble in water. - Сахар растворим в воде.

Water covered the floor. - Пол был покрыт водой.

This soil retains water. - Эта почва удерживает воду.

Fill the bowl with water. - Наполните вазу водой.

Hard water may be softened. - Жёсткую воду можно смягчить.

The boat cut the water. - Корабль разрезал водяную гладь.

This can contains water. - Этот контейнер содержит воду.

water in a gaseous state - вода в газообразном состоянии

The water was waist-deep. - Воды было по пояс.

The water swells the wood. - От воды эта древесина разбухает.

Water seeks its own level. - Вода стремится выровнять свой уровень.

The water rolled. - Вода бурно закипела. (roll = boil vigorously)

Water jetted forth. - Ударила струя воды.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you water down a substance, for example food or drink, you add water to it to make it weaker.

Связанные термины:

by water: by ship or boat

hot water: trouble ; difficulty

ice water: Ice water is very cold water served as a drink.

low water: Low water is the same aslow tide .

red water: → Texas fever

sea water: Sea water is salt water from the sea.

tap water: Tap water is the water that comes out of a tap in a building such as a house or a hotel .

water bag: a bag, sometimes made of skin, leather, etc, but in Australia usually canvas, for holding, carrying, and keeping water cool

water bed: a heavy vinyl bag filled with water and used as a bed or as a mattress in a special bed frame

water boy: a boy who brings drinking water to workers, as in the fields

water bug: any of various heteropterous insects adapted to living in the water or on its surface, esp any of the family Belostomatidae ( giant water bugs ), of North America, India, and southern Africa, which have flattened hairy legs

water cut: The water cut is the ratio of the water which is produced in a well compared to the volume of the total liquids produced.

water dog: a dog trained to hunt in water

water gap: a deep valley in a ridge, containing a stream

water gas: a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced by passing steam over hot carbon, used as a fuel and raw material

water gum: any of several gum trees, esp Nyssa biflora (or tupelo ), of swampy areas of North America : family Nyssaceae

water gun: → water pistol

water hen: any of various birds (family Rallidae), including certain gallinules and the American coot ( Fulica americana )

water hog: a person who uses water selfishly or irresponsibly, esp during a water shortage

water ice: an ice cream made from a frozen sugar syrup flavoured with fruit juice or purée; sorbet

water oak: an oak ( Quercus nigra ) of the SE U.S., found mainly along rivers, streams, etc.

water ox: a member of the cattle tribe, Bubalus bubalis, of swampy regions of S Asia, having widely spreading back-curving horns . Domesticated forms are used as draught animals

water rat: any of several small amphibious rodents, esp the water vole or the muskrat

water-ski: If you water-ski, you stand on skis in the water while being pulled along by a boat .

back water: to reverse the direction of a boat, esp to push the oars of a rowing boat to slow it down or stop it

bath water: Your bath water is the water in which you sit or lie when you have a bath.

black water: household waste water that cannot be reused without purification

cold-water: designating a room, apartment, etc. that is not provided with hot water or, sometimes, a bathroom

first water: the finest quality of diamond or other precious stone

fresh water: water that is not salt

gray water: household waste water that can be reused for some purposes without purification, e. g . bath water, which can be used to water plants

grey water: household waste water that can be reused for some purposes without purification, e. g . bath water, which can be used to water plants

gripe water: a solution given to infants to relieve colic

hard water: water that contains magnesium, calcium, or iron salts and therefore forms a soap lather with difficulty

Hawes Water: a lake in NW England, in the Lake District : provides part of Manchester's water supply ; extended by damming from 4 km (2.5 miles) to 6 km (4 miles)

heart-water: a tick-borne disease of cattle, sheep, and goats characterized by fluid accumulation in the pericardial sac . It is caused by the organism Rickettsia ruminantium

heavy water: water that has been electrolytically decomposed to enrich it in the deuterium isotope in the form HDO or D 2 O

high water: High water is the time at which the water in a river or sea is at its highest level as a result of the tide .

hold water: If an argument or theory does not hold water, it does not seem to be reasonable or be in accordance with the facts.

holy water: water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic rituals of purification

iced water: → another name for ice water (sense 2 )

javel water: bleach or disinfectant

light water: a name for water (H 2 O), as distinct from heavy water

like water: lavishly; freely

lolly water: any of various coloured soft drinks

mains water: gas supplied to a building through pipes

make water: (of a boat, hull, etc) to let in water

pass water: to urinate

pump-water: water that has been sourced from under soil level by means of a pump

rose-water: scented water used as a perfume and in cooking, made by the distillation of rose petals or by impregnation with oil of roses

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Однокоренные слова:

waterage - перевозка грузов по воде
watered - разбавленный, муаровый
watering - полив, поливка, орошение, обводнение, поливочный
waterless - безводный
watery - водянистый, водяной, жидкий, мокрый, жидковатый, бледный, бесцветный
waters - море
overwater - надводный, водный
underwater - подводный, под водой
wateriness - водянистость
unwater - осушать, удалять воду, обезвоживать

Связанные слова: